Remember when Microsoft laid the first brick in the road to augmented reality (AR) marketing by releasing access to its HoloLens Tech product to business customers (such as Cadillac)? Well, it looks like plenty of other players in the tech and digital worlds have taken notice - and begun to lay the foundation for their own AR marketing and consumer experience platforms.

As Search Engine Land's Brian Smith reports, Apple has taken center stage in the world of AR by making a concerted effort to turn its impending iOS 11 release into the preeminent platform for this sort of customer interaction. On the Facebook side of this story, Smith goes on to note that this social giant has its own grand plans in mind; namely, an AR platform in closed beta currently and a resounding commitment to support this tech from the company's top executive, Mark Zuckerberg.

Naturally, with such strong support backing AR propagation, it is only a matter of time before local businesses (like your dealership) find themselves inundated with opportunities to market via this platform. From innovators like marketing agency Blippar that craft AR-based banner ads that don't require an app to view to marketing beacons and other on-site fixtures that integrate with this tech, it is hard not to view AR as a major component of most marketing campaigns in the oft-discussed near future of the shared space between advertising and emergent technologies.

Once you factor in the meteoric rise of Pokemon Go and the already cemented relationship between IKEA and Apple over AR furniture viewing in the consumer's home, the notion of AR being the hottest new trend in developmental marketing shouldn't really come as much of a surprise. Digging a little deeper, these proofs of concept have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that customers are more than willing to embrace this kind of tech - provided that the application of AR in question keys in on a unique and established branding message (Pokemon) or a useful and innovative tool (IKEA's AR furniture viewer).

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