chat,better than anyone

AI Lead Maker

The cutting-edge of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Make leads in-front of your CRM.

Brand Building

Speedy and effective responses.

Perfect Control

Guide conversations across all channels.

Better Than DR

Co-shop with customers in real time.

Intelligent Responses

proactively make leads

Remora's Ai listens to your customers and responds intelligently with the intention of filling up your CRM with active shoppers on your website. This approach automatically turns casual visitors into actionable opportunities to sell cars now.

Your prospects text and chat with you as normal while cutting edge artificial intelligence responds appropriately to make leads and schedule appointments. Only your management team and qualified representatives ever touch the backend of this powerful toolset and the bot is custom trained specifically for your company to ensure accurate answers in every situation.

Deploy our best practices for conversions and engagement, or nudge your shoppers however you wish. Pop the chat on their first vehicle details page, or on their second list page, or after three pages, or right away, or after 30 seconds. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Sensible Management

that empowers your team

The inherent problem with salespeople texting customers from their cell phones is that their conversations miss your managed pipeline. With Remora chat, each interaction is properly parsed and stored in your CRM. We combine all of your team's digital conversations and texts into one place for sensible management and follow up.

Assign conversations, send and receive pictures of trade-ins, share vehicles, and keep it all nice and tidy to ensure proper pipeline management. Remora's artificially intelligent chat empowers everyone on your team to make more sales by making more conversations happen and improving your communication with prospects and each other.

Expansive Toolset

for professionals

Remora chat makes it easy to share mobile website links and real photos through dealer-side-only Apple and Android mobile apps. Co-shop in real-time and suggest options over text, website chat, and Facebook Messenger with intuitive inventory sharing.

We always keep your team in control. We provide a phone number, or we can data-enable your number so that your team's outbound texts come from your main phone number for sales. When prospects store your number and inevitably call instead of texting, they are calling your main sales line.

Faster than managed chat

AI is better than DR tools

Modern digital retailing is simple. The faster we can connect your online shoppers with a well-trained professional, the more likely you are to get the deal. Have you noticed that no one is self-serving themselves cars through digital retailing tools? Remora's Ai chat makes instant connections with your active shoppers in real-time.

Build Your Brand

with speedy and intelligent service

Apple and Android mobile apps for your team includes a powerful tool that makes it simpler to collect postive reviews from your serviced and sold customers.

While your prospects text and chat on their phone the same as they would with anyone, Ai offers instant gratification and perpetually excellent service. Quick and intelligent responses please customers, harvest positive reviews, and brands your company well online and off.