With the announcement of Google's latest mobile app update for Android and iOS and the unveiling of the Google Feed feature, it has become abundantly clear that the Mountain View-based tech titan is once again aiming to change how on-the-go users interact with content and other offerings on the web. However, the eventual impact of this change could send shock waves through countless other sectors of the digital world as well.

Specifically, Josh Constine of TechCrunch reports that the new Feed inclusion within the Google app has aspirations to unseat Facebook as the go-to source for information, entertainment, and the other vital pieces of content that modern Internet users crave on a daily basis. The only catch? Google also plans to cut out the social aspect of the traditional "Facebook scrolling" experience as well. No friending, liking, sharing, or otherwise interacting with others will be found on this new platform.

While adopting this approach might seem strange or ill-fated at first, Constine points out that the Google app team views this new approach to content consumption as a feature - and not a bug. Modern Facebook users often find themselves in an "echosphere" of content from like-minded individuals and friends, so cutting out the social aspect of the process and focusing on offering up multiple viewpoints and sources on hot-button or trending topics could serve as a key method of differentiation from existing platforms for Google.

Additionally, Google's longstanding tumultuous relationship with failed or flagging social media networks (Google Buzz, Google Plus, etc.) may have played a part in the company's realization that beating Facebook doesn't necessarily involve the process of being like Facebook.

Outside of sparking a new fire in the realm of content curation and social media, incorporating Google Feed into the greater Google app experiencing could create a new avenue for customer outreach and advertising. While ads and promoted content aren't part of the initial release, it does not require any great stretch of the imagination to envision a not so distant future in which your dealership serves ads to interested customers based on their prior search history and content consumption within the app.

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