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tech moves metal

Tech Moves Metal

& we are experienced

Since 2008, Remora has stacked incredible results on top of mind-blowing results. Modern search is won by your webmaster, and we are the best. Our proven process leverages your inventory to naturally outrank major classifieds and lead aggregators in organic search.

proprietary software

Proprietary Software

it's not fair, and it's not WordPress

Elevate your online presence with our proprietary, purpose-built, closed-source solution. Distinguish your store from the masses that are tied to off-the-shelf platforms like WordPress. Enjoy the exclusivity of our unique system, tailored specifically for one thing, effective dealer websites. We write all of our code from scratch, and since 2008 we’ve been refining our work relentlessly. This ensures unparalleled performance, speed, security, functionality, and results. Say goodbye to generic templates, lame excuses, and pointless limitations. Embrace the freedom to innovate, create and grow your company exactly the way you envision it. Invest in a sophisticated site that is as unique as you are. Stand out. Lead. Thrive.

cleanest and fastest

Cleanest & Fastest

an experience to remember

Experience the thrill of lightning-fast page load speeds that set a new benchmark for digital efficiency. In an online world where every second counts, your website should stand as a pinnacle of performance, offering visitors the instant gratification they demand. With a snappy site, your engagement rates soar. Embrace the pinnacle of web performance technology and let us make your pages load as fast as humanly possible, turning shoppers into loyal customers with the sheer joy of their experience. Your customers deserve the fastest delivery—give them the platform that delivers at the speed of thought.

brand building tech

Brand Building Tech

how trust is built online

A flawless website and professional service solidifies your brand both online and off. As fresh buyers find you in search, the new deals and good reviews pile up. This repeating cycle builds your brand and drastically increases the value of your company.

Online trust, like in life, is built by meeting each other’s expectations and by coming through over and over and over again. Our processes build trust in a similar manner, which results in more sales from preferential treatment by all of the major search engines.

secure and protected

Secure & Protected

always on, always stable

Every page of a Remora site is secure and safe to receive credit applications and payments. We strive for 100% uptime, and we guarantee 99.9%. We stay vigilant to protect you from cyber attacks and all incidents are promptly reported on

data driven url structure

Data-driven URL structure

industry leading list page technology

Capture the pulse of the digital marketplace with a data-driven URL structure designed to place your website at the top of the most important key search phrases. Harness the power of SEO optimized list page technology built to ensure your inventory resonates with search engines. Propel your store to the top of results, driving fresh traffic, and engaging active shoppers in real-time with unparalleled precision. Make the move to a smarter, more sophisticated infrastructure that promises unfair visibility in organic search.

authoritative schema markup

Authoritative markup

on all pages

Unlock your full potential with This powerful tool structures data in a way that search engines understand with crystal clarity, ensuring your cars are comprehensively indexed to highlight their particular relevance. With every page meticulously marked up, you become the beacon for the most important commercial searches, directly aligning with active online shopper intents. Elevate your communication with search engines and watch as it translates into increases in traffic, engagement, and fresh leads.

automatic alt tags on all images

Automatic Alt tags on all images

for blind and under sighted users

Empower every user to engage with your dealership. With automatically generated Alt tags on images, you champion inclusivity, allowing blind and undersighted users to experience your content fully. Each image becomes a beacon for search engines and enriches your site's context and depth. Elevate your online presence with a feature that opens doors and paves a superhighway for search engines.

lightning fast load speed

Lightning-fast load speed

as fast as humanly possible

Experience the thrill of lightning-fast page load speeds that set a new benchmark for digital efficiency. In an online world where every second counts, your website should stand as a pinnacle of performance, offering visitors the instant gratification they demand. With a snappy site, your engagement rates soar. Embrace the pinnacle of web performance technology and let us make your pages load as fast as humanly possible, turning shoppers into loyal customers with the sheer joy of their experience. Your customers deserve the fastest delivery—give them the platform that delivers at the speed of thought.

