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Most Clients Achieve More Than a 30% Increase in Sales Within 90 Days

What Remora Does for Dealers.

We serve polished websites on behalf of hundreds of optimally operating car dealerships. Remora's dealers own their markets by organically ranking their on-the-ground inventory ahead of the big classifieds, OEM interests, and publicly-traded lead aggregators. This unique, trust-building tech advantage builds a defensible lead and sales edge in and around your market.

How Remora Wins.

We have dedicated over a decade to solving the unique technical challenges that brick-and-mortar car dealerships face every day. We serve pre-perfected websites, crushing SEO, and proprietary tech advantages that our dealers exploit to take more than their fair share of their respective markets. Remora serves your prospects an outstanding mobile web experience that converts, while dominating commercial organic search drives fresh shoppers. This quickly creates an actionable lead advantage and top organic rankings brands your company as the most trusted source around.

Game Changing Results.

For those of you that do not know me, I'm Christian Jorn. In 2005, I started my professional sales career at a small, salt-of-the-earth Ford store in Central Florida. At Santa Fe Ford, I built a solid work ethic. I grew, and I learned how important accountability is when working with a team. I became a man, I achieved my goals, and I became financially free.

santa fe business card

During my journey through Santa Fe Ford, I operated and trained our business development team. With three full-time BDRs and me, we boiled hard and stacked profits until late 2007 when our entire special finance department train wrecked. All the banks had stopped buying.

Previously, at the University of Florida, I applied myself to computer science and had dabbled with SEO on my own. Years later, I found myself facing an empty sales pipeline due to the Worldwide financial crash. It dawned on me that SEO could solve our problem. After an exhaustive search, we hired the only major provider that was selling me on the proper deliverables that I knew must be completed to build organic rankings. I bit, we hired them.


Santa Fe Ford was a small dealership struggling to sell 80 cars a month.

santa fe old building santa fe old building

The reality of their product left us disappointed. There were endless excuses, zero tangible results, and, quite surprisingly, a complete void of tech expertise at the company. After about six months of frustration, I came to realize that they would never actually do the work that was promised, the work that would be required to rank our store organically in Gainesville. I decided that I wasn’t going to struggle because of some snarky dot com. This is my life, and these are my employees on the line. I did it myself. I built my first car dealer website, launched it for Santa Fe Ford, and the rest is history.

The new site paid off and lives were changed from the impact that was made. In a retracted recession, with all the money frozen up, our sleepy little 80 car store started selling 150 within a few months.

stars for quotes

“It helps business. You sell more cars, it helps your service department, it helps your parts department, it helps your whole organization. Traffic has increased, sales have increased, everything has gotten better.”

Greg Waitcus, Santa Fe Ford

#1 Achieved

used car gainseville used car gainesville


Dominating organic search for more than a decade has fueled explosive growth.

santa fe new building santa fe new building

After changing my life, and feeling the rush of winning firsthand, I came to understand the raw power that organic search has over the success of dealerships. My new mission became completing the product that was already working so well for Santa Fe Ford, and then getting the finished solution into the hands of as many tech-savvy dealers as possible. Now I lead a company that builds, refines, and serves pre-perfected, top-of-the-line car dealer websites and winning tech to hundreds of top performing dealers.

EIDE Chrysler Crushes the Classifieds and Achieves a 521% Increase in Organic Search

Eide Ford Analytics
Eide Ford Analytics
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“Remora is head and shoulders above anyone we’ve ever worked with. I recommend Remora over any website provider I’ve ever used or looked at.”

Jesse Peterson, Eide Motors


Jesse was frustrated with a lack of tangible results from factory programs. He knew he was getting crushed by the classifieds in organic search and his concerns were being ignored.


Remora helped the Eide group beat the classifieds in organic and Jesse’s sales exploded. Now his active shoppers from organic have increased by more than 500% and Jesse has expandeded his selling range by purchasing more stores.

Brian Logun Buys a Loss-Making Store
Sells Within 5 Years for $48,000,000

Sandy Springs Ford Analytics
Sandy Springs Ford Analytics

Ford Atlanta Analytics
Ford Atlanta Analytics
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“I don’t spend money on normal advertising anymore, which is nice. Pretty much everything we do comes from the internet, and the majority of that comes through our website.”

Brian Logun, Sandy Springs Ford


Brian took a risk. He agreed to buy half the store for half of the losses while he worked to turn it around. In 2008, Sandy Springs Ford was 30th out of the 32 Ford dealers competing in the Atlanta market.


Within 9 months, Sandy Springs Ford became the #1 dealer in Atlanta. Brian did not use any Adwords or PPC advertising at all, ever. After 15 more months of dominating the Atlanta market in organic search, Sandy Springs Ford became a top 100 Ford dealer in the country. In 2013 Brian sold the store for a tidy $48 million.

Small Independent Dealer Crushes Concord and Achieves a 317% Increase in Organic Search

Tim's Trucks Analytics
Tim's Trucks Analytics


Tim’s was a small used lot focused on clean late model trucks in and around Concord, NH. Located in a challenging and competitive environment, Tim’s is surrounded by well capitalized car dealers who are always running heavy advertising throughout every channel imaginable, seemingly everywhere.


Once Tim’s actual trucks started outranking the classified behemoths and the franchised dealerships in organic search, the tech advantage changed the math. Winning critical commercial search terms drives a constant flood of fresh leads, due to this, their sales have exploded.

Taylor Auto Family Dominates Toledo and Achieves a 617% Increase in Organic Search

Taylor Automotive Analytics
Taylor Automotive Analytics


Disgusted with the way they were represented online and disappointed with the trickle of leads generated from their group site, Taylor Family was seeking a way to brand themselves as online leaders. Their problem was figuring out how to serve online shoppers a reasonable experience while still complying with unhelpful factory shenanigans across five different locations.


Taylor Family launched a pre-perfected Mako site, the best car dealer website on Earth, and now their inventory ranks organically ahead of every scummy pickpocket in the industry. Taylor Auto’s drastic increase in leads and sales have been due to increased organic search traffic combined with Remora's flawless auto dealer website conversion tech. Deploying the best auto dealer website has been life-changing for Taylor Automotive Family.

The Best Car Dealer Websites

Is This for Me?

If your main focus is keeping a trained sales team working at full capacity, you are in the right place, this is how you do it.

If you demand tangible results from every dollar, or if you are worried about getting screwed by another promise that falls flat, stick around.

If you suspect that your advertising budget has gone to prop up a factory profit center that misrepresents the facts and pockets the difference, then stick around, this is for you.

If you are sick of wasting mental bandwidth and burning money on big promises that fall flat, stick around; there is a simple solution.

If you suspect that the whole SEO game is a bunch of crap and that it shouldn’t take four months, let alone four years, to see the results, you are not alone, stick around.

If you’ve already tried everything and can’t seem to flood your floor with test drives no matter what you do, this is what you’ve been searching for.

If you hate excuses and simply demand more than your fair share, then congratulations, your life is about to get a lot easier.

Enterprise Tech Makes Leads.

Metal, Gone.

Building lead advantages with SEO, explained.

