When Google first unveiled My Business listings, many within the company and across the industry saw this feature as the ultimate tool to provide searchers with accurate and useful information regarding local organizations. Now that we live in a world where staying on top of your dealership's own Google My Business listing is all but mandatory if you plan on being taken seriously in the digital world, it looks like the team from Mountain View is ready to slap a price tag onto this major piece of the Google Search puzzle.

As Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land reports, Google recently sent out a questionnaire related to the features found within this tool, as well as some potential new upgrades to this suite of functionality. Additionally, broaching the topic of what businesses would be willing to pay per month to access the entire package also entered the picture. Everything from verified reviews and quote requests to garnering leads from competitor profiles and automotive review responses appeared as options on this questionnaire, with varying price points and packages likewise earning a spot on the screen.

In other words, it appears that Google is testing the waters for a two-pronged effort that would both expand the capabilities of this product and slap a new price tag on the whole endeavor as well.

Naturally, monetizing Google My Business listings puts you in between a rock and a hard place. After all, paying for something that was once free is never ideal, but we've noted many times before that failing to take control of and optimize your dealership's Google My Business listing is a recipe for disaster.

Want to learn even more about the potential changes coming to Google My Business and see a few screen caps from the now controversial questionnaire? Then be sure to dig into the full store from Schwartz and the rest of the Search Engine Land team by clicking on the link found down below.

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