best mobile phone expierence

Best mobile phone experience

with an industry leading search interface

Step into the future with an industry-leading search interface that redefines the user experience on mobile phones. As browsing habits shift increasingly towards mobile-first, your website can set the standard with a search interface that's intuitive, responsive, and designed to delight. Remora’s approach ensures that every interaction with your brand is seamless, engaging, and memorable. Launch your brand into the spotlight with a mobile experience that exceeds expectations, turning visits into engagements and engagements into opportunities.

industry leading management portal

Industry leading management portal

keeps you in control

Control and streamline your online operations with our industry-leading website management portal. Imagine a command center where every tweak and enhancement is at your fingertips, crafted for clarity, efficiency, and power. Tailored for those who demand pure excellence and total control, it simplifies complex tasks, transforms maintenance into a joy, and ensures that you stay ahead in the always evolving digital landscape. Take the helm with confidence and propel your digital presence with a website management portal that's as ambitious and forward-thinking as you are.

hybrid responsive websites

Hybrid responsive websites

with a dedicated mobile design

Impress your prospects with a hybrid responsive website that includes a dedicated mobile design that is tailored to meet the expectations of the modern shopper. A hybrid approach combines the fluidity of a responsive design with the finesse of a dedicated and thumb-friendly mobile phone interface. Command attention, invite interaction, and leave a lasting impression with a site that's designed for the hands that hold the future.

custom price displays

Customized pricing displays

align with your strategy

Transform your website into a dynamic marketplace with customized pricing displays that perfectly align with your strategic vision. True alignment is about crafting a personalized shopping experience that resonates with your audience's expectations and your dealership’s goals. Empower your digital presence with an adaptive approach that showcases your inventory in a way you can be proud of.

payment calculator

payment calculator

customer specific payments on every car

Unlock a tailored buying journey with a customized payment calculator, designed to display customer-specific payments on every vehicle. This feature is the bridge between interest and action, turning casual browsing into informed decision-making. It personalizes the shopping experience by providing clear, individualized payment options directly alongside each vehicle, empowering your shoppers with financial transparency. By presenting tailored payment scenarios, your website engages visitors with a sense of ownership and a clear path to purchase, fostering confidence and driving sales. A customized payment calculator that aligns with your strategy positions your cars within the financial reach of your customers, paving the way for a smoother, faster, and more satisfying purchasing process.

instant website price updates

instant website price updates

feed history reports and useful alerts

Master your digital showroom with robust inventory management tools that offer instant website price updates, a comprehensive feed history, and useful alerts. Instant price updates keep your listings competitive and current, responding swiftly to market trends and changes to your strategies. A detailed feed history offers a transparent ledger of all changes, ensuring accountability, and real-time alerts keep you informed of any unexpected events. With completely revertible feeds, you have the power to backtrack, refine, and perfect your inventory presentation at any time. These powerful tools ensure that your inventory is always strategically aligned with your dealership’s goals.

unlimited inventory imports

Unlimited inventory imports

and exports

Step into the realm of boundless possibilities with unlimited inventory imports and exports, a feature that revolutionizes the way you handle your merchandising. This is the gateway to endless scalability, where the size and frequency of your inventory updates are not constrained by limits. Embrace the freedom to expand your offerings, to sync with multiple vendors, and to cater to the ever-changing demands of your market with ease. With unlimited imports and exports, your website becomes a dynamic hub of commercial activity, always current, and always ready to meet the next opportunity.

unlimited third party integrations

Unlimited third-party integrations

tighter than anyone

Enjoy limitless connectivity with unlimited third-party integrations. This feature invites an endless array of functionalities and services to converge seamlessly on your platform. Enrich your site with a tapestry of tools and applications that extend your capabilities, streamline your processes, and enhance the user experience. From advanced analytics to cutting-edge customer service solutions, the power to integrate without limits means your website remains at the forefront of technological advancement. It's about creating an ecosystem that's as limitless as your ambition, ensuring every piece of software adds a layer of value, efficiency, and sophistication to your digital presence. Unlock your potential, drive innovation, and forge a path to success with a website that's equipped to integrate and elevate.