Fire the brain damage. This gift you give yourself keeps you focused on selling cars and training your team while our flawless tech crushes search on your behalf. We stay vigilant in serving your online shoppers a perfected shopping experience that turn interests into sales.

Remora's winning tech builds a sizable lead advantage in your market by dominating the top spots of valuable organic search and map results. This unique edge leads to being the first chance to sell active car shoppers in and around your area. Optimal operators quietly dominate their market in organic search and often spend little or no money on AdWords. The for-profit factory programs hamstring dealers that abide, which means your OEM is unwittingly hard at work creating a vibrant opportunity for the handful of stores that differentiate themselves with tech.

The business that winning organic search brings to your store is what makes it worth the effort. An ever-flowing treasure trove of fresh new opportunities is the day-to-day reality for Remora dealers that beat the classifieds in organic search for the most critical key terms and phrases.

Win Your War.

Explosive growth is the expected outcome for dealers that win commercial search. Fiercely fought over organic key terms and phrases have always been dominated by the craftiest optimizers in the World. Winning for the World's top money terms, like "payday loans," is worth thousands of dollars for every minute at #1. Every day, every second, on every search phrase with significant commercial intent, SEO is a technical War.

Dealers are mired in an extremely competitive organic search predicament of their own. Massive conglomerates work hard to steal every searcher that your tech ignores. Enormous fortunes have been built on the backs of stolen traffic from your backyard due to neglectful and dated dealership website tech. Crushing TrueCar, CarGurus, AutoTrader, Carscom, and OEM interests in organic search changes the game. Consumers trust the #1 Google results way more than they should. Take advantage. Dealers that win benefit from the trust that comes from being #1 in Google and build a massive pipeline bursting with fresh opportunities to sell.

Every minute, search is a War.

As a growing dealer, you must ask yourself, “Who is fighting for me? Am I winning my war every day, or am I accepting everyday excuses?

Who's fighting on my behalf?

If you answered, “Me, it's me! I represent our SEO efforts,” then you have lost already. An elite team is required to properly crush Autotrader, TrueCar, CarGurus, JD Power, Carscom, AutoBytel, and other online entities that insert themselves into your market by dominating nearly all of the buying-intent search phrases that would otherwise drive local business directly into your store.

If you said, “my factory does SEO for me,” then you have clearly lost already. When did your factory get into the business of SEO?

stars for quotes

“OEM program providers do not attempt to compete with search tech that eviscerates your market. Tangible marketing advantages among 'their' dealers are entirely incompatible with factory programs.”

Christian Jorn, Remora Inc

Your factory’s digital service providers bid zero to service OEM programs.

Let that sink in.

They bid zero.

Because all "successful" bids are held to zero, approved providers are also required to literally insure your OEM's program.

Let that all sink in.

This means that the companies that your factory represents are actually sponsors that are purchasing an advertisement. These sponsorships are not an endorsement of the the quality of the provider, the underlying tech, or the company at all. Optimal operators that understand this stark reality differentiate themselves and evicerate their market by crushing their competitors and the classified pariahs with Remora.

stars for quotes

“The program is a profit center for the factory, that's why.”

- Scott Cohen, Senior Manager, Marketing at FCA

The Winning Formula.

We know that the classifieds and lead aggregators are more than happy to soak up your untapped search market and sell it back to you at a nifty profit. Typically, dealers are not aware they are getting crushed by these huge conglomerates in local organic search. This dearth of responsible tech in the car business means that Remora’s tech edge can make your store the only result that actually matters to online shoppers.

I.e., you can buy their car from them today, and sell them one.

Brick-and-mortar automotive dealerships have what Google’s shopping consumers want, and what none of those classified pariahs can deliver: Cars. You buy cars. You sell cars, and you help people with their personal travel needs. You solve sticky financing situations and shoppers can walk into your store, buy a car, sell you theirs, and get a loan for the difference. What lead aggregator or classified service serves the travel needs of your community?

They are the affiliates, you are the source. You have the goods. Google wants to list your inventory first for their car shoppers. Yes! Google would rather rank your dealership ahead of any and all affiliates because Google really hates affiliates for a very sensible reason. Any affiliate is in direct competition with Google, the World’s largest affiliate.

There is a catch for Google, though, and it is that they must automatically rank something for every search their users can dream up. Otherwise, it would seem that Google is broken. Classifieds and lead aggregators (both affiliates), take full advantage of the fact that nearly all car dealers are inept when it comes to their website's tech and organic perfomance.

Winning in organic changes the math on the value of your company. Your cars are perfectly aligned for Google’s car shoppers and nearly all dealers are asleep to this while they passively concede the richest source of local online buyers to classifieds and lead aggregators.

Winning on the myriad of buying-intent search terms that are typically covered up by enormous behemoths changes the game. The wool-first, sponsorship-based, factory marketing scams create a perfect launching pad for dealers that differentiate themselves by deploying our tech.

Winning clearly changes the math on the value of your store, and an outstanding SEO expert can create tons of new business right now. Problem is, where do you find them? And when you do, how much of your business are you going to have to offer to get their attention? The best optimizers in the World are never looking for work, we are rich already. Another problem: Few people know who the top organic crushers even are outside of a few tiny circles that rarely commingle.

Proven SEO, a Rare Bird.

motorcars website motorcars website

The Unadulterated Truth.

It is possible to crush your market in organic search if you have the right information, the right technology, and if you follow the proper steps in their proper order. It may seem cost prohibitive or even impossible to compete, let alone consistently win in search against the biggest classifieds, OEM interests, and publicly-traded lead aggregators. Most dealers do not understand what is required to succeed in search and end up wasting lots of time, effort, and money.

Can I Do This Myself?

Yes you can. You can corner your market and convert your local online shoppers into actionable appointments, calls, and foot traffic all by yourself. To build a defensible and tangible advantage in search, your factory's heap of garbage is no help. We are talking about creating real and lasting success by building a dominant market position. Think about it. What actual role could any factory rep have in anything that would result in a ridiculous lead advantage for your store alone?

Regardless if you choose to do this on your own or not, once your tech stack is perfect and winning, you’ll have differentiated your store, eliminated waste, and you’ll have built a steady and reliable source of fresh leads.

How do I do it?

Achieving search domination on your own will start with finding and hiring top tier experts in several highly sought after technology fields. You’ll need an amazing software engineer that can write from scratch, a talented web developer, a great designer, a couple of dedicated system admins, and a proven SEO expert with a great plan. For consistent shopper experiences, fast page loads, and 99% up-time, you’ll need to deploy your newly built dealer website software from an established worldwide content distribution network. This way your shoppers will be served the fastest and most reliable web experience on Earth, regardless of their device or connection speed.

Consider This.

Building a database-driven website platform that outranks your competitors, lead aggregators, and the giant classifieds while gracefully integrating with your dealership management systems will take years.

If you are an optimal operator that demands more than your share right now, then you are always seeking growth and winning in organic search is not a desire, it's a need. We are the only company dedicated to solving the organic optimization needs of high-performing dealerships that simply must win.

To Do It Yourself.

You can take a page from the experts that are winning right now in the toughest spots of the web, reverse engineer their techniques, and learn from what they are doing. However, that will not be enough; these international money printing campaigns on the highest-return terms of the web are important to understand, but most of their techniques don't translate to the nuanced challenges faced by brick-and-mortar dealers seeking to influence shoppers online.

