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It helps business. You sell more cars, it helps your service, it helps your parts, it helps your whole organization. Morale has improved, sales have increased, everything has just gotten better.

--- Greg Waitcus
Santa Fe Ford

Remora is a head and shoulders above anyone we’ve ever worked with or looked at. I recommend Remora over anyone.

--- Jesse Peterson

I don’t spend money on normal advertising anymore, which is nice. Everything we do comes from the Internet, and the majority of that comes in through our website.

--- Brian Logun
Sandy Springs Ford

Our Proven Process


First, we build a brand-new website for you in private on a development domain.


Then, we dial it in according to your specific strategy and preferences.


Once you love it, we launch it to the World, which causes increased traffic from organic search.


We deploy an Ai bot that works on your behalf to convert shoppers into tangible opportunities.


Our process works every time and we’ve delivered on our promises to hundreds of dealers.

Let's Work

Hundreds of smart dealers have transformed their companies with Remora's proprietary advantages.

Santa Fe Ford

Dealership Transformation with Remora Technology


Santa Fe Ford broke the mold in 2008 when they decided to differentiate themselves with Remora. In the teeth of a World-wide financial collapse, Santa Fe Ford was thriving.


Santa Fe Ford was a small, out of town store.


Winning organic fueled explosive growth.

Eide Motors

Eide Group Wins and Acquires More Stores


Jesse Peterson has his own production studio and makes his ads in-house. This guy is particular, and he quit shopping once he found Remora. Eide's sales processes are as immaculate as his tech, so he's been expanding his selling area by simply acquiring his competition.


Jesse was frustrated with a lack of initiative from factory program providers and a lack of tangible results from so-called "boutique" providers.


The Eide group beats the classified pariahs in organic search and Jesse’s sales have exploded. He now enjoys a permanent lead advantage and has vastly expanded his personal market area through consistent acquisitions.

Sandy Springs Ford

Dude Buys a Turn-Around Store and Sells it in 5 Years for a Mint


Brian Logun is an amazing man. He agreed to buy a failing Ford store while he turned it around, in 2008. Brian bucked every trend and turned a completely upside-down operation into a top-100 Ford dealership, in fifteen months.


He took a risk on himself. Brian agreed to buy staggering losses while he turned the company around. At that time, Sandy Springs Ford was ranked 30th of the 32 Ford dealers in and around the Atlanta market.


Brian's store became one of the most profitable dealerships in America, because he did not buy any AdWords or PPC advertising, at all, ever. In 2013 Brian successfully sold to an aggressive publically-traded dealer group, for a fortune.


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