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New "Talk to Books" Tool from Google Puts the Semantic Search Future on Full Display

If you know anything about the modern search engine landscape, then you know that Google has gone out of its way to punish and marginalize the dated practice of "keyword stuffing" in as many ways as possible. However, could this leading name in tech be ready to take the next step on the anti-keyw...

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What Happens Now That Google Has Lost the "Right to Be Forgotten" Case?

Have you ever heard the old saying that you can't put the genie back in the bottle? For Google, truer words might never have been spoken thanks to a landmark decision within the High Court of England and Wales.

So just what happened over in Foggy Old London? As Jamie Grierson and Ben Quin...

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Microsoft Garage Team Turns to Unreal Gaming Engine to Train Self-Driving Cars

Move over Nvidia; you're not the only major name in tech that is looking to find a virtual alternative to testing the capabilities of autonomous vehicles that pulls these self-driving machines off of real roads and streets and into the graphics card.

As Meixa Haung of the Microsoft Garage...

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Digital Dealer 24

Remora President Christian Jorn Set to Cover the Benefits of a Technical Web Advantage at Digital Dealer 24

Heading to the 24th Digital Dealer Conference & Expo down in Orlando next week? Then you can't afford to miss Remora's very own Christian Jorn as he takes the stage to discuss everything from the benefits of creating a technical and scientific web advantage via your dealership's website platf...

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Mozilla's New Web Browser Aims to Take the User Experience into Virtual Reality

Ever feel like the process of optimizing your dealership's website is an endless race to keep up with the latest trends and needs of a consumer population that continues to be even more selective and demanding of its online experience? From ensuring that your pages are responsive and mobile-frien...

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Facebook Rolls Back Ad Targeting Tools Amid Data Privacy Turmoil

Does your dealership spend time running ad campaigns on Facebook in an effort to connect with car buyers in your area? If so, odds are that the process of advertising on the world's largest social network is about to radically change in ways you might not have expected.

So just what does...

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Nvidia's Drive Constellation Seeks to Change How Automakers Develop Vehicles and Driverless Technology

As local, federal, and even international governing bodies grapple with the rules and regulations of testing autonomous vehicles on public roads, Nvidia (a company traditionally known for its leadership in the gaming and computer graphics marketplace) is asking a simple question that could drasti...

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Waymo and Jaguar Aim for 2020 Autonomous Ride-Hailing Service Launch Date

For so long, the advent of autonomous vehicles on American roads - both in an "as-a-service" functionality and as private property - has been relegated to some distant, nebulous location in "the near future." However, thanks to a blockbuster deal between Google's Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover, it l...

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Google Explores Adding New Offers Posts to Organic Search Results

Last summer, Google introduced the Google Posts feature to businesses that maintained active My Business pages. With summer around the corner once more, it appears that the search wizards over in Mountain View are on the verge of tweaking this tool again in an effort to expand the reach and poten...

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Affectiva's Artificial Intelligence Aims to Curb Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

Generally, when the conversation turns to how artificial intelligence (A.I.) can help safeguard modern drivers and reduce the risk of collisions and accidents, the discussion primarily revolves around cutting the human factor out of the equation and letting these advanced technological systems do...

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Ford and Alibaba Pair up to Create Automated Car Vending Machine

What happens when you blend the capabilities of a Chinese tech company that desperately wants to disrupt the automotive industry with one of the most respected members of the American automotive community? If you guessed a multi-story car vending machine facility that distributes brand new Ford c...

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Baidu Receives Green Light to Test Autonomous Vehicles on Public Roadways

Remember when we discussed the fact that the "Big Three" of China's tech sector were poised to truly muscle their way into the automotive industry - both on the local and international scale - via a variety of tech and service-based ventures? Well, it looks like these plans are beginning to roll...

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Details Regarding Google's New Mobile-First Index Take Center Stage at SMX Munich

It's no big secret that all eyes over at the Googleplex are focused on the Internet's decidedly mobile future. Of course, when over 60 percent of all searches take place on the go, it's hard not to completely rethink how a company's product and services satisfy this prominent demand.


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Google Unlocks Voice Purchase Feature on Google Assistant and Other Enabled Devices

If you've kept up with the latest trends in search and digital marketing, you know that voice-generated search queries on platforms like Google Home, Amazon's Alexa, and mobile phones continue to rise in relevance. However, thanks to a big new push from the team over at the Googleplex, the demise...

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China's "Big Three" Tech Giants Bet on an Automotive Future Where People Don't Buy Cars

What are automakers and dealerships alike supposed to do when people stop buying cars?

While there was a time when this question would easily be shrugged off as nothing more than a load of nonsense, today's automotive marketplace continues to flirt with the topic with greater frequency. I...

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GM Bolsters 2019 Cruise AV Launch Date Plans with $100 Million Production Investment

General Motors (GM) has repeatedly suggested that a drastic shift toward autonomous vehicles (which will invariable reshape everything from how companies deliver goods to how your dealership fulfills the needs of local customers) is coming a lot sooner to the automotive world than most think. How...

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Lyft Aims to Bring Self-Driving Technology to Consumers and Competitors Alike

For most players in the race to road-ready self-driving vehicles, the focus of this endeavor rests firmly on developing a proprietary platform and centralizing the organization in question's technology. While this seems like the most logical way to make progress on this front, a recent move by ri...

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Google Quietly Unveils Search Result Pages Completely Devoid of Search Results

After exploring the possibility of multiple responses in its reworked "feature snippet" tool, it looks like Google may be tilting back toward a deeper focus on presenting users with a "one true answer" experience. In fact, this concept appears to be taken quite literally in Google's latest search...

