What do FedEx, the American Trucking Association, Waymo, Uber, Lyft, Ford, and Toyota all have in common? Outside of a shared interest in the future of the automotive sector, it appears that these tech and transportation magnates are now all part of an exclusive organization designed to ease autonomous technology onto the streets of the world and help avert a seemingly inevitable labor crisis.

Known as the Partnership for Transportation Innovation and Opportunity (PTIO), Andrew J. Hawkins of The Verge reports that this entity encompasses the aforementioned major names, in addition to several other legacy automakers. Together, this group laden with industry leaders has set out to accomplish three distinct goals, which include:

  • Develop a data-based understanding of how autonomous vehicles will impact the future of today's workforce.
  • Garner insight and information from a variety of experts and interested parties within the world of automotive.
  • Help workers develop near-term career opportunities as they transition away from the transportation sector and allow autonomous technology to take the wheel.

In other words, PTIO hopes to find a way to bring autonomous technology to the masses, all while ensuring that the over 3.8 million people who make a living via operating motor vehicles in the United States don't end up unemployed and unable to transition into a new field.

Naturally, this is quiet the feat to accomplish, and by no means is success certain given the immediate need to address these issues. Even so, considering how important it is for these industry leaders (both those who lay claim to a storied legacy and more recent interlopers alike) to successfully help the automotive and transportation marketplaces evolve in the face of autonomous technologies and artificial intelligence (A.I.), it only makes sense to band together and confront this problem head on.

Want to learn more about the recently announced formation of the PTIO and what it could mean for automotive dealerships, long-haul truckers, and anyone else who happens to work in and around the realm of automotive and transportation? Then be sure to click the link below for the full story from Hawkins over on The Verge.

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