Why Remora?

It's deeper than you think.

A funky fresh fish, the remora, is often misunderstood. Colloquially known as a sucker fish, remoras in fact have no suckers and the truth is that they are physically incapable of sucking at all. While often seen "sucking" onto sharks and whales, they actually hitch their rides by latching in. The amazing gift on the chin of every remora consists of hundreds of rows of tiny sword-like teeth which they extend to harmlessly enter the skin of their chosen chauffeur. While fully capable of swimming on their own, remoras take their long-haul trips across oceans harmoniously with majestic whales and ferocious sharks thanks to the backward pressure caused by the forward motion of these most powerful beasts. Mutually beneficial to each other, remoras keep these massive creatures clean and efficient while the remoras conserve their energy while traveling far further than they ever could on their own. Remoras are even known to ride inside the mouths of whale sharks which empirically proves the symbiotic nature of these beautiful relationships.

Here, at Remora, we represent the salt of the Earth sharks and whales across the United States of America, the brick-and-mortar car dealers that serve the all-important travel needs of their communities. For decades we have served the best technical advantages on the market for smart dealers and by refusing to defraud our treasured clients through factory-endorsements and OEM programs, we knew that like the gentle and wise remora, we would be widely misunderstood. We also understand that if you ask your factory rep about us, whose pay is directly tied to your adherence to a deeply corrupt factory program, that their response would probably sound something like this. "Remora, oh yea, they suck."

“ a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor ”



taking care of each other

We knew from the beginning that we would never sponsor a fraud against our beloved dealers, and that our value would always be better than anyone, so we chose the name Remora. It's a nod to an amazing fish that truly represents our company's core values, specifically, integrity, courage, resilience, and wisdom. A fish with integrity, that keeps it's host clean and protects it from waste and abuse. A small fish, courageous enough to embark on epic journeys across uncertain oceans, traveling far further than it could ever swim on its own. A resilient fish, that pre-dates and has outlived the dinosaurs. A wise and friendly fish with no predators, a fish that gets along with everyone and sees the World by traversing massive oceans full of prey while riding on ferocious sharks and peaceful whales.

So happens that the phonetics align as well. Re-More-Ah! Re - again, as in an advantage that keeps on giving, every day, again and again. More - as in more leads, more appointments, and more opportunities. Ah - as in Ah, sweet relief, we finally found the answer to building our brand and growing our company organically. If you are an honorable dealer that makes your money by moving metal and serves your community through great service, Remora is a fit that you can count on to come through for you again and again.