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Six Percent of All Jobs Will Be Automated by Robots in 2021

It's no big secret that chat bots, autonomous vehicles, virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana, and a bevy of other novel futuristic technologies are all taking the world by storm today. However, could these cutting edge digital tools supplant American workers in the not so distant future?

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Microsoft Sets the Wheels in Motion for Another $40 Billion in Repurchased Stock

Microsoft is looking to return money to its shareholders in a major way this coming year, all as the tech giant experiences a wave of unprecedented fiscal growth.

For those wondering how the team from Redmond, Washington, plans on pushing wealth back to those who have helped Microsoft's s...

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Did Apple Just Patent a Paper Bag?

Apple is known for turning heads with its bold approach to consumer electronics and other tech gadgets - but the recent unveiling of United States Patent Application: 20160264304 is stirring up controversy for an entirely different reason.

So what's the big deal with this recent patent re...

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The Inside Scoop on Why Conquesting Is a Waste of Time

The world of search advertising, and pay per click (PPC) in particular, is often framed as an industry that rewards only the most aggressive and bold tactics. In fact, talking heads love to toss out that notion that if you're not willing to "grab the bull by the horns" and employ tactics like con...

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Twitter Data Requests Surge as Governments Continue to Battle the Islamic State in the Digital Sector

The fight against terrorism and religious extremism is spilling over into the digital world - and it looks like Twitter is the primary battlefront for the Islamic State's army of propagandists and various governments from around the globe.

In particular, Jack Detsch of The Christian Scien...

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The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Seeks to "Cure, Prevent, and Manage" Every Disease

Founding and running the largest social network on the web is clearly a daunting challenge. However, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have their eyes on an even greater task - ridding the world of disease.

In particular, this social media power couple recently announced that...

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Titans of the Tech World Join Forces to Provide Aid to Refugees

Back in June, President Obama issued a "Call to Action" requesting the assistance of the pillars of the tech industry in the fight to help provide education, support, and other aid to the over 65 million refugees currently displaced around the world. Thanks to the publication of a list by the Whi...

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Grab Raises $750 Million from Investors as It Prepares to Battle Uber for Dominance of Southeast Asia

After falling to rival Didi Chuxing's cash-rich assault in China, it looks like the biggest name in on-demand transportation has another fight on its hands. This time, though, the imminent struggle with Singapore-based Grab (fresh off of a round of investing that raised $750 million in funds) cou...

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Google Stakes Claim to Natural Language Understanding Startup API.AI

With Google Assistant, Google Allo, and Google Home all looming on the horizon, it's safe to say that developing effective interfacing with chatbots and powerful speech recognition tools are two items that are definitely on Google's "to-do" list. Fortunately, with newly acquired natural language...

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Salesforce Looks to Artificial Intelligence as It Seeks to Improve Its Core Products

In an effort to steal some thunder from the opening ceremony of rival Oracle's OpenWorld conference, cloud business software titan Salesforce dropped a bombshell on the tech world this past Sunday and announced that it would be integrating artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning capab...

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The White House Unveils Expansive New Federal Automated Vehicle Policy

The growth of self-driving technology has definitely turned plenty of heads in recent months - so it makes plenty of sense that now is the time for the government to finally weigh in on this emerging portion of the automotive world.

And just what does the White House have in mind when it...

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Uber's Self-Driving Fleet Goes Live in Pittsburgh

Remember back in August when we covered the big announcement regarding Uber's plan to launch a fleet of self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh? Well, it looks like it took a little longer than expected for this on-demand transportation leader to bring autonomous ride-sharing to the denizens of the S...

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Meet Cymotive Technologies: Volkswagen's Bold New Cybersecurity Subsidiary

If you read our piece on the automotive world and its place in the Internet of Things (IoT) back in June, then you know that having cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) connected to the web presents a unique set of risks and concerns (hackers assuming direct control of vehicles, remote...

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Volvo and Autoliv Join Forces to Form Self-Driving Software Alliance

Volvo is aiming to take on a leadership role in the development of autonomous vehicles - and it looks like it has found a powerful ally right at home with the Swedish auto safety group Autoliv.

So what is the end goal for the team up between these two Sweden-based automotive powerhouses?...

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Tesla's Autopilot 8.0 Set to Go Live in the Near Future

The arrival of Tesla's eighth version of its Autopilot self-driving software is looming just beyond the horizon - and with this update comes a hefty amount of sweeping changes to the radar functionality of Autopilot-equipped Tesla vehicles.

In particular, Autopilot 8.0 converts the radar...

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Ford Lays Claim to Shuttle and Bike-Sharing Services

The way Ford Motor Company sees things, ride-sharing services that utilize traditional cars and trucks - like Uber and Lyft - are old news.

But if that's truly the case, what does the future of this growing industry actually hold for competitors like Ford? Apparently, the answer to this q...

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Grand Theft Auto Helps Propel Self-Driving Vehicle Technology

Move over Minecraft; you're not the only video game out that has the ability to teach artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems a thing or two about real-life scenarios and problems.

In particular, the team over at The Next Web notes that the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise has emerged as a...

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Tech Industry Leaders Join Forces to Create Artificial Intelligence Ethics Standards

Normally fierce competitors, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft are setting aside their differences and teaming up to tackle the tough issue of ethics in the industry of artificial intelligence (A.I.). From the impact of A.I. on jobs to its role in transportation and civic utilities,...

