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Everyone in this room has only one or two inventory list pages representing your entire inventory. So, here's how it should be ... real list pages, that exist. See, it's not a matter of our list pages being better, it's that they exist, Google understands this, ... DD25 @ 25:52

Christian Jorn

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Remora websites are verfied to be the fastest loading and highest converting in the industry. You can count on Remora's tech advantage to ensure your shoppers convert into sales.

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Remora clients dominate the top organic search rankings for a myriad of commercial terms and phrases. In addition to crushing the classifieds in search, Remora dealers enjoy preferential treatment on Google's Maps and Google's Knowledge Graph. If your trap is set properly, more leads equals more sales; it's simple science.

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Remora is head and shoulders above anybody we've ever worked with. You know, as dealers in today's world with OEM programs to navigate, we have to evaluate a third-party site versus an OEM provided site, and you should really do your due diligence to evaluate the compensation you're getting from the OEM. Is it worth what you give up, what you lose in functionality of your site?

I would definitely recommend Remora over any website provider I've ever used, or looked at.

Jesse Peterson
Eide Motors

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