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FCC, Industry Leaders Form "Robocall Strike Force"

Verizon, Comcast, Alphabet, Apple, AT&T, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have a very simple message for those organizations that utilize prerecorded phone calls (otherwise known as "robocalls") to spam consumers with unwanted communications: Enough is enough.

While the...

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Edward Snowden Confirms Legitimacy of Claims of Stolen NSA Malware

It turns out that the masterminds behind the "ShadowBrokers" hacker group actually were telling the truth about their auction of stolen National Security Agency (NSA) "cyber weapons."

As The Intercept's Sam Biddle explains, confirmation regarding the veracity of this illicitly-gained - an...

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Google Fiber Growing Pains Lead to Significant Setbacks

Google might be the biggest name in the digital world, but that doesn't mean that the apple of Alphabet Incorporated's (Inc.) eye is infallible. In fact, when it comes to the recent rollout of the Google Fiber broadband network in various metropolitan areas, it seems like hardly anything has gone...

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Digging Into Google's Mysterious New OS: Fuchsia

Beware Linux, Windows, OS X, and any other operating systems (OS) currently on the market; Google is looking to go one step beyond the boundaries of Android and enter the fray with an entirely new offering known as Fuchsia. What this means for the digital world is hard to say though, as nobody re...

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Here's How the NSA Spied on Cisco Systems Customers for the Better Part of a Decade

The National Security Agency (NSA) isn't exactly known for its appreciation of digital privacy rights. Understatements aside, a recent revelation regarding this governmental department's usage of an exploit found in the Cisco PIX line of firewalls has taken its muddied reputation to yet another a...

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Microsoft's 10th Anniversary Update Brings with It Millions of Broken Webcams

For the team at Microsoft, there's no better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their flagship operating system (OS) than by releasing an update that breaks webcam functionality for millions of users.

While this situation might make for a funny headline or easy quip from other membe...

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Writing a Resume with Bot Technology in Mind

Whether you are ready for it or not, odds are that the next time you submit a resume for a potential job opening, a dedicated bot - and not a hiring manager - will be the one to sift through your submission.

So just how should this realization change the way you write your resume? Accordi...

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Bitcoin Popularity Fuels Spike in Ransomware Attacks

Once a relic of the Internet's early days, ransomware attacks are back and on the rise - and it's all thanks to the growing popularity and usage of the web's favorite digital currency, Bitcoin.

As The Wall Street Journal's Robert McMillan explains, the concept behind this malicious assaul...

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Rakuten Set to Turn Bitnet into "Blockchain Research Lab"

For Bitcoin-based startup Bitnet, the past few months haven't exactly gone as planned. In fact, after losing its status as a potential competitor to Bitcoin payment leaders Coinbase and Bitpay, this Belfast-based organization now finds itself being bought out by Japanese retail giant Rakuten. Read Article

Uber Offers up $680 Million for Self-Driving Truck Startup

Uber is continuing to prove that it is willing to be a frontrunner in the race to self-driving technology adoption - and the recent acquisition of startup Otto shows that the next great frontier in this industry lies with creating autonomous "big-rig" trucks.

In his recap of this blockbus...

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Google Set to Shut down Support of Chrome Apps Platform

Three years ago, the development team at Google unveiled the Chrome Apps platform as a way to bring web services - like Gmail and Google Hangouts - to Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users not currently not logged into the Chrome browser. Unfortunately, it looks like this app platform's time in the sp...

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Lyft and Potential Suitors Can't Quite Come to Terms on $9 Billion Buyout Deal

Lyft might always be the bridesmaid to industry leader Uber when it comes to total annual rides and marketplace influence, but that fact isn't stopping this on-demand transportation powerhouse from maintaining a $9 billion sense of self-worth. The only problem with this perspective? Potential buy...

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WWII Veteran Finishes Three-Year Coast-to-Coast Run

The idea of running from coast to coast is often seen as a feat of endurance reserved for only the most skilled, capable, and youthful athletes. However, 93-year-old World War II (WWII) veteran Ernie Andrus' trek from San Diego, California, to St. Simon's Island in Georgia has completely shaken t...

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75 Percent of Bluetooth Smart Locks Face Massive Security Vulnerability

The annual DEF CON hacker conference always offers up a gallery of intriguing personalities, expert industry insight into the web's darker subsections, and - in the case of the 2016 edition of this gathering - an announcement regarding Bluetooth smart locks that has pushed the entire digital secu...

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Facebook Flips the Switch on Anti-Ad Blocker Functionality

While there has long been an arms race between digital publishers and the ad blocking community over how and when users experience ad content, it appears that Facebook has decided to forego the standard industry response of asking for "whitelist" approval or rethinking its ad strategy to be more...

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Rethinking the Real Estate Experience via Virtual Reality

Tired of driving all over town with your realtor as you look for that perfect "forever home?" If so, then you'll be happy to learn that the emerging bond between virtual reality (VR) technology and the real estate industry might hold the key to kicking this hassle to the curb for good.


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Pittsburgh Prepare: Uber's Very First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives Later This Month

While most analysts and industry experts have the commercial release of self-driving cars pegged for years - or even decades - from now, on-demand transportation magnate Uber has a different idea: How does later this month sound?

In a move that many members of the autonomous vehicle commu...

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Can Lifestage Help Facebook Recapture the Attention of Today's Teens?

While Facebook is far and away the most popular social network on the web, that doesn't mean that everything that Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the crew over at 1 Hacker Way touches turns to gold. In fact, when it comes to maintaining relevancy with the teenage demographic and building successf...

