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REMORA Mobile and Desktop Dealership Website

$1,995 /month

    • 95+ Google PageSpeed Insights on Mobile and Desktop - Check Your Score
    • Custom site design, enterprise hosting, maintenance, and support.
    • Use of REMORA’s industry leading search software and web platform.
    • Robust DEALER-controlled website management system.
    • Unlimited DEALER-created banners, landing pages, menu items, and blog posts.
    • Four (4) professional home page banners created by REMORA each month.
    • Two (2) expert landing pages created by REMORA each month.
    • Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website Taking a cue from Google, Facebook, and Amazon, REMORA serves a dedicated, thumb-friendly mobile website in addition to the responsive full site. This is the preferred method for search engines and is the only way to truly accommodate 100 percent of web-enabled devices.
    • Fully Responsive Website Platform Your full website instantly resizes based on the device your prospect is using. Having a wide format on large desktop monitors creates a comfortable feel and small tablets also get to experience the full website without inconvenient and unnecessary scrolling.
    • Search Engine-Friendly URLs REMORA is the originator of clean, human-readable URLs for vehicle list and detail pages. The typical query string-based URLs employed by most car dealer website vendors do not rank well in search engines and leaves a golden opportunity untapped. REMORA sites automatically create the cleanest URLs in the industry for all inventory list (SRP) and details (VDP) pages.
    • Unique Meta Titles and Descriptions Every inventory page creates a unique meta title and description. This creates higher click-through rates on search engine results pages and is a critical quality indicator that helps achieve top organic Google rankings and preferential treatment in search for DEALER's in-stock vehicles.
    • Supplementary Vehicle Details Page Content REMORA adds clean supplementary model year overview and model year changes contextual content to all vehicle details pages for new and used vehicles 2008 and newer.
    • Secure Credit Application REMORA provides a secure credit application and data vault. Alternatively, REMORA integrates with your existing online credit application provider.
    • Social Media Share Toolbar Web prospects can easily share any page, including vehicles, to the most popular social networks.
    • Customizable Search by Payment DEALER sets the default interest rates, term, and down payment by flat amount or percentage. Web prospects see accurate payment information on every vehicle and can enter their own custom interest rates, terms, and down payments. Payments for every vehicle update instantly and the user's payment preferences persist even when they leave and come back. Payment choices are stored and persist for one year.
    • Website Health and Traffic Reports All conversion (goal) tracking is set up in your existing Google Analytics (GA) account. If you do not own or are not the administrator of a GA account, REMORA sets up a new account on your behalf and makes you both the owner and administrator. Reported data in the portal is pulled in via the GA API and always matches GA reporting exactly. REMORA sends monthly, weekly, and/or daily automated email reports by request.
    • Robust Administration Portal Real-time website management tools, robust website health monitoring, and traffic source and quality reporting.
    • Instant Vehicle Price Change and Delete A stock number is all you need to remove a vehicle or change its price. Changes made this way update live to the web instantly.
    • Automatic New Car Discount Pricing REMORA's hands-free solution lets you set a percentage discount off of the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) by model to show discounted pricing across your entire inventory. Updates go live on the web instantly.
    • Automatic Specials by Inventory Age Optionally, REMORA automatically marks vehicles as "special" based on number of days in stock. As soon as a vehicle becomes 60 days old it will be marketed as a special on the website. The exact number of days required to trigger this event is configurable via the REMORA administrative portal and set separately for new and used inventory. Alternatively, REMORA provides an interface for DEALER to mark specials manually.
    • Intuitive Banner Management Easily add or remove home page banners and change the order that they appear on your site. Updates go live on your site instantly.
    • Intuitive Team/Staff Page Management Add or remove team members, change details, update positions, and change the on-page order. Updates go live on your site instantly.
    • Text to Phone Lead Traps Visitors and salespeople alike can text a link from any vehicle page to any text-enabled mobile number. Texts come from a local area code and include a custom message from your dealership.
    • User Preferences Stored for One Year When your prospects set a preference, it persists even when they leave your site and come back. Stored preferences include: Sorting prices high/low, list or grid view, payment settings, favorite vehicles, and comparison lists.
    • Color-Matched Stock Photos All vehicles on your site missing real photos automatically display the correct color stock photo of the corresponding make and model, thereby eliminating "photos coming soon" placeholders.
    • Search-Optimized and Integrated Blog REMORA can help your dealership do blogging right. Specifically, REMORA provides an integrated, search-optimized blogging platform that easily ports in all of your existing posts.
    • YouTube Video Integration Real walk-around videos on inventory details pages and full channel integration for testimonials, as well as anything else your dealership might want to integrate via YouTube.
    • Combined Inventory Feeds Want to share used car inventory only with a sister store? Do they use a different inventory management provider? No problem; REMORA sanitizes all inventory data from every inventory management vendor and can easily combine inventories in every way you can imagine.
    • Seamless Integration with Any CRM All customer contacts from the website automatically creates both HTML and ADF emails. Customer data and vehicle information populate instantly in your CRM. REMORA seamlessly integrates with all modern CRMs.
    • All Third-Party Integrations Included Got a third-party service that you love? REMORA has integrated with them before, and pairing up the REMORA platform is always free.
    • 100 Percent Uptime, World-Class Service We serve your site from nine rock-solid data centers across the United States. Visitors are served your website from the closest data center to their actual location, which in turn improves load speeds and creates the level of redundancy required to serve true 100 percent uptime.
    • World-Class and Industry-Leading Support Nearly all requests are completed in 1 to 24 hours.