Onsite and offsite search ranking results. Google LLC US Patent US8843477B1

google patent google patent

Understanding the underpinnings of search engines will be critical for cutting through the noise. You’ll want to dive right in on Google’s developer docs and patents. Google has an insatiable need to own everything, and U.S. patents become stronger the more clearly the invention is described in their publicly published and issued patents. This means that Google publishes and consistently makes updates the blueprints of their search engine invention public. For eager optimizers, start with these two insightful and regularly updated Google patents: Onsite and offsite search ranking results and Using structured data for search result deduplication.

Understanding the core concepts detailed in these and many other important patent publications are key to gaining a clear understanding of how Google organizes search results in the way that they do.

Now that you’ve achieved a deep understanding of the inner workings of search, you’ll want to juxtapose this newfound knowledge from the patents with what you’ve learned by reverse engineering the techniques of the World's best optimizers that are winning now.

Are You the SEO Too?

Certainly your plan requires you to be confident in what you now know. If you are not going to be the SEO, “critical” is the word you’ll use when describing the optimizer tasked with the success of your project.

If the SEO won’t be you, your optimizer will need to be the first hire you make as everything will be built to fit into tight requirements according to your chosen optimizer’s plan.

Proven and trustworthy SEOs are notoriously difficult to entice, they have the most difficult aspect of the World Wide Web solved already. Shorthand: We are already super rich. Turns out, making enormous piles of money is actually a simple matter once you are able to place your interests first for shoppers that are using phrases with clear commercial intent.

I could hire a consultant.

When seeking legitimate SEO help, consulting can be a viable option. Fees are extraordinary. Good consultants typically help with the planning phase only, leaving you to do all, or nearly all, of the required software build-outs and ongoing implementations. Since search companies are constantly making updates, be ready for on-going consulting that will be needed over the years. You cannot just build this and forget it; your tech team is here to stay. All of the software engineers, graphic designers, and web developers are long-term hires.

It’s worth it for the results that come from winning organic search. If you want the SEO pro to stay on too, be ready for a mega compensation package that starting in the $300-800k range.

Some SEO pros will consider equity in your dealership if your books are tight, so that could be an option if you do not feel comfortable making the grand plan and managing the developers yourself. Building this software will be a big risk, it will take many revisions over years, and, of course, it never ends.

So, yes, you can do all this on your own. You’ll need to invest $3,000,000+ in expert software developers and prepare to devote several years of your daily management time. Assuming everything goes perfectly, and you've kept up with ongoing algorithmic changes throughout the process, you’ll have built a defensible online edge that crushes organic search results for your store.

Assembling Your Team.

To do this yourself, one designer should be enough, but one systems engineer is not. This is your tree's trunk, this is how you will be represented to the World. What if something happens? With two reliable systems engineers on staff, you can expect to maintain around 97% uptime over the long haul. System admin redundancy will be needed to handle common problems that crop up with factory incentives, feeds, CRM lead parsing, and your existing merchandising systems. So before you launch your software into production, you will want to find and hire at least a few great system admins for redunancy.

Hire well; This is going to take talented and trustworthy experts to pull off. The end result of several years of your management time will need to result in finished software that is strong enough to consistently beat the classifieds, lead aggregators, untoward factory interests, and all dealers to be worth the investment. This is a massive undertaking.

Ok, let’s back up. You can do this. You can make a plan, and you can hire great experts to do all of the heavy lifting. Leaving redundancy considerations out for the first couple of years while you build this out, you’ll only need one graphic designer, one front-end coder with great JavaScript, one software engineer, one solid systems admin, and you, the SEO.

5 experts can build this out in 3 years. Salary expectations are between $85k and $300k/yr+++

All you’ll need to do is dedicate yourself for the next several years to solving the Rubik’s Cube of car dealer SEO, and then build a better tech infrastructure than CarGurus, TrueCar, and Autotrader for organically ranking cars. After you’ve built a great team and spent several years entrenched in project management and software development, assuming your SEO research and planning was correct and has stayed current throughout the process, you’ll have created an insanely valuable tech advantage that you can hold over all of your competing dealers. This will make you rich, or much, much richer, and you’ll have achieved all this success by yourself.

If you don't want to spend the extra years of management time, and extra millions of dollars to make a crazy bet on a long shot, there is a reliable shortcut. Hire Remora and stay focused on selling car while our tech eviscerates your market.

Now That You Are The Expert.

With a clear understanding of the techniques behind the most elite optimizers in the World, you are now ready to formulate a plan that will consider the unique database-driven requirements of your dealership and inventory. Your finished software must consistently rank your on-the-ground cars organically ahead of the biggest classifieds, publicly-traded lead aggregators, and your straight-ahead dealer competitors for all of this to ultimately be worth the effort and expense.

Ok, this is going to be quite a plan. It’s certainly dangerous experimenting with your own company where going a little bit sideways can have a devastating impact on your business. You may want to prove your plan first by deploying your creation on your smallest dealership first.

You can certainly shortcut the whole learning and planning phase by hiring an expert optimizer to build out a detailed plan for you. If you plan on doing this inhouse, we strongly suggest that you still learn how to do it yourself. These hires will be an enormous risk.

If you contract an optimizer, how will you evaluate them?

Google makes hundreds of algorithm changes each year. Being tied to an expensive expert while not understanding the underlying tech that is responsible for tangible results will make future decisions and required revisions nearly impossible. More downsides of being in the dark about the tech will show up through lazy, insufficient, and misguided early planning from the optimizer. This kills your project before it ever begins. You are in the software business now baby! It’s vitally important that you know all of the details of effective search optimization in your database-driven environment.

This worthy undertaking will require an expert team of elite coders, or your pre-existing expertise of low-level systems code, front- and back-end code and scripting languages, digital graphic design and creation, project management, systems administration, and management of Worldwide content distribution networks. Many dealerships do not have these skill sets readily available. It’s ok, you can do it with a small team. Of course, gathering the team will only be the start. You’ll need to actually build this crazy train to realize any benefits from your newfound knowledge of how to rank your cars first.

SEO Is Science, Top Tech Wins.

When you understand how critical your findability in organic search is, you’ll realize that this is actually the heart-beat of your advertising efforts, and that your overall success is fueled by your organic placement in search engines. For optimal operators, only the best will do.

Can You Explain the Game?

Yes. It starts with summarizing a few of the more fringe Google patents. Modern-day Google relies heavily on the Chrome browser for input. Chrome passes anonymized user behavior back to Google in near real-time for analysis. There is a privacy setting for this in Chrome and it is checked on by default when you first install Chrome. Google values website behavior data highly and uses a dark UI to ensure it stays enabled.

This infrastructure means that Google can always see and understand what users do on every website in the world with or without Google Analytics. Google anonymizes and uses this user behavior data as an indicator of each user’s satisfaction with the organic search results they were provided. The holy grail of feedback for search engines is actually knowing what the users did after they click on a #1, #2, #3, ... listing for each phrase that they search.