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Remora's Christian Jorn Stops by for Another Visit with the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour Team

Back in 2016, Remora's very own Christian Jorn took the airwaves by storm during a guest appearance on the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour radio show. From digging into the company's unlikely origin story to breaking down some of the biggest myths and scams found in the shared space between automotiv...

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New Zealand Regulators Move Closer to Approving Kitty Hawk Autonomous Flying Taxis

Back in 2016, a curious rumor began spreading through the world of transportation that Alphabet's chief executive officer (CEO) Larry Page had secretly built a personal flying car. While this tale ended up being nothing more than a blip on the proverbial industry radar, it did wind up serving as...

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Porsche Bets Big on a Blockchain Future for Automotive

With Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies dominating the news cycle, odds are that you've probably heard the term "blockchain" pop up with increasing frequency on the news and around the web. However, this transactional software tool hasn't exactly found its way into the world of automot...

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Volkswagen Ditches Steering Wheel, Adopts Artificial Intelligence for Futuristic Concept Car

The future of automotive most certainly rests on the shoulders of electric offerings and self-driving systems; this seems like a foregone conclusion to most. However, German automaker Volkswagen's newest concept car to join the ranks of the futuristic I.D. model family is showing that these growi...

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Starsky Robotics Claims to Complete World's First Entirely Autonomous Truck Drive in Florida

From Frigidaire testing self-driving trucks in Southern California to Uber acquiring Otto and its autonomous truck tech, it seems like a foregone conclusion that the first dominoes in the automotive world to truly fall to the pressures of driverless technology will be long haul trucking and the t...

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Google's Featured Snippets Get a Little Bigger

In its seemingly never-ending quest to find the "one true answer" for users and display it above the fold (and before other search results), it appears that Google has recently learned an invaluable lesson on this front.

That lesson? Sometimes you simply can't boil a search query down to...

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Toyota Pushes $2.8 Billion into Self-Driving Software Development

Most of the time when the conversation turns toward self-driving vehicles and the imminent advent of this technology, the discussion naturally tends to focus on how this new approach to modern transportation could drastically alter our lives or how a company like Frigidaire does business, in addi...

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The Transportation Industry Revolution Begins with a Wave of Self-Driving Truck Deliveries in Southern California

While artificial intelligence (A.I.) prognosticators, tech investors, and automotive industry experts often view the rise of driverless technology from different perspectives, there is one concept that is universally binding among these varied groups - specifically, the notion that the transporta...

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Waymo and AutoNation Are Teaming up for a New Self-Driving Program

If you still weren't convinced that self-driving cars are firmly entrenched in the future of the automotive industry (both within its traditional sectors and the cutting edge), then the latest word coming down the pipelines about Google's Waymo and this spinoff's latest bold move is sure to chang...

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Paris Aims to Expedite Combustion Engine Ban with 2030 Target Date

Remember back in July when the French government decided to impose a complete ban on conventional engines by 2040 as part of its efforts to help reduce carbon emissions and brace its infrastructure for the inevitable move toward electric and autonomous vehicle technologies? Well it looks like the...

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GM More Than Doubles Self-Driving Vehicle Numbers in California

Back in June, General Motors (GM) solidified itself as a major player in the autonomous vehicle world by moving toward the world's first mass-producible line of self-driving vehicles. Today, this traditional automotive powerhouse and current driverless pioneer continues to forge a powerful positi...

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Ford and Lyft Partner Up for 2021 Self-Driving Car Deal

Stop us if you've heard this one before: A major traditional powerhouse in the automotive marketplace is pairing up with a hot new tech partner to lay the foundation for a self-driving vehicle launch plan. In fact, from Toyota and Uber shaking hands on a collaborative deal to Fiat and Google foll...

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Six Major Trade Associations Urge Apple to Reconsider Killing Cookies

Last summer, Apple's decision to eventually "kill cookies" via a forthcoming update to the Safari browser that will purge this data after a 24-hour period left countless digital marketers and advertisers scrambling for answers. After all, cookies may be a contentious subject in terms of digital p...

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Samsung Enters Self-Driving Marketplace with $300 Million Fund

Tech giant Samsung, long known for cutting edge television and other home technologies, is making waves in the automotive world with a blockbuster announcement - and a bold new plan to turn the world of autonomous vehicle technology on its head.

So just what does Samsung have in mind rega...

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Did Facebook Falsify Advertising Reach Metrics?

When it comes to gauging the impact of your dealership's advertising and outreach operations on Facebook, it's safe to say that this social platform leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, with everything from understating Instant Article reporting metrics to having to refund marketers due to a prog...

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Facebook and Apple Lend Major Support to Growth of Augmented Reality Marketing

Remember when Microsoft laid the first brick in the road to augmented reality (AR) marketing by releasing access to its HoloLens Tech product to business customers (such as Cadillac)? Well, it looks like plenty of other players in the tech and digital worlds have taken notice - and begun to lay t...

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Ford, Domino's Aim for Autonomous Pizza Deliver Partnership

Tired of awkwardly handing over cash to the pizza delivery person whenever you're in the mood to tackle a late-night craving with a slice of your favorite pie? If Ford and Domino's have their way, dealing with human employees during the delivery process could be completely out of the equation in...

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German Government Lays Groundwork for Self-Driving Car Ethics

As we move closer to the advent of self-driving cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) across the globe, it's easy to get caught up in the fervor and excitement of this techo-social movement. However, the application of this technology to the daily lives of drivers also comes with a heft...

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