Why Remora?
Remora dealers win their market. We respect your time and crush the market on your behalf with minimal involvement from your staff. You've found the secret, scroll and learn about the tools that the gnarliest sharks use everyday to win online.
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Organic Search Domination

Only Remora crushes classifieds. Pretenders would like you to believe that you don't have the brand to beat Autotrader™, TrueCar™, Edmunds™, and CarGurus™. Truth is, you're a better search result than the classifieds. You sell cars, service cars, and will buy their car today. With the technical underpinnings of Remora's website software, you truly own your online market and can stop sharing your profits with the classifieds.

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Organic Search Ranking Domination
Technical SEO Advantages

Remora's dealer websites are Google's favorites. Remora is the only provider of a true seach advantage via query-string-free list pages, entirely unique page titles, and headings. Discerning dealers across the country count on websites from Remora because of the powerful technical advantages that are simply not available anywhere else.

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On-Site Technical SEO Advantage
Verified Fastest Page Load Speeds

Remora has always had the fastest-loading car dealer sites on the Internet. A simple stopwatch test proves that Remora is the only pro in a field of amateurs.

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Lock-Down Security Included

Today's digital world is full of online security threats that can be catastrophic to your dealership. Remora secures all pages with 256-bit encryption via SSL certificate, and fully encrypts all your data both at rest and in transit. If you are on some rehash of an open source CMS, like WordPress, then you may already know how important security is. Remora upholds the absolute highest standards of digital security — and keeps your website and your customer's data safe.

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Premium Security That Keeps Your Site Safe
Custom Special Offer Pages that Update Google AdWords in Real Time

Easily create and manage custom special new car offers and lease pages. These sale pages update your live Google Search Ads in real-time via Remora's AdWords API integration.

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Enterprise Organic Results Tracking

You can't manage what you can't see, and winning is everything. This is why Remora tracks, monitors, and manages thousands of commercial search terms on your behalf. The Organic Rankings report updates every two weeks automatically and tracks up to 12 competitors as well.

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Real-Time Diagnostics and Monitoring

Winning is everything, so speed always matters. We equip dealers with real-time Google PageSpeed Insights breakdowns, and we use an array of enterprise tools to constantly monitor and maintain lightning-fast load speeds and optimal performance for your web prospects under all conditions.

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Real-Time Page Speed and Diagnostics Monitoring
Reports Scheduled and Built By You, Delivered Automatically

Discerning dealers require in-depth website tracking and clear analytic reports to make accurate business decisions. With Remora, you decide how often your inventory and marketing reports are waiting in your inbox. Monthly, weekly, daily, PDF reports are automatically generated and emailed according to your specified preferences.

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Reporting Built for Your Busy Schedule
Intuitive Landing Page Builder

Remora's modular drag-and-drop page creator makes it easy to set live new promotional pages on the fly.

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Native Google Maps

Many dealer website providers recently quit using the native Google Maps service because Google started charging for access. Remora only delivers enterprise level sevices, and would never cut corners or costs at the expense of your prospect's experience. Modern web and mobile phone customers are accustomed to Google maps. Real maps make a big difference.

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In-Depth Reports Keep You in Control

Remora automatically generates and delivers inventory tracking reports, real-time web traffic scores, price drop alerts, banner/click view counts, and robust organic rank tracking. We work best with analytics-oriented dealers that stay on top of their digital domain.

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In-Depth Reports That Help You Stay in Control

Incentive Advantage

We are the best at incentives by a hundred miles. OEMs can't figure this out for some reason, and require dealership staff and manufacturer reps to waste thousands upon thousands of hours each month manually updating incentives one by one. Remora websites update your incentives flawlessly and automatically as the incentives update. Remora's rule-based system gives dealers the flexibility to set rules that in turn update incentives for the entire inventory automatically. Incentives include all national and regional offers, and can be displayed in any way imaginable on your website.

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Customizable Incentives Pages
Total Control of Payments

You choose if and how payments are displayed on your website. Shoppers update the payment calculator to match their unique situation and the entire site updates automatically for them. This has proven to be a useful sales tool as well.

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Full Control of Payment Settings
Native Blog

Leveraging the full benefits of a steady stream of unique, quality blog content to connect with local prospects and community members is a smart call for modern dealerships. With this in mind, Remora equips each and every website with a native and custom blogging platform that makes publishing timely content quick and simple.

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Exports Are Easy

Syncing your dealership's inventory data from one platform to another is a breeze with Remora, the best stewards of data in the industry.

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Data Feed Exports
User Accounts Prospects Love

Remora sites employ Google™, Twitter™, and Facebook™ OAuth to make creating website user accounts a simple one-click affair for connected shoppers. Full social media integration, price drop alerts, vehicle comparison tools, and the ability to favorite vehicles to share promotes inventory engagement and helps your online prospects feel comfortable working with you.

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Data Feed Exports
And ...

Relationships are everything at Remora. We are only interested in success, achievements, and the creation of new opportunities. No nickles and dimes here, only enterprise service, enterprise results, and plain english. Remora is attentive to every detail that you need to win, and all clients enjoy access to these valuable benefits at no additional cost:

Custom pages
Two free custom pages per month
Banners made by request
Combining multiple inventory feeds
Integration and sanitization of multiple inventory feeds

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