customized detail pages

Customized detail pages

with large vehicle images available

Captivate your audience with customized vehicle details pages, where large, immersive images take center stage. This feature creates an experience, inviting potential buyers into a visual journey that ignites desire and drives their decision-making. Large, detailed images allows every curve and feature to be appreciated in full, glorious detail. The customization of these pages means that the story of each vehicle is told in a way that aligns perfectly with your company’s narrative, engaging customers with compelling visuals that are tailored specifically to their buying journey. Offer an unparalleled visual encounter that turns browsing into an event, making every visit a step closer to another sale.

inventory reports

Inventory heat reports

show you which inventory is hot, or not

Ignite your strategy with inventory heat reports and automatic alerts that identify your most in-demand vehicles. This feature serves as your digital barometer, gauging the temperature of your inventory, and revealing which items are sizzling hot sellers and which are not, allowing you to make data-driven deal decisions with precision. The real-time alerts act as your personal sales strategist, keeping you informed and one step ahead in the ever-changing marketplace. This is about transforming insights into action, keeping your dealership aligned with customer demand, and your finger on the pulse of profitability.

smooth modern lead forms

Smooth modern lead forms

convert shoppers into actionable leads

Transform curiosity into conversation with smooth, modern lead forms designed to turn shoppers into actionable leads and committed buyers. These forms are the nexus between interest and action, crafted with the user's ease and engagement in mind. They are the silent ambassadors of your website, inviting shoppers to start a conversation and step closer to a purchase with a seamless interface that respects their time and intelligence. Modern forms pave the way for a efficient and enjoyable sales experience.

raw lead logs

Raw lead logs

real names tied to actual traffic sources

Harness the power of clarity and insight with raw lead log reports that match names to traffic sources. This formidable feature is a game-changer, providing a crystal-clear view of who your leads are and where they are coming from. It's a deep dive into the data that matters, enabling a more strategic approach to your marketing. It's the blueprint of your audience's journey, a roadmap to more precisely targeted campaigns. These important details equip you to fine-tune your strategies, ensuring that every marketing dollar is invested in avenues that yield the highest returns. Embrace the precision, embrace the insight, and transform every lead into a story with a name, a source, and a face.

price drop alerts

Price drop alerts

customer account systems that make leads

Maximize engagement with price drop alerts, an indispensable tool that keeps potential buyers looped in on the best deals the moment they happen. This feature is a magnet for customer retention and loyalty. With a one-click customer accounts system, your website becomes a personalized shopping assistant, offering users the ability to request price drop alerts, compare options, and share their finds with ease. Empower your customers with tools to track, compare, and share, turning every price drop into a potential sale and every visit into a step towards purchase.

customized tool bar

Customized tool bar

with social media, directions, and language translations

Elevate your online presence with a customized toolbar that seamlessly integrates social media, directions, language translation, and a quick contact form. This feature is a multitool of engagement, placing essential links at your audience's fingertips. With social media integration, you can amplify your brand’s reach and connectivity, inviting customers to join your community and stay updated with the latest from your dealership. Directions ensure your physical showroom is just a click away and language translation opens your digital doors to a diverse audience, fostering inclusivity and broadening your market. This toolbar is a bridge between you and your customers, enhancing accessibility, fostering community, and ensuring no customer, regardless of language or location, is ever out of reach.

auto generated reports

Automatically generated reports

leads, inventory traction, and website health

Streamline your business with automatically generated reports for leads, inventory traction, and website health. Reports that automatically email themselves to you daily, weekly, or monthly. These reports are a strong asset that ensures you're always informed and prepared. Like a personal analyst, these reports deliver key insights into your performance right when you need them, helping you to make timely, data-driven decisions. It's a perpetual pulse check on the health of your online operations, providing a stream of intelligence straight to your inbox. Time is a precious commodity in the car business, and with this tool, you reclaim it. Embrace the simplicity, revel in the insights, and let your data come to you.

