When former Googlers William Li and Sophia Yang left the tech titan back in 2016, the duo set out on a journey that would culminate in the creation of "Superpod" – an answer or "social search" engine that seeks to pair users with actual experts on a wide range of topics. As of last Friday, the duo – and their mobile Q&A app – appear ready to come back home to the welcoming arms of the Googleplex thanks to a $60 million acquisition of the startup.

If this story sounds a little familiar, that's because you've probably heard a similar tale told from Google's past. As Greg Sterling of Search Engine Land explains, Google has a long and storied history of purchasing and developing these communities and companies – often to little success. From Google Helpouts and Knol to Google Answers, these platforms have failed to catch on in any significant way when compared to more traditional stalwarts like Yahoo Answers.

In terms of why Google wants to take another stab at this portion of the digital world via Superpod, Sterling points to the continued push to flesh out the functionality and capability of the Google Assistant artificial intelligence (A.I.) platform. Specifically, integrating Superpod's established community into the Google Assistant umbrella is a perfect opportunity to place an enhanced emphasis on the the company's desire to promote the concept of "answers not links."

So what does this mean for your dealership? While predicting the impact of adding Superpod to the Google Assistant project is far from a simple or straightforward process, it is safe to say that this move (in addition to the continued rise to prominence of voice search) most likely will reinforce the need for car dealerships to earn spots in the "zero position" and featured snippets that often trigger as answers to voice-specific queries.

Interested in learning even more about Google's $60 billion acquisition of Superpod and what it means for the search engine landscape going forward? Then be sure to dig into the full story from Sterling over on Search Engine Land by clicking the link offered up down below.

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