Today, Google Chrome is the most used browser in the World. This means that Google has a perfect feedback loop in place at all times, and always knows everything about your company’s tech stack, your website users, their behavior, and, generally, their satisfaction. Google understands what your users do when they are on your site and they keep a map of the experience that your entity provides to online shoppers. Google is particularly interested in the user experience that you provide on mobile phones and they reward sites that make users happy with preferential treatment (top rankings) for valuable organic search terms. This constant feedback loop actually represents a profitable opportunity for brick-and-mortar car dealers that differentiate themselves with Remora's tech.

The Science of SEO Is Known.

The most critical factors involved in ranking sites are rarely at dispute by the larger SEO community. There are many well-known quality markers that Google uses to score your company, and thereby your treatment in search results. These undisputed factors are either helping or hurting your findability in search at all times.

One best practice of top ranking automotive dealers is that they serve an outstanding mobile experience with fast-loading assets and pages across all devices. Google has always rewarded site speed and device flexibility. This is one of the reasons it is so important to serve quick pages via a lightweight codebase with absolutely no bloat. Unique meta data throughout the site and clean schema markup are important practices of top performing database-driven sites as well. These markers are clear signs to Google that your site was built professionally and specifically for your use case in your industry, and for your dealership.

Is This For Me?

We are perfect for optimal operators that are sick of worthless promises and excuses from their car dealer website and automotive SEO providers. If you are ready for an overwhelming sales advantage from dominating your market with winning technology, then you are in the right place.

Hundreds of top performing car dealerships use our proprietary tech to build a lead advantage that keeps their pipeline bursting. Crushing organic search changes the math and is easier to achieve than you think.

Luxury Dealer Grows 259% in Organic Search by Crushing Atlanta

Motorcars Analytics
Motorcars Analytics


A medium-sized, single rooftop luxury group with outstanding operators. Frustrated with consistent brain damage from previous providers, Motor Cars of Atlanta chose to go enterprise with Remora.


Crushing the Atlanta market in search has exploded their new car and luxury used car business. Now MCOA is a regional mega power that dominates the luxury car market across the southeast.

Toothman Ford Increases 317% from Organic Search and Buys Two Competitors

Toothman Ford Analytics
Toothman Ford Analytics


Small Ford dealer in WV with a difficult geographical situation. In the middle of nowhere surrounded by three medium-sized markets with their own Ford dealerships.


After more than a decade of quietly dominating organic search in all three nearby markets, Toothman has started purchasing his Ford dealership competitors. So far, he's bought two of them.

Diehl Auto Group Increases 317% from Organic and Crushes Pittsburgh

Diehl Automotive Analytics
Diehl Automotive Analytics


Excellent operators of a 5 store group with an unhelpful factory group site. Matthew Diehl was frustrated with a lackluster effort and performance on one of his primary assets.


Having sidestepped hundreds of pounds of factory brain damage, the Diehl family of dealers directs shoppers to his group site that represents his company well by serving a fantastic shopping experience on all devices.

In Sum.

We are passionate about dealers, Christian cut his teeth in the business, and Remora’s team of experts is a living embodiment of our passion for the automotive industry. From the top down, every team member respects the difficult work that you do every day and we recognize your stores as the salt-of-the-earth companies that car dealerships truly are. Remora’s brass, development, and support team know how important your services are to the personal travel needs of every community. We understand the opportunities that you offer your community, and we respect your time and mindset.

How We Work.

Remora is honest tech, realized. We make leads and car deals.

We listen, and we understand.

We pay attention to your details.

We care, and when we give our word, it’s good.

We win. Remora crushes the key search phrases that matter.

What Happens.

You keep your sales team busy with actionable opportunities to sell.

You grow your BDC as big as you want, and you keep it humming with fresh shoppers.

You're able to let go of FOMO, you are missing out now.

You crush your market in search by beating the classifieds and your competitors.

You fire your trashy vendors that make big promises, but can’t deliver.

You forget about tech-induced brain damage.

You forget about foggy excuses and the blame game.

You forget about low lead counts.

You stop trying to cover up pitiful website tech with more paid advertising.

You feel empowered; you're representing your dealership in a manner that respects your online prospects and customers.

You relax, because you know that you have proven experts working on your behalf.

You feel emboldened because you have a defensible lead advantage in your market.

You feel proud everytime you see your sales team hustling around with more leads than they know what to do with.

You're excited everytime you find yourself hiring again for more floor coverage.

You feel motivated; your work life is easier and you are making giant piles of fresh leads everyday from the web.

You feel cared for, because every change, every meeting, and every report reminds you that you work with trustworthy experts that care.

Move-In to Value Town.

Before, when you wanted to build a defensible search advantage, you would have to take a dangerous leap of faith by putting your site in the hands of rote amateurs that don’t respect you, or worse, your OEM’s hands. But now, you can use Remora’s tech to achieve your goals without the brain damage.

If you wanted to do this job done on your own, it would cost you several years of project management time, and at least $3,000,000 of high risk investment in engineer and tech salaries. Remember, the end result of all of this effort and expense must be crushing organic search by beating the most established giants. Otherwise, it won't be worth it.

Great news! We charge less than 1/1,000th of what it would cost to build this on your own. Hiring Remora to deploy our pre-perfected, pre-proven tech on your behalf is far less risky than attempting this on your own.

Time is of the Essence.

Our best clients are on the “now” plan, just like we are. Instead of risking millions, we are offering this to you for less than 1/1,000th of the total value! To incentivize you to act soon, you're on the clock. For the next 72 hours, we are offering a free website and SEO strategy report and a 45-minute search guidance call worth over $1,000!

All you need to do is schedule a meeting.

stars for quotes

“Effective SEO makes new opportunities to sell cars now and drastically increases the value of your company.”

- Christian Jorn, CEO, Remora

It may seem like a big ordeal, especially if you've ever lived through a disastrous handover between rote amateurs. We take care of the complicated matters involved in upgrading your website and we do this all the time. You keep your preferred CRM and inventory systems. This means that you manage your sales pipeline and inventory in the same exact way after we upgrade you. The most noticeable difference will be more leads and opportunities to sell cars than you'll know what to do with.

They should. For more than ten years, Christian has been teaching the industry about Remora's tech at every imaginable conference and still no one has tried. If anyone has tried, they failed because we haven’t noticed anyone new in the sandbox, ever. Beating giant classifieds in search is difficult. Cut-rate, and program providers lose to everyone and can't materially compete with Remora.

Meet with us. Decide for yourself.

They'll pay you the stairstep money. They'll ask you what you did to become the top dealer in your market. And they’ll probably tell you that Remora sucks.

Make a quote, and show them what you can eliminate and what there is to gain from winning in search.

Maybe the juiciest use of Remora tech is to reach into a bigger market. Santa Fe Ford, Christian’s alma mater, is a short drive from medium-sized Gainesville, FL. While a 30% improvement for a store in a dense metro creates a massive increase in volume, crafty out-of-town stores that are Winning in search can often double (and sometimes even triple) in size.

Santa Fe Old New building Santa Fe Old New building

Dominating metros in search often results in a rapid acquisition of your store. If you’re not to be acquired, dominating a metro in organic search prints money.

A single rooftop serving a rural part of PA, Kightlinger Ford Chevy Buick GMC is located in the middle of a national forest. An old Remora vet, Kightlinger has been growing by beating the classifieds in search for nearly a decade. Taking their fair share back from the pariahs of the web means that they don’t have to worry about other dealers, because they don’t even exist.

