About Remora

Rem•o•ra (/ˈremərə,riˈmôrə/) noun –

A slender and agile marine fish that engages in a symbiotic relationship with apex predators, particularly sharks, as a way to enhance the viability and well-being of both the host and the symbiont. Together, the remora and its host form a pairing that is better equipped to remain in a position of prominence within its local ecosystem than if the two lifeforms existed separately.

The Story of the Remora and the Shark

What is in a name? For the team here at Remora, questions surrounding our name – and the unique approach to bolstering your dealership's position in the online world that we incorporate into each and every facet of our daily operations – come up quite often. However, to truly understand our take on providing stellar service to car dealers across the country, and why we chose the name "Remora," one must understand the role of the elegant remora in relation to the ocean's most feared predator: The shark.

In nature, the shark is an apex predator and the unquestioned ruler of its domain. However, maintaining this spot at the top of the food chain is not a one-fish show. To keep a firm grasp on this dominant position, the shark engages in a symbiotic relationship with the remora, which supports the health and wellness of the shark via a mutually beneficial arrangement.

For the sharks that demand more than their fair shair, you will need a competent and capable team of remoras with you along every step of this journey – and this is where we enter. Remora provides the solid underpinnings, technical edges, and expert support that winning dealers need to dominate the fiercest competition.

Curiousity peaked? We deploy a unique technical advantage on your behalf and work closely with you until you become the gnarliest shark in your market.

Gnarly Sharks Love Remora.
Core Value #1:
Commitment to Transparency

Intelligent dealers realize that today's online landscape is rife with OEMs and service providers that are keeping the curtains pulled tight as they obfuscate everything imaginable. At Remora, we arm you with a hefty dose of truth and effectively keep a check on the most rampant frauds in the industry.

Bucking the trend obviously ruffles established feathers, but your dealership deserves a differentiator, and if you want to win it all, you'll need the best. Remora dealers are customers for life, because of our transparency. You will always find our team ready, able, and happy to spend the time with you clearing the digital smoke with actual facts.

Core Value #2:
Focus on Integrity

There is no worse feeling that realizing you have been duped. Even though few would openly contest this statement, many of the biggest entities in our industry are comfortable engaging in outright fraud. Dealers are generally alseep to the most egregious of these practices, which can become your advantage.

Become accustomed to working with an honorable firm that represents only you. No strings, no bullshit – you can count on every member of the Remora team to work for your benefit with integrity.

Core Value #3:
Dedication to Results

Remora's relentless focus is on creating more car sales. Clicks don't pay commissions and impressions don't pay the bank. Remora makes more for you through naturally increasing opportunties to sell by stealing local organic traffic from the bottom of the online funnel.

In giant metros and on dirt lots, with or without an OEM, this tech advantage is dramatic and works everytime. Remora generates tangible, steady, and powerful results that directly benefit your bottom line, everytime. So long as your trap is set properly in the store, more opportunities equates to more sales; it's simple science.

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