The annual DEF CON hacker conference always offers up a gallery of intriguing personalities, expert industry insight into the web's darker subsections, and - in the case of the 2016 edition of this gathering - an announcement regarding Bluetooth smart locks that has pushed the entire digital security industry into a panic.

So just what exactly is the problem with the Bluetooth smart locks that adorn countless homes across the country? As Paul Wagenseil of Tom's Guide explains, the major issue on this front is that at least 75 percent of these devices come with a massive security vulnerability that allows for access to any unauthorized intruder who is willing to pick up a $100 Bluetooth sniffer from their local electronics shop.

Interested in learning more about how hackers can take advantage of an alarmingly simple gap in protection that occurs during communications between the Bluetooth smart lock and its companion mobile app? Then be sure to set aside a few minutes of your day and dig into the complete story by Wagenseil over on Tom's Guide.

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