Kightlinger forest map image Kightlinger forest map image

We take a holistic approach to your unique situation and face your technical challenges head on. The focus of our proprietary tech advantage is crushing your classified competitors. The care and craftsmanship that it takes to beat these giants of the web clearly spills over and creates more than enough authority to uproot any car dealer competitor.

Yes, but you won’t get rich, so why do it? Our tech will make a giant pile of fresh leads no matter how you operate, but if you’re showing disrespect to prospects, bouncing them of your lot, and sowing a bad reputation in your community, it’ll be a waste.

Yes, we can work around it. If your factory’s shenanigans are making it difficult to get ownership of your domain, this argument back from dealer owners has worked well over the years: “I own my building.” That’s the whole argument.

If this common sense approach with your OEM is not getting you anywhere, I suggest litigation. However, there is a solution that does not involve a protracted fight with your factory. Google has clearly defined a change of address process that we perform perfectly on your behalf. This works to preserve your findability in search throughout the change of address process and, while sub-optimal, the end result includes you owning your real estate, your domain.

If you sell cars, and drive business from the web, you are in competition with Autotrader, TrueCar, CarGurus, AutoWeb, Carscom, and shady OEM interests whether you like it or not. Usurping these giants may seem impossible, but we do it every day for optimal operators.

Fact is, your factory only accepts zero bids from “digital” providers. OEMs also require these vendors to insure the factory program at their own expense. This works great for factories who absolve themselves of any hard cooperative advertising expenditures. It works great for wet behind the ears startups who are seeking a sponsorship to buy that might also help them raise money. These digital scams are typically betting they can sell their loss-making hot potato with their factory stamp. The real sucker in this deal is you, the dealer who gets fooled into thinking that factory providers are endorsed based on merit. The truth is, your factory is attacking your advertising budget through gagged patsies.

Remora is dominating with proprietary software advantages that can’t be easily replicated. We take advantage of the constantly updating content that you already produce every day. It’s your well-merchandised inventory, and it’s what your web users actually want. If you spend $4,000 a month with an SEO that makes worthless pages on your website, a year and $48,000 later, they are still worthless. You're in the business, so you already know this. Grossly overpaying for worthless trash doesn’t magically change the ACV. Car dealer SEO is dominated by tech excellence, not writers.

Often dealers that engage with us lower their costs by firing overpriced and overhyped website and SEO providers. Once our tech has been deployed, many dealers drastically reduce or even eliminate their paid search and PPC spends because of the overwhelming increase in more valuable traffic from active organic shoppers.

No surprises. We take great pride in serving you with transparent processes and transparent pricing. Build a quote for your store, and meet with a Remora team member to discuss your options and dial in your specific deal and discounts.

A single point person will be designated by you to be our main point of contact (POC) with your store. We deliver your POC a clear welcome kit with a list-based request for what we will need to integrate with your business management systems.

Expert phone and email support is included in all Remora services and all change requests are free. We respect your time and mental state. For this reason, we seek to minimize your involvement with your website.

Now that you’ve found the answer, you’ll soon be silently thanking your factory for their robust wool eye cover operations. The fact that so few dealerships ever break free from their rep creates the rich soil for you to grow your fortunes in. What we do beats the classified pariahs, we don’t see factory-aligned websites or “SEO” providers as competition. Our quest to crush the behemoths of the web creates more than enough authority for our clients to dominate their dealership competitors on every commercial term imaginable.

They aren’t us.

It’s like my grandpappy told my pappy, and my pappy told me: “Wantin’, ain't gettin.”

Why don’t you give trucks away? You don’t?! It’s because it would be bad for business. Remora’s tech is real. For this reason we don’t fit into your OEM's for-profit, sponsored program scams. We work hard to create a real-world lead advantage for our family of dealers. We have co-created this with dealers for over a decade and have expertly refined the platform into perfection. We built this from scratch to be a turn-key lead machine for salt-of-the-earth dealerships. It’s not for your factory, it’s for you.

Metal, gone. Assuming your trap is well set, measure us on sales. You’ll know it’s working because you’ll be hiring new sales to cover the floor and you’ll be scrambling to buy up every piece of inventory you can find.

No long-term contracts, we earn our money. Monthly clients commit to a three-month initial term, and then month-to-month after. We offer an additional 10% discount for dealers that choose to pay a year in advance. Most of our clients are clients for life, and many choose to pay yearly to bank the extra 10% win.

With ease, grace, and sometimes, a little swagger. Just like those classified pariahs, our system is built to connect Google’s car shoppers with your real cars on the ground. Unlike the classifieds, your entity sells cars, you buy cars, you help people with financing, and you serve the real life personal travel needs of your community.

Those pariahs are just affiliates, and Google laughs when they burn affiliates to the ground. Affiliates encroach on Google’s main business of keeping the pole position of World’s largest affiliate by a hundred miles. This means that in Google’s eyes, you are a much better result to serve their active car shoppers. The classifieds beat you because their tech is better than yours, and our tech is better than theirs. For this exact reason, we Win.

Smart and comprehensive. Intelligent business decisions that lead to great success start with rock-solid data sets and end with perfect communication among your team of experts. Remora’s reports are focused on actionable data that build the underpinnings of great decisions and are directly applicable to your business, the business of bursting open your managed pipelines. Remora clients often alter their strategy once they have more leads than they know what to do with. Meant for guidance through growth, Remora’s family of dealers self-schedule reports to generate and send to unlimited parties daily, weekly, or monthly, on specifically these data-based insights:

Inventory Temperature – Scientific heat checks for every car on your lot. Ever had two prospects come in for a car you just took a skinny deal on and wish you had held your ground with the nit? Mako heat reports put the facts of the matter on your side when considering letting a nice piece go to another “too high.”

Always know exactly how many times online shoppers have perused each vehicle, exactly how many site shoppers have requested price drop alerts, and how many have selected a vehicle as a favorite. We make it dirt simple for you to make rapid decisions by tying all buyer intent data together, juxtapose it with days in stock, and then run it through a proprietary algorithm that pits your inventory against itself to deliver a simple heat score.

This way, you’ll quickly know exactly which piece of ice-cold inventory to move the “too high” to, and you’ll have the cherry pieces ready when reasonable shoppers come in a couple days later to pay all the money for them.

Web Traffic Quality – Most dealers have robust advertising and marketing strategies that drive traffic to their website from many different sources. The data underpinning all Mako reports is fed from your own GA through Google’s API. We sort out this complicated mess of data with a proprietary algorithm that scores each traffic source based on what users are doing when they land on your site.

Calculating differences between each source of traffic and every referring site, we measure and consider conversions, time on site, number of pages visited, and bounce rates. Each source of traffic is pitted against each other to generate a Quality Score that is easy to understand and make decisions with. Remember, this scoring algorithm does not consider the volume of traffic from each source as this report is meant to reveal strength or weakness for each source of incoming traffic based purely on merit, not volume.

