While the old saying "the third time is the charm" is applicable in many circumstances, it is safe to say that the European Union (EU) clearly hopes that this mantra holds true as the governing body levies yet another historic fine against Google, the web's largest search engine.

So just what did Google do this time to get in hot water with the EU? As the editorial team over at PBS reports, this latest faux pas follows in the footsteps of prior billion-dollar fines (you can read more about those here) mandated by EU regulators and focuses on Google's knack for leveraging monopolistic practices to crowd out competitors.

Specifically, legislators from Europe's central governing body point to the fact that Google has repeatedly hindered the ability of rivals to place ads on certain sites via restrictive clauses found in contracts between independent domains and the Google AdSense network. This in turn has led to many operators in the European marketplace to feel compelled to work with Google at the expense of an open and fair market environment.

Put this all together and what do you get? The fact that Google's reputation for cracking down on those who don't play by its established set of rules appears to be more than warranted once again.

In total, this latest penalty from the EU will set Google back about €1.49 billion. For those doing that math at home, that is a whopping $1.79 billion in U.S. currency.

Will this latest round of fines from Margrethe Vestager and the EU's Competition Commission force Google to let its stranglehold on the digital world relax a bit when it comes to digital marketing opportunities? As we have noted before, these fines are really nothing more than a drop in the bucket for this tech titan, so don't be surprised if Google doesn't shape up and play by the EU's rules until this organization starts imposing fines that contain contextually relevant sums against the web's leading search provider.

Want to read even more about this latest showdown between European regulators and the men and women who oversee the largest portion of Google's money-making operations? Then be sure to catch the full scoop from PBS by clicking on the link down below.

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