Expert Search Services (SEO)


  • REMORA tracks, monitors, and reports on organic search and map positioning for over 1,000 commercially relevant and competitive key search terms.
  • REMORA's dedicated team of search engine optimization (SEO) experts monitors, compares, and report on up to five (5) of DEALER's local competitors.
  • REMORA automatically monitors, regularly audits, and manages DEALER’s in-bound link profile, non-social mentions, and listed citations across the web.
  • REMORA delivers detailed in-bound link profile reports and near real-time alerts upon the discovery of any alarming or suspicious link-building activity.
  • REMORA co-manages citations with DEALER. REMORA automatically cleans and corrects potentially problematic mentions.
  • REMORA delivers detailed web citation reports monthly, corrects errant listings, and suppresses duplicates.

Updating Rebates and Regional Incentives


  • REMORA provides automatically updating national and regional manufacture rebates, incentives and lease residuals for display on all new cars.
  • Incentives, rebates and lease residuals for all major manufactures and all regions are maintained by and licensed from Chrome Data.
  • REMORA creates a custom pricing display incorporating manufacture incentives based on DEALER's specific parameters.
  • Optionally, REMORA incoportates additional incentives such as Student and Military rebates. Additional incentives may be seperated or baked into the discount price.
  • Optionally, REMORA displays accurate and automatically updating lease payments.

Custom Creative, Expert Landing Pages

$195 /each

  • REMORA creates one additional landing page by DEALER request.
  • Base website package includes two (2) REMORA landing pages each month.
  • REMORA promptly delivers and installs completed and approved creative work in a web- and search-optimized format on DEALER's website.

Custom Creative, Professional Banners

$95 /each

  • REMORA creates one additional custom banner by DEALER request.
  • Base website package includes four (4) REMORA home page banners each month.
  • REMORA promptly delivers and installs completed and approved creative work in a web- and search-optimized format on DEALER's website.

Contract Term and Cancellation Policy

All REMORA Professional Services begin with a three (3) month initial term, then automatically renew for additional one (1) month terms. After the initial three (3) month term, DEALER may terminate any or all REMORA services at any time for any reason or no reason with a simple 30 day notice.

Initial Development Fee

There is a one-time initial development fee that is equal to one month of service.

Year in Advance Discount

DEALER may receive one free month of REMORA professional services each year by making advanced annual payments of 11 times the current one (1) month rate.