Site Health – It matters to your users, it matters to Google, and it matters to you. Site speed and loading your inventory quickly under all conditions with all devices is mission critical. Mako site health reports automatically monitor your site’s speed via GTmetrix and YSlow, the two most respected analyzers that are capable of measuring sites with the complexity required to serve the database-driven needs of a dealer site.

As often as you’d like. All reports utilize proprietary algorithms co-created with dealer clients and expertly crafted by Remora. After many years of refinement and optimizations, dealers love our automated reporting. View live reports in the portal, and you can self-schedule automatically generated reports to be emailed to yourself and company accounts, and unlimited third parties may receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports according to your exact preferences.

Yes. You are welcome to build perfectly optimized pages ad infinitum. You can do it or your agency can do it for you. All pages may be worked on in private and then launched when ready, or automatically according to a preplanned schedule.

You may build unlimited pages on your own for free. When crafting a single event page, or a massive roll out, you build with confidence knowing that your pages are automatically optimized and built to rank with authority in organic search.

Yes. Please be ready to discuss your overarching vision and requirements for the page, and be prepared to provide all relevant graphics, videos, data, content, and any other assets that you have to support the page.

With ease. Mako sites deliver granular settings for management of your team members' access to your important business systems. This keeps you in control and your team relaxed and focused on work. Groups can provide individual member access to specific domains on a case-by-case basis. Team members and management with access to multiple locations use a friendly dropdown to move between domains.

Specific permissions within each domain are easily toggled on and off by management in control of each member of the team. You keep complete control over who edits incentives, default payment settings, special offers, service coupons, and every critical facet of your online business.

Adding and removing team members and managing member access is easy and your team page edits are instantly live on the web.

We take great care and pride in supporting your site. Send bulk requests, or small changes, to [email protected] for prompt team page updates. Our keys to the kingdom are your keys. If you’d like, you can make updates yourself and your site will update instantly. Whether you need to change info on an existing team member that was just promoted, add a new smile to the team, or if a used-to-work-here won’t be hired within a thousand miles of your store, instant team page updates are a simple matter in your Remora portal.

Yes, Mako sites can automatically generate a unique page for your whole team. These pages rank in organic search for your team members' names due to increased domain authority stemming from Remora tech. All updates to team members in your portal are instantly live on the web, and fired team member pages are automatically redirected.

Personalization options for your team include multiple phone numbers, email addresses, biographies, social media links, and any content your sales pros want to share. These individual team member pages provide a direct line for your website shoppers to start a conversation with a particular sales pro. This direct connection makes new leads for your managed pipeline and removes friction by ensuring that your prospects can always choose the sales pro they will feel most comfortable working with.

Yes. Reel makes it easy for you to control everything imaginable regarding factory and custom dealer incentives programs. Set specific conditions, incorporate unique disclaimers, and prevent overlap with our filter-based exclusions. Overrides for specialty and allocated inventory are accounted for and we work tightly with you to dial in your vehicle pricing displays to fit your unique strategy.

Of course. Your Mako site provides you with the ability to display custom factory offers regardless of whether or not you currently have qualifying vehicles in stock. There are a myriad of ways to customize these factory offers to seamlessly integrate with your dealership's unique advertising and sales strategy.

Thanks to the power of Siren Incentives, hands-free, automated, and always-on updates are your new normal. All regional and local factory offers are included. Pricing updates instantly on your Mako site as soon as we receive the new data sets. Expertly powered by ChromeData, sites typically update the same day that OEM offers do.

Yes. Mako allows for customized sidebars that are quickly created and easily updated. Sidebars can include custom car carousels, coupons, positive reviews, department hours, maps, custom calls to action, and anything you can dream up.

Yes. We approach this from several different angles to ensure that your social proof from your happy customers is proudly displayed on the web. Mako sites easily integrate established reviews from Edmunds, Carscom, Google, Facebook, DealerRater, Trustpilot, and even Yelp. Built directly in from get, our review tool cultivates positive reviews on your chosen platforms and sends unsatisfied customers to your team for a resolution before a negative review is ever left on the web. This way, you can manage potential reputation problems in a proactive way that keeps you in control.

It's easy. All of your reviews can be found in your portal. New reviews that you have yet to approve stay pending and never go live without you. Submissions that have already been given your seal of approval can be managed as well. Simply put, complete control of this hugely valuable asset and key source of social proof is always easy.

Easily. Mako's straightforward editing tool gives you total control over every facet of the page, including page style, text formatting, images, videos, and so much more. Updates to the site are instant, and if you’re a power user that desires full access to the HTML source code and CSS that powers the page, it's all there for you.

Mako syncs up perfectly with your preferred social media channels, Google Drive, OneDrive, and many more services that host your library of images to make your life easier. Taking pictures for the site with your phone or webcam is a convenient matter as well. Simply put, managing images and editing content is a cinch for your dealership or your advertising agency.

While whistling. Literally a drag and drop interface, you make changes to your site's navigation bar as much as you’d like, all on your own, and the site updates instantly. Great for meticulous owners that like to sweat the details.

Log into your portal to add new navigation items or edit existing elements. Simply drag the menu item to your desired menu location, save your changes, and they’re live. Remember, you never have to do it yourself. We take great pride in supporting your site and needs. Lean on our amazing team who will deliver these updates promptly.

Yes, in the portal. You can also contact support and we'll make the update promptly.

Yes, and this is a powerful tool. Great for building cohesive marketing strategies around “Cash Corral,” “Under 12k,” “Manager Demos,” and “Speciality or Upfitted” inventory list-based landing pages that convert shoppers into buyers.

Updating these critical elements is a nearly effortless affair. All you have to do is select the page you wish to edit and these fields will be front and center, ready for any revisions or updates you wish to implement. Mako sites also allow you to view and revert to older versions of every custom page. This means that you never have to worry about losing your previous work when making updates.

Email [email protected] and we will handle these changes promptly. You can do it on your own as well. Edits to your tracking phone numbers, department hours, and social media links go live instantly when you save your changes.

No. The dynamic search bar on your Mako site is a complicated beast that has been A/B tested to the moon and is designed to work flawlessly for site shoppers. Remora has spent many years perfecting this critical tool. Feedback is always appreciated, and we regularly make tweaks and adjustments based on dealer input.

Naturally. Direct access to all of your store’s preferred social profiles is native and super handy for shoppers. Your social presence may be proudly displayed on every page of your site via the useful toolbar that makes leads and follows everyone throughout their shopping journey.

Yes, adding your body shop, rental, insurance, and detail departments is simple. Just like maintaining the general info surrounding your dealership and its core departments, adding in custom profiles for additional services only takes a few clicks. Update the relevant info within the "Dealership info" category in the portal.

Mako makes managing special deal coupons for all of your departments easy in two ways. First, national OEM service and parts specials are uploaded and synced via automated feeds. This means that all you have to do is decide which offers to run and then kick back while your coupons work their magic.

If you would like to add coupon promotions other than what is provided via your OEM, or if you are running an independent used store, get excited! Mako sites come with a convenient coupon creation tool that makes it easy to build unique promotions offered only by your store.

Grab the message you want to promote and insert it in the relevant fields to get custom coupons up on your site.

With ease. We provide a simple, feature-rich banner management dashboard from which you can edit and load banners and manage groups of banners. If you don't have time to make hay with the best banner tools in the world of car dealer websites, remember that you can always call or submit a ticket.

