Has your car dealership noticed a major change in its positioning on certain search engine results pages (SERPs)? If so, you are not alone as the entire digital world reels in the wake of the latest broad core update to Google's search engine algorithm.

While the details for any update (broad or small) are generally never made known to the public, Search Engine Journal's Roger Montti notes that this shift appears to target sites that are less than reputable or otherwise seen as untrustworthy. In the age of "fake news" and similar tactics that leverage deception and misrepresentations to surge up the rankings and go viral, it is hard not to view this move by Google as anything other than a strong stance in opposition of those who would utilize these practices.

Digging a little deeper, some sites have naturally been hit harder than others, with quite a few noticeable names in the online landscape seeing a stark drop in organic traffic. Specifically, the United Kingdom's second most read newspaper, The Daily Mail, has reported a 50 percent drop in search traffic in the days following the complete rollout of the June update. Given the mixed reviews this publication regularly receives from fact-checking organizations, this decrease in exposure via Google's algorithm appears to fall right in line with the intended function of this update.

As for other websites, like the bitcoin news site CCN, the update has been even more damaging. In a post explaining the sudden and abrupt disbanding of the site, CCN editors noted that daily revenue for the domain dropped by more than 90 percent in the wake of the update as mobile traffic fell off by 71 percent, seemingly overnight.

Should your dealership be worried in the wake of the June update? In most cases, the answer is a solid no. With their eyes appearing to be focused exclusively on disreputable news sources with this rollout, chances are the men and women at Google aren't looking at the automotive industry's portion of the digital world with these changes. However, the team here at Remora will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed on any news related to the continued fallout that is sure to arise from this broad core update.

Want to read even more about the impact this June update has had on sites like The Daily Mail and CCN? Then go ahead and follow the link below for the full story from Montti and the rest of the Search Engine Journal team.

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