It's no big secret that all eyes over at the Googleplex are focused on the Internet's decidedly mobile future. Of course, when over 60 percent of all searches take place on the go, it's hard not to completely rethink how a company's product and services satisfy this prominent demand.

While all of this might seem obvious at first, Google has actually been relatively tight-lipped in terms of how it plans to radically overhaul its search index to focus on the "mobile-first" mentality of today's online viewership. With John Mueller, Google's Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, recently taking the stage at SMX Munich, though, it appears that the lid might be coming off on exactly how this leading search engine's new mobile-first index will affect both your dealership website's standings in the organic rankings and the greater search landscape as a whole.

As Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal reports, Mueller's keynote address to the SMX Munich crowd confirmed that many "ready" mobile websites are already being indexed via the new mobile-first ranking system, and that relevancy is still the biggest piece of the puzzle for pages that end up at the top of these mobile-specific search engine results pages (SERPs).

In terms of what constitutes a site that is ready to be transferred to the mobile-first index, responsive design, proper markup that is standard across desktop and mobile site variants, and content optimized for mobile viewing all headlined the discussion. If you're current website provider comes up short on any of these fronts, Mueller does point out that your dealership doesn't need to panic quite yet - but that the eventual widespread rollout of the rankings that focus primarily on mobile viewers is approaching rapidly.

Want to dig even deeper into Mueller's presentation at SMX Munich and what you need to know about bringing your dealership's website up to par for the incoming push to mobile-first indexing? Then check out the complete breakdown (including a slide-by-slide gallery) of the keynote address presented by Google's John Mueller on the other side of the link below.

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