Yes. We are happy to craft impactful, alluring, and effective banners as needed and within reason.

Yes. Your powerful banner-based messages are not quarantined to the homepage. Mako sites offer ultimate freedom and flexibility for your rotating banner groups. Place them wherever you want, even on vehicle list pages.

Yes, updating banners is easy. Use our handy editing tool in your portal to change the base image, image alt text, and set automated start and end dates for each promotion.

Rearranging the order of specific banners is also easy. Select which banner group you’d like to reorder in the banner groups section of your portal, then click the up and down arrows located on each banner's overlay to move it to a new position until the order of your banners is how you want it. Remember, we'll do it for you, call or email [email protected] and we will implement your desired updates.

Yes. Staying agile and accurate with pricing is always critical. Mako makes these quick actions a breeze for your team.

Yes, you can get as granular as you can imagine. Narrowing down your inventory for specialty pages and promotions is a cinch and our filter-based interface makes creating these pages a simple matter.

We tie into the parts of your tech stack that you like. If your team is already marking specials with your inventory management provider, we’ll get the data from them, and your managers that are responsible for pricing may continue using the systems they are already comfortable with. Alternatively, Mako site provides a manual dealer interface to mark specials, as well as a free and automated approach.

Many dealers choose to let us automate the whole marking specials process using days in stock. Custom set to trigger on different lengths of days in stock for new and used inventory, vehicles automatically become marked as “Specials” on all list and details pages and display in a list on your “Specials” page. This changes the placement and merchandising of the vehicles, but never their price. This little trick ensures that your “Specials” page always displays a bunch of cars that are generally going to be good deals, while you sit back and make hot leads on your aging inventory. You may select additional inventory to be marketed as “Special;” this will not disrupt any of the automated processes.

Yes. If your pricing strategy includes complicated math, separating regional and local incentives, and custom dealer discount programs, we’ve done it before.

Yes, this is a popular strategy. This works especially well for smaller rural dealers and any stores that are not trying to compete online with their low, low prices. Gated Mako sites get "get-me-dones" in the store so you can sell them credit first and a car second. Gracefully gating pricing while allowing web shoppers to view your entire inventory means serious shoppers must create an actionable lead to see prices. This causes foot traffic and leads to increase for stores that will never use low prices as a differentiator.

Yes, it is as easy as flipping a switch. Additionally, we can gate your cars, which will only display a “Best Price” to shoppers that first submit a valid email address and phone number. This causes your casual looky-loos to transform into actionable opportunities to move metal. We build your solution to flawlessly implement your store’s unique approach to pricing and lead capture.

Yes. You set default interest rates, term, and an expected down payment amount as either a flat dollar amount or as a percentage of your car’s advertised price. Shoppers, or your sales pros that are working with prospects, may override defaults with a term, interest, and down payment that applies to their unique credit situation or repayment preferences.

Everything your shoppers store lives in a referenced cookie for one year, or until they clear cookies from their browser. This way, even when they leave and come back, shoppers see the payment options throughout your site that apply to their exact situation just as easily as they can see the purchase prices. This keeps your online prospects browsing through your inventory while building value for your users and trust in your store.

In short, everything. Mako sites are built for speed, performance, and dealer ease. Toggle away to your heart’s content to dial in your vehicle detail pages to perfectly power your strategy.

Your pricing strategy is infinitely flexible. No matter how you choose to display a price (with complicated math, dealer discount program, incentives, or if you choose to gracefully gate your pricing or inventory entirely), we’ve done it before.

Car and inventory list sharing features are on by default, and may be edited as well. Favorite cars and comparable lists may be shared privately via links that your sales pros can use to smooth out the process. Printable brochures, as well as private text-a-car and email-a-car links, make it easier for your prospects to do business with you.

Shoppers quickly access original window stickers as downloadable pdfs (most OEMs) for all of your new and late-model used cars. Recent shopper counts and favorited counts may be displayed on details and list pages as well.

There are a myriad of options available. Call or send your request to [email protected] and we will update your site promptly.

With Remora, you are always in control. Delicate care is taken during the initial development phase so that your strategy is properly implemented online from day one. Regarding updates and changes to your strategy, it’s easy. There are a wealth of options for your list pages. Make changes yourself for instant updates, or send your request to [email protected]

Inventory feeds are handled with care. We understand that accurate and well-merchandised inventory is crucial for success. We actively listen for changes and process all updates immediately. The most it can take is a few minutes.

We support all inventory management providers and we programmatically monitor your feeds and halt the process if anything is drastically different from your most current live inventory. Our system will ignore errant submissions and alert a Remora team member to connect with HomeNet, vAuto, or your inventory provider to sort out any discrepancies on your behalf. This approach safeguards you from any hiccups, even if it’s your inventory provider. Our proactive approach stops merchandising problems before they happen, regardless, and inventory rollbacks are a simple matter.

Yes. Automatic pricing gives you the power to granularly set global discounts for your new car inventory. Set discounts with a flat dollar amount or by a set percentage of the price to streamline your discount strategy. Need to apply a different filter for a specific year of a target model and not your entire inventory? Easy.

Yes. All consumer data is encrypted at rest and in-transit via a certified SSL connection. Mako sites deliver an intuitive and proven credit application for your shoppers and staff that is great for collecting vitals. Buyers complete four bite-sized steps and your team is instantly notified.

Yes. By request, our native, SEO-friendly blogging platform is tech friendly, easy to use, and free. Mako tech makes ranking posts organically and adding a regular blog posting routine into your repertoire a simple matter. Agencies love our blogging tools and may have direct access with your permission.

Mako sites use the Google Analytics API to pull in your goals and conversion data straight from your raw Google Analytics (GA) account. Your personalized reports always match your GA, because we are literally pulling in your data directly from Google through an API. Out of the box, Remora sets up goals for completed chat transcripts and form fills. Every dealer is unique and many consider all types of conversion data. We match your requirements, goals for phone calls, scrolling, map page views, and time on site, and anything you can dream, can be. Optimal operators know what is happening on their site and where their business is coming from. "Seems good" sucks; know for sure with clear tracking.

Yes. If you feel comfortable with a pre-trusted tech that wants to update styling or forms on your behalf, accommodation is a cinch. Available by request, this functionality is hidden by default for cleanliness and as a general precaution against accidental fat fingers (even really well-meaning ones).

No matter how fat the finger, all site edits are always reversible. We maintain a history of all edits and can instantly revert to previous points in time before the fat finger attacked.

Yes. All leads parse perfectly in your CRM every time. We codify your traffic from referral sources (like Facebook), tag sources with UTM codes, and always know which buyers came from organic search results versus paid advertising.

Yes. Mako keeps a copy and can re-fire if your CRM ever comes up short. We archive and store all of your inbound leads forever, so you can alway resend a specific time and date range to fill any gaps once your CRM is back online.

Yes. Every page on your site is already secure. We utilize your Authorize.Net, or any payment processor, to deliver funds directly. Accepting payments is a safe and convenient process that is extremely helpful, especially when it comes to handling car payments and repair orders.