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Code.Gov Offers Unique Insight into Government Coding Systems and Infrastructure

The days of unintentionally concurrent custom software purchases and limited collaboration between government agencies and departments are - hopefully - over thanks to the recent announcement of In fact, Aaron Boyd of the Federal Times notes that the imminent rollout of this resource se...

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Google Now Gets a Personalization Upgrade via the "Explore Interests" Feature

If you're familiar with Google's intelligent personal assistant program, Google Now, then you know that this digital tool does a lot of things well - and also has room for improvement on plenty of fronts. Fortunately, it looks like one of those areas in need of revamping is getting just that via...

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Twitter Update: Select Influencers and Brands Can Now Create

Give Twitter credit; this social network is doing everything it can to return to relevancy with today's social media fans.

From leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and increasing the maximum character limit on tweets to delving into the world of augment reality (AR) and...

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Amazon Japan Earns the Wrath of Anti-Monopoly Agency

Have you ever felt like Amazon's prices were simply too good to be true? If so, then you and the regulators over at Japan's Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) have a lot in common. Of course, when these anti-monopoly watchdogs start picking up the scent of an out of this world deal, chances are that so...

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Walmart and Agree to Largest E-Commerce Deal Ever

Walmart's ready to bring the digital retail fight to Amazon - and it looks like the first push of this renewed assault will come in the form of the largest e-commerce acquisition of all time.

So which e-commerce heavyweight did Walmart snap up in its bid to gain more online market share?...

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Did the Details of Apple's iPhone 7 Just Get Leaked?

Apple is gearing up for an official announcement of its iPhone 7 as soon as next month, but an unnamed source within the company might have just jumped the gun and blown the lid on all of the latest features and changes to the successor of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Specifically, Bloomber...

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Yahoo Faces Potential Hacker-Driven Data Leak of 200 Million User Accounts

Yahoo just can't seem to catch a break these days.

After weathering the storm of a complex sales process and finally finding a suitable new owner in Verizon, it looked like this search engine leader was on verge of earning a much-needed respite from its seemingly constant role in headline...

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Microsoft's Big Bet on LinkedIn Appears to Be Paying off

Back in June, the news that Microsoft would unload $26.2 billion for the rights to LinkedIn was a bit surprising, to say the least. After all, this professional-oriented social network saw its shares tank by a whopping 40 percent just a few months prior to the agreement.

However, in the w...

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Mid-Roll Ads Make Their Big Facebook Live Debut

For Mark Zuckerberg and the team behind the Facebook Live streaming service, airing ads before the content starts is a major "no-no." However, if you're a fan of mid-roll or in-stream marketing opportunities, then it sounds like Zuckerberg and his crew are willing to make an exception.


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Unmanned Delivery Drones Inch Closer to Reality with Impending Project Wing Test

Move over Amazon; you're not the only digital heavyweight with plans to change the world of product delivery and logistics. In fact, if Alphabet's Project Wing team has its way, it won't be long before drones capable of automated long-distance flying rule the airways.

The big key to this...

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Was Apple the Key to Didi Chuxing's Victory over Uber China?

Up until Uber waved the white flag and sold the brand and business rights of its Chinese subsidiary to regional rival Didi Chuxing, the leading name in on-demand transportation had never really lost a marketplace conflict. Of course, when you're able to outspend the competition at every turn, con...

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Rackspace Hosting Heads Toward Multi-Billion Dollar Sale

Rackspace Hosting is one of the biggest names in the world of cloud services - and apparently also a commodity worth pursuing for some private-equity firms.

In particular, the team over at The Wall Street Journal points out that the as of yet unnamed suitors for Rackspace could end up han...

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NFL, Snapchat Team up for New Discover Channel

The National Football League (NFL) and Snapchat are partnering up to provide an entirely new sporting experience for the social network's millennial-heavy following - and the sky is the limit in terms of the impact generated by this burgeoning digital relationship.

As far as the actual ag...

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Is the Future of Marketing on Snapchat Found in Scannable Ads?

While there's no denying that Snapchat is one of the digital world's most successful social networks, the truth of the matter is that monetizing this platform and developing an ad format that resonates with viewers has been far from a simple process for chief executive officer (CEO) Evan Spiegal...

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Microsoft Opens up Access to HoloLens Tech to Business Customers

Remember when we talked about certain Cadillac dealerships potentially going completely car-free with their showroom floors and opting instead for an augmented reality (AR) shopping experience? Well, it looks like that day is coming a lot sooner than most people expected thanks to Microsoft's new...

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Twitter Set to Stream Thursday Night Football

Snapchat might have secured a new deal to with the National Football League (NFL) to flesh out the organization's content on its platform, but it is far from the only social media giant with big plans to tap into the following of America's most popular sport. In fact, if rival Twitter has its way...

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Bitfinex Hacking Incident Results in $60 Million Worth of Stolen Bitcoins

If you know anything about bitcoin, then you know that the proponents of the web's favorite form of digital-only cash love to tout the impressive amount of safety and security that comes with this currency. After all, with the entire bitcoin system being built upon a foundation of anonymity and e...

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Google Announces Integration Between YouTube Kids and YouTube Red

Tired of having a steady stream of ads pop up while your kids are watching their favorite videos or listening to music on the YouTube Kids app? If so, then the team over at the Googleplex has some good news coming your way.

As the announcement post on the official YouTube blog explains, m...

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