If there is one thing you can always count on with Remora, it is our commitment to cutting-edge practices and technological advancements that help keep your dealership one step ahead of the competition. Case in point? The latest update to our industry-leading platform: Upgraded and expanded search filter functionality on inventory pages.

If you'd like to learn a little more about this most recent update, as well as how it can serve as a powerful tool for website visitors as they peruse your inventory and venture down the path that leads to becoming a happy customer, feel free to join us for a few minutes as we recap all of the need-to-know info regarding this latest inventory page upgrade.

What's New?

So what's new with the latest update to search functionality on the web's leading car dealer website platform? In total, the following upgrades are ready and waiting for your customers once they land on your dealership's website:

  • No more true page refreshes
  • Individual count labels that update in real time on all filters
  • New filter chips added to the "Current Filters" section
  • Persistent selected filters
  • New filters for various miles per gallon (MPG) designations and fuel types

On top of this expanded functionality, we've also added in an important search engine optimization (SEO) update that is sure to help your dealership maintain its technical advantage over the competition. For a breakdown of this new inclusion, as well as the aforementioned features, let's spend a few moments shining a spotlight on each of these upgrades and how they work together with the rest of our search filter functionality on inventory pages to ensure that your website offers up the fastest, most streamlined user experience possible.

Say Goodbye to True Page Refreshes

While Remora is always known for embracing the leading SEO practices in the industry, it's important to remember that our team of experts also sets the tone for the rest of the marketplace place when it comes to creating a cutting-edge user experience. With this in mind, filtered list pages on Remora sites no longer refresh when the user clicks on a filter option that corresponds to an existing URL. Instead, the URL will update and the page will not refresh, which in turn maintains all of the viewer's chosen filters and creates a seamless, lightning-fast user experience.

Real-Time Updating Individual Filter Count Labels

Real-time updating individual filter labels keep your customers informed and engaged as they consider all of your available inventory.

Is there anything worse than facing down a massive pile of potential filters and realizing that the only way to see how many vehicles fit into each category comes with clicking on each individual option? As you can see in the above image, Remora's new take on filter labels eliminates this headache and provides exact vehicle counts for interested shoppers as they begin browsing through your new or used vehicle inventory.

New Filter Chips

Fresh filter chips that cover a variety of new ranges and variables add even more value to your inventory pages.

Allowing customers to filter inventory via sliding scales for MPG, vehicle mileage, and other variables that are better suited to ranges than absolute values is an essential search function in today's digital landscape. From this perspective, it only makes sense to add in filter chips that can be reset for these values and ranges to the latest search filter update to the Remora platform.

Persistent Selected Filters

Few things are more frustrating than filtering through pages of inventory, clicking on a vehicle detail page (VDP) to get a little more info about a potential purchase, and then navigating back to the overall search page only to find that your filters have been reset and you're back to square one. Thanks to our new persistent selected search filters, your customers will never again have to start from scratch as they work their way toward a purchase and click through filtered results and VDPs.

Brand-New MPG and Fuel Type Filters

New MPG sliders and "Fuel Type" filters give your shoppers even more options as they peruse your dealership's inventory.

Variety is the spice of life, and the same holds true for filtering through your car dealership's new and used inventory. As you can see in the image above, our copious filter selection is even more expansive now thanks to new MPG sliders (broken down into "City" and "Highway" distinctions) and a new "Fuel Type" filter that allows end users to search by "Diesel," "Electric," "Flex Fuel," and "Gasoline" variations.

Enhanced Internal Linking

The final upgrade comes in the form of an on-site SEO update designed to enhance internal linking on your website. Digging a little deeper, this update will further help the search engine spiders find and crawl your deeper inventory search result pages. It might not seem like much on the surface, but this upgrade is a vital asset for ensuring that Google, Bing, and the rest of the search engine world see each and every inventory page on your website.

Remaining Firmly on the Cutting-Edge of the Automotive Web Development Landscape

Now that you're up to speed with all of the particulars of this exciting new search filter update to your website, there is really only one thing left to do: See it for yourself! After a few minutes exploring the enhanced functionality and convenience offered up by this latest upgrade to our industry-leading platform, it will not take you long to see why users will be happier than ever to spend even more time on your website.