Yes. However, we strongly discourage you from using Google Tag Manager (GTM) due to the clear and obvious security concerns that come along with it. Tight communication is a must between everyone who has access to GTM.

It’s up to you. We are your tech backbone and are happy to support your tracking needs no matter what they are. Everyone has their own ideas, and every market is different. The default settings are to track all completed chat transcripts and filled-out forms as converted shoppers. Your agency will love us; if you can dream it, Mako can track it.

There is no industry standard of what represents a conversion. For this reason, conversion rates are all over the place, sometimes even over 100%. Regardless, to give you a rough idea, our default form and chat completion tracking tends to produce conversion rates that clock around 3% to 8%. Pricing and inventory merchandising will always have a big effect on this metric, so context around your store’s unique approach is key when considering conversion rates.

Yes. Tight set up and management of your Google My Business page is vital.

Flawlessly. We are happy to integrate any third-party software into your site gracefully. Call or send your request by email to [email protected] We’ll handle the rest.

Unique to Remora, we asynchronously load every third-party tool in parallel. This means you never have to worry about site speed or user experience degradation should any of your third-party vendors have a bad day at the office.

We certainly can. However, there is usually a better way to tie software services together. Problem is, iframes are terrible for findability in search. Regardless, occasionally they are unavoidable; in these cases we install the iframe and touch up the page to mitigate the damage in search.

Remora automatically filters out your dealership's IP address from your Google Analytics account. Staff traffic will not show up in your Google Analytics or any of Remora’s reporting.

We sure do. Mako sites sync up flawlessly with all inventory management providers.

Yes. We enjoy rock-solid working relationships with all automotive CRMs, and a few others. Syncing up with your existing business management provider is a snap.

We leverage the power of reCAPTCHA v3 to detect and stop abusive traffic before it ever becomes a problem. Specifically, this technology is imperceptible to site users and does not need to display a visual test to actual human visitors in 99.9% of cases. It’s the best spam protection on the web and you get to keep the silky smooth experience.

Yes. We lean on ChromeData for instantaneous access to current and premium stock photos. This fills in the gap for shoppers when your team hasn’t had time to take the photos yet.

Reports from CARFAX or AutoCheck are properly woven throughout your list and details pages.

Quality scores within Google Ads are assigned based on a similar set of technical and on-page factors that cause preferential treatment in organic search. Mako list pages are a great spot to land paid traffic and are quality score monsters.

Yes! We will be delighted to send you up to 25 individualized website and SEO reports for you to present the real facts of the matter to your group. If you're organizing a conference of your own, please call for information about including our verified reports in your bags.

No. We never sell your information. It will only be used by Remora to contact you about services and orders. We may use your email address to send you a monthly newsletter, from which you may unsubscribe at any time. See our full privacy policy for more information on how we protect all of the personal information that you share with us.

The initial term is three months starting on the “effective date” of the agreement. The term goes month to month after, and you can cancel anytime after three months. Just like really a great massage, no returns.

All change requests and account updates route through our client-friendly support ticketing system. Email assets as attachments (up to 25 MB) and send change requests to [email protected] Your request will be addressed promptly.

Call (904) 770-4395, or email [email protected] If it is outside of our business hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, we will respond promptly when we return.

We accept checks, credit cards, and wires. No cash. Invoices are sent on or around the 20th of each month, and are due on the 1st net 10. We also offer automatic settlements and we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

No. We do not extend credit. Remora accepts checks, credit cards, and bank wires as acceptable forms of payment.

Guaranteeing SEO results or sales is a fool’s errand. Despite what our results over the last decade make it seem, we do not have a key to the backdoor of Google. There are too many factors at play to make guarantees in search. Take a good long whiff before engaging with optimizers pedaling in guarantees.

You own your building, you should own your market too. Only Remora dominates the classifieds and lead aggregators in organic search. It’s more valuable and easier than you think. You can crush your competitors and every bloodsucking pariah around by deploying our proprietary advantages. We make sense, and we make money.

Optimal operators demand tools that work for them, and Remora Sonar data-enables your main sales line and solves your SMS management. Mobile apps and desktop work tools ensure that your team’s sales communications are automatically logged in your CRM for proper pipeline management. Remora’s Sonar SMS installs your real and local phone number into all of your prospects’ and customers’ phones. Built specifically for sales teams, active text conversations can be privately turned over to a manager who can provide help to team members privately, or managers may break into live chats and texts through their work computers or our Apple and Android mobile apps.

Yes. When properly leveraged, Remora Sonar is more than a great tool for confirming and rescheduling appointments in a private and respectful manner; it’s a lead machine. Advertise “Text or Call” to your one main # on all vehicle image overlays and throughout everywhere you advertise, online and off. Make leads by promoting and running legitimate text-based sweepstakes with extra entries for test drivers. Consider a monthly event on the weekend to select the Winner(s) of a $500 useful gift card. A “must be present to win” clause creates an enormous Saturday every month.

We win. They report. After more than a decade of domination in search, Remora has witnessed epic rises and epic fails from slick marketing companies with no good tech. Our focus has always been the matter of making profits for our car dealer clients from the rich commerce that is always flowing on the web. We tell you the truth, and we Win.

Modern SEO is a delicate art form. The result of Remora’s work lasts indefinitely, so long as the assets stay in place. While accrued domain authority will stay with your domain regardless of your website provider, Remora’s licensed assets are unique, proprietary, and irreplaceable. There is no replacement for a lightning-fast user experience, tight schema markup, a perfect URL structure, and the rest of our proprietary tech advantages.

No. WordPress is a blogging platform that is free. Great for Moms, WordPress is not an appropriate platform for marketing 2, 20, or 200 million dollars worth of cars online. Google hates it, as evidenced by this slide from when Google presented to WordCamp (a developer conference):

Page Load Image

WordPress alone costs webmasters 1.5 seconds on every page load.

If you are ok with WordPress representing your brand, why not do it yourself? A complete car dealer website on WordPress is only $79 once, and you’ll own it forever. Even if you hire out the one total hour it will take to set up, you’re still all-in for under $200 once, and $0/month forever. You’d be shocked to find out how much unsuspecting dealers are paying for free WordPress blogging sites posing as car dealer sites. If paying more than $100 per month for a Wordpress site now, quit it. Either, hire Remora and crush your market, or hire your nephew for an afternoon and own your website forever.

We write code from scratch starting with a blank text file. This is the only way to build an entire application that is perfectly streamlined and built exactly for its use case. Our use case is crushing the classifieds in search. To achieve this we wrote a lightweight, pre-perfected car dealership website application that leverages the real users on your site to supercharge your findability online and in search engines.

Yes. Use our quoting tool to estimate a single rooftop and then meet with us to discuss the project you have in mind.

Please use Google reviews to publish accolades and praise. And thank you, you are too kind. d;^D

Please allow us an opportunity to respond in advance before publishing any reviews of less than five stars or describing anything less than complete and perfect satisfaction.

We will provdie a welcome kit that includes an admin account to your Remora portal and full control of user permissions. We work closely with your point of contact during the initial development phase and we do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to team pages and the porting of old blog posts.

Please link directly to our homepage: When referencing our address and phone number, please use: Remora Inc., (904) 770-4395, 3236 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32207

For logos and guidelines please download our brand guidelines.

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