If your dealership engages in Google Ads campaigns, or even traditional outreach endeavors (like TV ad spots), then you know how important consumer data is to making smart advertising spend decisions. From understanding buyer intent to uncovering trends in consumer behavioral patterns, the demand for this info is seemingly endless – even if the overarching supply can leave much to be desired at times.

However, as Alexandria Sage of Reuters explains in a recent report, this whole notion could be turned on its head in the near future thanks to a new development found on the cutting-edge of the automotive world's future. This development? The rise of in-car sensors that are currently used to bolster the self-driving capabilities of these futuristic vehicles.

During the proceedings of this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Affectiva (sound familiar?) and other innovators in the realm of self-driving vehicles showcased a variety of in-car technology that serves the dual purpose of both enhancing the efficiency of driverless systems and serving as a potential new stream of data regarding the needs and desires of consumers from all walks of life.

Essentially, by capturing eye movement, voice recognition, emotional analysis, and countless other metrics, these programs and features could serve as a valuable source of metadata that can then be leveraged to create personalized ad experiences across multiple platforms – including within the vehicle itself. Additionally, tracking this data can also help advertisers account for the actual impact of billboards and other physical assets as consumers view and respond to these items, thereby providing insight into a portion of the marketing world that is notoriously hard to quantify.

Naturally, questions regarding the anonymity of this data and consumer privacy concerns are already rising in the wake of the various demonstrations offered up at CES 2019. Even so, it's hard not to be excited about the potential for further advertising optimization across all platforms via the very automobiles that earn a spot on your dealership's showroom floor.

Want to learn even more about the new wave of in-car sensory tech that could help push self-driving vehicles into the mainstream and provide your dealership with even more vital information related to its target audience? Then check out the complete story from Sage and the rest of the Reuters team via the link we've provided down below.

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