After exploring the possibility of multiple responses in its reworked "feature snippet" tool, it looks like Google may be tilting back toward a deeper focus on presenting users with a "one true answer" experience. In fact, this concept appears to be taken quite literally in Google's latest search result page (SRP) feature test.

So just what are the men and women over in Mountain View brewing up on this front? As Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land explains, the past day or so has seen a quiet unveiling of SRPs that completely discard the standard organic results list in favor of a singular answer.

More specifically, in the place of the traditional breakdown of related pages and sites is instead a simple and direct answer to the query. If you want a chance to look at the standard SRP that we have all grown accustomed to over the years and that currently reigns supreme in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), these results are hidden behind a "Show all results" button.

Schwartz does note that, according to Google, this change is currently only implemented on queries that "rarely use all search results." However, it's not too hard to imagine a future in which this feature expands to encompass other SRPs, including those based on proximity and location (e.g. "used car dealer near me" and "new ford dealer in Los Angeles"), thereby drastically altering the average search user's experience.

Will Google make a bigger push toward the "one true answer" philosophy by spreading this feature to other search queries? How could this affect your car dealership's SRP prospects and those of other businesses and brands? For more insight on these subjects, feel free to check out the full breakdown from Schwartz and the Search Engine Land team on the other side of the link below.

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