"We are literally asking people to get rid of their cars."

These words, taken directly from Lyft's general manager of the Midwest, David Katcher, in an article on The Verge by Andrew J. Hawkins perfectly encapsulate the dream scenario of the emergent transportation-as-a-service (TaaS) and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) marketplaces. For car dealers across the country however, imploring drivers to hand over their keys and move away from the traditional vehicle ownership model is naturally more akin to a nightmare.

Of course, asking nicely for consumers to change their habits and incentivizing these individuals to do so are two entirely different things. With this in mind, Hawkins goes on to report in his piece that Lyft has crafted a clever new program that aims to entice residents of Chicago to embrace the mobility on demand movement and ditch their cars for a month.

What exactly goes into Lyft's bold anti-car promotion? To start, Windy City patrons who leave their car keys on the counter when they walk out the front door will have access to $300 in shared ride carpooling credit from Lyft. From here, $100 in Zipcar credit, $105 for the "L" train and bus service, and $45 for a monthly Divvy bike-share pass round out the 30-day program.

In other words, this promotion is a veritable tour de force of TaaS and MaaS services - and potentially the herald of similar programs that could emerge into the spotlight as Lyft and other non-traditional transportation magnates begin to engage in an even stronger full-court press against the stalwarts of the automotive industry.

Is Lyft's plan to convince Chicagoans to give up their cars a portent of things to come, or merely a gimmick? To delve deeper into this story, be sure to check out the complete story from Hawkins by clicking on the link found down below.

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