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Uber Ends War with Rival Didi Chuxing via Unlikely Acquisition Deal

After spending two years and $2 billion to try and claim the top spot in China's on-demand transportation industry, Uber is finally waving the white flag.

However, as Bloomberg's Eric Newcomer and Selina Wang point out, just because this leading name in real-time ridesharing is selling th...

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Digging into Uber's $500 Million Global Mapping Project

So what's a tech leader to do when everyone from the Saudi Arabian government to Goldman Sachs starts investing billions of dollars into its enterprise? How about building your own global mapping project that seeks to rival - and eventually surpass - Google Maps?

While this might sound a...

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Kickstarter and the Birth of a New Creative Economy

We all know that Kickstarter's crowdsourcing platform has completely revolutionized the process of pairing up entrepreneurial spirits, fledgling businesses, and other trailblazers with willing donors and "average joe" backers. However, thanks to some intriguing insight from researchers over at th...

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Brazil and Facebook Square off Again over Access to WhatsApp

If you thought the ongoing fight between Facebook/WhatsApp and Brazil was finally simmering down, then the news fresh out of Rio de Janeiro proves that one of the biggest battles between the tech and political worlds is really nowhere near a stopping point.

So exactly what is going on wit...

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Does the DMCA Stymie Research and Hinder Free Speech?

Most of the time, we think of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) as a powerful tool that protects original works in an era constantly threatened by online piracy and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks. While there's plenty of merit to this statement, the team of lawyers representin...

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Verizon Emerges as the New Owner of Yahoo

Ready or not, the long, strange, and always entertaining story of Yahoo's inevitable sale is finally coming to a close - and it looks like Verizon is set to be the new owner of this once proud tech giant's core business assets.

While both sides are still hashing out the details and the nu...

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Facebook's Aquila Drone and the Future of the Internet Take Flight in Yuma

Step aside Project Loon; Google isn't the only tech giant looking to revolutionize how we connect to the web. In fact, if Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team have their way, then the future of the Internet won't be found in cables, routers, or within high-altitude balloons, but rather on the wi...

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Google Offers up a $450 Million Olive Branch to Europe

Google's relationship with the governments of Europe has been a little rocky in recent years - and that's putting things lightly. From concerns of shady AdWords practices to allegations of antitrust violations, this tech heavyweight and Europe's leading nations have been butting heads for quite s...

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Mercedes' Self-Driving Bus Test Marks Major Milestone

While Mercedes is clearly one of the biggest names in the realm of consumer self-driving technology research and development, not to many people realize that this automaker also has its eye on the world of public transportation as well. However, after a landmark test run of its CityPilot autonomo...

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Twitter Drops the "Banhammer" on Incendiary Writer Milo Yiannopoulos

This time, Twitter's message to Breitbart's firebrand writer Milo Yiannopoulos - and anyone else who would harass other members of this digital community - is coming through loud and clear: "Enough is enough."

As Buzzfeed's Charlie Warzel explains, Yiannopoulos - a noted member of the "al...

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DeepMind Helps Google Cut down on Its Electricity Bill

When we think of the applications of artificial intelligence (A.I.), the conversation often turns to garnering a better understanding of the human mind, enhancing Siri and other user-centric "personal assistant" systems, or solving complex digital equations and problems.

For Google and it...

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Slack Aims to Add a New Layer of A.I. Integration to Its Platform via $1.97 Million Investment in

Slack, long known for its ability to simultaneously enhance workplace efficiency and distract employees, is looking to expand its capabilities and functionality by supporting a new wave of app startups. The big kicker, though, is that these burgeoning ventures all focus on artificial intelligence...

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Uber Marks Major Milestone with Two Billionth Ride

If you weren't already aware that Uber is the biggest name in on-demand transportation in over 450 cities across the globe, then the announcement of the company's two billionth app-facilitated trip should leave no more doubts on this front.

Aside from cementing this international leader's...

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Will IBM's Vision for a Block-Chain Future Reshape Modern Supply Chains?

It looks like Thought Machine isn't the only tech leader out there that's trying to bring block-chain systems to the forefront of the digital discussion. In fact, with Kim S. Nash of The Wall Street Journal reporting that IBM is joining the fray via a newly announced service, it's safe to say tha...

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Ford Continues to Claim a Bigger Piece of the Self-Driving Car Pie with Investment in Civil Maps

Make no mistake about it: Ford clearly doesn't have a problem letting its money do the talking when it comes to affirming its support of self-driving car research and development.

And what's the latest move by the company that adds even more impact to this statement? Try the automaker's r...

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Twitter's Blue Checkmark Is Now Open to the Public

Ever wanted to have one of those iconic "blue checkmarks" that seem to adorn the profiles of all of your favorite celebrities, politicians, and other prominent tweeters? If so, then we have some good news for you.

As The Verge's Nick Statt recently reported, the digital world's favorite m...

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It Looks Like Google's VR/AR Plans Go Way Beyond Daydream

While various reports have claimed that some of Google's forays into the realm of virtual reality (VR) have been relegated to the development scrap heap, a recent article from Engadget's Aaron Souppouris tells a decidedly different story - and paints the picture for an impressive new technology t...

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Is the FBI Utilizing Decades-Old Software to Sabotage Public Records Requests?

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is supposed to serve as a gateway of transparency and insight into government records for public organizations and citizens alike. However, a recent lawsuit filed by FOIA researcher Ryan Shapiro aims to prove that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) -...

