When it comes to the future of Ford and how it plans to adapt and evolve with the changing automotive landscape, this Detroit staple has been relatively tight-lipped in recent months. However, a recent report from investment bank Morgan Stanley might offer some insight into the particulars of Ford's plans – and how electric vehicles could take center stage.

As Tatiana Darie of Bloomberg reports, this recent release from one of the largest names in the world of financial services points to an imminent announcement of a complete partnership between Volkswagen (VW) and Ford in the development of an expanded line of battery-powered electric vehicles (BEV).

“While Ford and VW have yet to announce any definitive agreement around joint-BEV development, we believe investors should prepare for significant levels of potential collaboration to share development and manufacturing costs.”
– Morgan Stanley report on Ford future operations

While the strategic alliance between Ford and VW is nothing new (feel free to catch up on our previous coverage of this partnership), Morgan Stanley's report is still sending shockwaves through the automotive world due to the fact that up to this point, the Detroit-based automaker has yet to add a single electric vehicle (EV) to its lineup. Given this fact, advising investors of "significant levels of potential collaboration" in the very near future could point to a complete overhaul of Ford's previously electric-free model family.

At any rate, with VW appearing ready to announce their involvement in this expanded arrangement as soon as next week, it is safe to say that Ford won't be silent on where EVs fit into its future plans for much longer.

Will Ford lay the framework for an all-electric future in the coming days? How will this affect its iconic – and bestselling – vehicles, like the F-150? For more insight into this story and its potential ramifications for dealerships, investors, and vendors alike, feel free to dig into the full story from Darie on the other side of the link below.

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