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Looking for a new way to promote your new and used sales and leasing specials? Then Remora's General Management suit of tools and services deserves your attention. Whether you are working to clear out old inventory or mark down a vehicle to appeal to customers in your area, this impressive feature equips you with the ability to create unique offers and specials that are sure to entice in-market shoppers.

Of course, with a tool this powerful, specialization is key. Dealers that leverage the power of General Management can optimize their unique deals and promotions via a variety of controls to ensure the message comes across crystal clear.

Maximize Your Impact with Google Ads Integration

Being able to create unique special lease and purchase offers for vehicles in your inventory is powerful. To prove this point, you need to look no further than our Google Ads API that seamlessly transforms your Vehicle Offers into engaging ads on Google's network.

So how does this seemless API integration with Google Ads work? Automagically. Your Google Ads account becomes synced with your Vehicle Offers tool, and Remora's robust software communicates your changes in real time to your live Google Ads.

Paid Search Experts

Of course, developing an API that links your current Vehicle Offers to live ad content in Google Ads is less than half of the story when it comes to the power of Remora General Management. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your paid search operations, General Management customers get up to bi-monthly web share meetings to review and tweak accounts with our team of Google Ads experts.

With Remora, you can expect straight talk from experienced experts with a focus on generating actual leads and sales. Remora's General Management Team is always excited to leverage the power of modern search tech that keeps costs reasonable and creates a dominant position in your market.

You Call the Shots with General Management

As with every product and service offered up by Remora, we make it a point to always keep you in the captain's chair and in total control from start to finish.