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Google Versus the European Union: Round Three

It's no big secret that Google and the European Union (EU) have a relationship so frigid that it makes the weather in Antarctica look downright balmy. However, thanks to yet another wave of antitrust charges from Europe's top governing body, it's safe to say that we're about to hit all-time lows...

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Microsoft Offers up a Bold New Initiative to Reposition Its Azure Stack Cloud Product

By the time mid-2017 rolls around, the Azure Stack hybrid cloud operating platform is going to have a completely redesigned look and feel to it. In fact, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley points out that this system is actually moving toward a position within the digital marketplace as a turnkey product that...

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Ex-Googler Paul Taylor Has Big Plans to Bring the World of "Fintech" into the 21st Century

The intersection of the digital world and the financial sector, known as "fintech," doesn't exactly serve as a wellspring of technological innovation - and for good reason. After all, any slight error or unseen bug in a newly-adopted system could expose a hefty portion of the world's wealth to th...

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Nintendo's New NES Classic Edition Aims to Bring Nostalgia to a TV Near You This November

Retro gaming is one of the hottest trends in today's entertainment landscape - and the price tag on vintage systems and functional game cartridges reflects this demand in a major way.

Fortunately, Nintendo's newest release has what it takes to help you relive the glory days of console gam...

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Microsoft Scores Major Victory for Privacy Advocates

The verdict is in and Microsoft is the clear victor in its recent fight over consumer privacy with the United States (U.S.) Justice Department. In fact, with a three to nothing decision by the presiding members of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, it's safe to say that this vict...

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Did the FDIC Really Cover up a Series of Chinese Hackings?

Back in May, rumblings of a potential hacking of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) took both the tech and banking industries by storm. However, this story seems destined to stir up even more controversy - and concern - thanks to a report from Reuters that claims this particular hac...

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Google's New Data-Streaming Program Gives Project Fi Users Access to High-Speed Internet across the Globe

Tired of facing down glacially-slow Internet speeds when you're abroad? If so, Google's new take on Project Fi might just have the high speed solution to your data woes.

As the official release over on the Android blog notes, Project Fi subscribers now have access to high speed connectivi...

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Did Uber's Clandestine Investigations into Its Legal Adversaries Cross a Dangerous Line?

It's no big secret that Uber - one of the most powerful companies in the world - has a penchant for litigation and throwing the full might of its legal team at anyone who would seek to file suit against its brand. However, this leader in transportation services might have overstepped a major boun...

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eBay Acquires SalesPredict and Its Machine Learning Expertise

Could artificial intelligence (A.I.) be the key to finding the perfect auction or "Buy It Now" opportunity? The team over at eBay thinks so, which is why predictive analytics company SalesPredict is being welcomed into the fold.

The newly-acquired firm will operate out of eBay's Israeli D...

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Facebook Aims to Bring 900 Million Users into the Once Exclusive "Crypto Club"

For all the conflicted fans of both social media and Internet privacy out there, worry no more: Facebook is planning on giving you all the tools you need to chat with friends and family in the most private and secure manner possible.

Known as "Secret Conversations," this upcoming feature...

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European Governments Find Safe Harbour's Replacement in Privacy Shield

After kicking the Safe Harbour agreement to the curb back in October of 2015, the members of the European Commission have decided that the revised Privacy Shield pact is a fitting successor and more than capable of sheltering consumer info from overly-intrusive datamining and targeted advertising...

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Minecraft/Artificial Intelligence Platform

Remember back when we talked about how Microsoft was using the Minecraft game engine to push the limits of artificial intelligence (A.I.)? Well the gang from Redmond is at it again - but this time they're turning to the public to help redefine the cutting edge of this field.

known now as...

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Google Digs Deeper into the Video and Broadcasting Industry with the Acquisition of Anvato

Most of the time, when you start listing off all of the things that fit under Google's service "umbrella," it feels like this tech behemoth has a little something for everyone. However, the truth of the matter is that there are actually still a few corners of the digital world where Google hasn't...

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Could Your Next Online Purchase Be Delivered by a Self-Driving Car?

Having Amazon deliver a package to your front door via drone is definitely a flashy way to offer up a glimpse at the potential future of fulfilling online orders; but is it really the best way to bridge the gap between consumers and products? According to Amir Efrati of The Information, the auto...

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The Yahoo Sales Saga Gets Even Messier with a Potential Mozilla

Excuse us if we sound like a broken record, but the inevitable sale of Yahoo to one of its many potential suitors seems to get messier and messier with each passing day. (Don't believe it? Catch up on all the twists and turns in this story here, here, and here.)

This time, the ability of...

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SEO Rewind: Looking Back at 2003's Florida Update

(If there's one thing you can say about Google, it's that this tech giant isn't afraid to fight back against spam and other "black hat" tactics by constantly reshaping the search engine optimization [SEO] landscape. Of course, if you're not a dealership that's up to date with all of these algorit...

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Did Facebook's OpenCellular Network Just Bring Wireless Connectivity to the World?

If you know anything about the motivations of Facebook, then it's pretty safe to assume that the largest social network on the web has only one goal in mind: Bringing access to wireless services - as well as its social platform - to even the most remote locations on the globe.

Of course,...

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Android Co-Founder Rich Miner Is Looking to Build a (Quality) Educational App

At first glance, the headline you just read probably doesn't sound all that impressive. After all, isn't there a veritable mountain of educational apps already littering the web and various mobile app stores?

Yes, there's no denying that there is indeed a plethora of apps to choose from o...

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