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Dropbox Hack Sees 68 Million User Credentials Hit the Web

With Yahoo, Bitfinex, and a bevy of other digital titans facing down massive data breaches in recent months, it's safe to say that online security is clearly a hot button topic right now. Unfortunately, adding 68 million leaked Dropbox user credentials to the discussion shows that the problem of...

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Uber's Electric Fleet Aims to Reduce Pollution in London

What's the only thing better than hitching a ride around London via the Uber app? According to this on-demand transportation leader, the answer to this question starts with enjoying the same industry-leading service in a completely electric vehicle.

To facilitate the shift toward the more...

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Could Brave's Bitcoin-Based Donation System Really Spell the End of On-Site Advertising?

Would you be willing to donate Bitcoin to your favorite content creators and websites if it meant the end of traditional online advertising? If you jumped out of your chair and emphatically answered "Yes!" to this question, then Brendan Eich, co-founder of the ad-blocking web browser Brave and fo...

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Malware Focused on iPhone Users Ends up in the Hands of Multiple Governments

While iOS update 9.3.5 seems like a fairly innocuous update on the surface, the truth of the matter is that this latest patch for the world's most popular smartphone has a dark story behind it - and the whole story circles all the way back to government spying and the targeted use of malware on m...

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nuTonomy Launches World's First Self-Driving Taxi Service

Uber and Lyft have been testing self-driving vehicles for quite some time now, but Massachusetts-based software startup nuTonomy has done these on-demand transportation giants one better and officially launched the world's first fully operational autonomous taxi service.

The only catch? T...

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Facebook Faces Major Backlash over WhatsApp Data Harvesting

Remember when we talked about Facebook deciding to monetize WhatsApp and incorporate info from this platform's over one billion users into the organization's advertising network? Well, it looks like not everyone is thrilled with this social giant's most recent data harvest and about-face regardin...

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Six Months into 2016 and Uber Is down $1.2 Billion

Spending money to grow a brand's presence in a new market or develop an emerging business unit is far from an uncommon corporate strategy. However, going $1.2 billion into the red to accomplish these goals like Uber has in the first half of 2016 is definitely a newsworthy approach that is turning...

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Facebook's Zuckerberg: It's Time to Make Money from WhatsApp

After spending $22 billion on the WhatsApp messaging service back in 2014, Mark Zuckerberg is sending a very clear message to the team headquartered out of 1 Hacker Way: It's time to start making money through this platform.

So just how does Zuckerberg and company plan on monetizing Whats...

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FCC, Industry Leaders Form "Robocall Strike Force"

Verizon, Comcast, Alphabet, Apple, AT&T, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have a very simple message for those organizations that utilize prerecorded phone calls (otherwise known as "robocalls") to spam consumers with unwanted communications: Enough is enough.

While the...

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Edward Snowden Confirms Legitimacy of Claims of Stolen NSA Malware

It turns out that the masterminds behind the "ShadowBrokers" hacker group actually were telling the truth about their auction of stolen National Security Agency (NSA) "cyber weapons."

As The Intercept's Sam Biddle explains, confirmation regarding the veracity of this illicitly-gained - an...

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Google Fiber Growing Pains Lead to Significant Setbacks

Google might be the biggest name in the digital world, but that doesn't mean that the apple of Alphabet Incorporated's (Inc.) eye is infallible. In fact, when it comes to the recent rollout of the Google Fiber broadband network in various metropolitan areas, it seems like hardly anything has gone...

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Digging Into Google's Mysterious New OS: Fuchsia

Beware Linux, Windows, OS X, and any other operating systems (OS) currently on the market; Google is looking to go one step beyond the boundaries of Android and enter the fray with an entirely new offering known as Fuchsia. What this means for the digital world is hard to say though, as nobody re...

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Here's How the NSA Spied on Cisco Systems Customers for the Better Part of a Decade

The National Security Agency (NSA) isn't exactly known for its appreciation of digital privacy rights. Understatements aside, a recent revelation regarding this governmental department's usage of an exploit found in the Cisco PIX line of firewalls has taken its muddied reputation to yet another a...

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Microsoft's 10th Anniversary Update Brings with It Millions of Broken Webcams

For the team at Microsoft, there's no better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their flagship operating system (OS) than by releasing an update that breaks webcam functionality for millions of users.

While this situation might make for a funny headline or easy quip from other membe...

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Writing a Resume with Bot Technology in Mind

Whether you are ready for it or not, odds are that the next time you submit a resume for a potential job opening, a dedicated bot - and not a hiring manager - will be the one to sift through your submission.

So just how should this realization change the way you write your resume? Accordi...

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Bitcoin Popularity Fuels Spike in Ransomware Attacks

Once a relic of the Internet's early days, ransomware attacks are back and on the rise - and it's all thanks to the growing popularity and usage of the web's favorite digital currency, Bitcoin.

As The Wall Street Journal's Robert McMillan explains, the concept behind this malicious assaul...

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Rakuten Set to Turn Bitnet into "Blockchain Research Lab"

For Bitcoin-based startup Bitnet, the past few months haven't exactly gone as planned. In fact, after losing its status as a potential competitor to Bitcoin payment leaders Coinbase and Bitpay, this Belfast-based organization now finds itself being bought out by Japanese retail giant Rakuten. Read Article

Uber Offers up $680 Million for Self-Driving Truck Startup

Uber is continuing to prove that it is willing to be a frontrunner in the race to self-driving technology adoption - and the recent acquisition of startup Otto shows that the next great frontier in this industry lies with creating autonomous "big-rig" trucks.

In his recap of this blockbus...

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