robust website editing tools

Robust website editing tools

that keep you in control

Unleash your creative vision with robust website editing tools. This feature puts the power of design in your hands, allowing you to curate a website that is an effective masterpiece of your brand's identity. The custom page builder offers the freedom to craft unique layouts, tailor content, and infuse your site with a distinct flair that captivates shoppers. Every element, every page, every pixel should be a statement of excellence. Step into the realm of limitless possibilities and let your website be your canvas.

navigation and menu management

Navigation and menu management

with instant live updates

Navigate success with precision with Remora’s a navigation management system that responds to your changes with instant live updates. This tool is about crafting a journey that's as smooth and intuitive as thought itself. Every change, every tweak, every refinement is reflected in real-time, ensuring your audience always has the most up-to-date roadmap to your content. Command the flow of traffic with a menu that moves as fast as you do, and watch as ease of navigation turns visitors into loyal customers.

smooth secure credit application

Smooth, secure credit application

that makes everyone's life easier

Step into the future of financial interactions with a secure, multi-step credit application that supports both individual and joint applications. This robust feature reassures your customers with top-tier security measures, while its multi-step design simplifies complex forms into manageable, user-friendly segments. Make your site a trusted portal for financial engagement, inviting users to proceed with confidence, knowing their sensitive information is handled with the utmost care. Solidify your position as a leader in security, where providing peace of mind is just another part of the exceptional experience you offer.

real google maps

Real Google maps

with direct API capabilities

Elevate your user’s experience with real Google Maps integrated directly through an API connection, enhancing your website's customizability and capabilities. The direct API connection unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing for personalized map interactions that cater to your users' needs. This level of integration brings a familiar and trusted tool to into your website platform, enhancing user trust through reliable and accurate geolocation services. The customizability ensures that your map is more than a directions provider; it's a reflection of your commitment to your community.

color matched stock photos

Color-matched stock photos

for all vehicles missing images

Transform your website into a visual feast with color-matched stock photos for all vehicles, ensuring a seamless aesthetic flow even when real images are not available. This feature guarantees that every listing is visually appealing, presenting a professional and cohesive look that captures the essence of each vehicle with stunning accuracy. The color-matching technology adapts to your inventory, providing a consistent visual experience that engages customers, fuels their imagination, and helps them envision themselves in the driver’s seat. It's a commitment to quality that speaks volumes about your attention to detail and your dedication to providing a complete, and immersive shopping experience.

options packages and key features

Options, packages, and key features

on all vehicle detail pages

Empower your customers with complete information at their fingertips on every vehicle details page. This feature does more than list vehicles; it provides a deep dive into the essence of each car. With comprehensive options, packages, key features, and detailed descriptions on display, it offers knowledge that satisfies even the most detail-oriented shopper. This transparency builds trust and positions your website as a definitive source for informed decision making. With this wealth of information, your website becomes a resource, a guide, and a trusted advisor in the car buying process.

automatic new car pricing

Automatic new car pricing

filter-based discounting tools

Revolutionize your pricing strategy with automatic filter-based new car pricing and discounting tools. This feature is an ally for leadership, simplifying price management and empowering your team to maintain optimal pricing at all times. In an industry where pricing can make or break a sale, ensure you are equipped with a tool that's as dynamic as the market.

automatic specials by inventory age

automatic specials by inventory age

or mark your specials manually

Spotlight special vehicles through manual selection or by harnessing the power of automation. This feature crafts a narrative of exclusivity and urgency around your vehicles, which engages your shoppers and turns them into actionable leads and buyers. By highlighting special inventory, you create compelling focal points that attract and retain interest and drive home the allure of limited-time offers. It's a strategic instrument that aligns with the pulse of the market and the desires of your customers, ensuring your inventory is remembered and sought after.

service coupons

Service coupons

with a robust management tool

Maximize customer retention and supercharge your service offerings with a service coupons page that includes a robust offer management tool. We put you in the driver’s seat with real-time updates that keep your deals fresh. A strategic online engine that drives traffic to your service department, encourages engagement and builds a culture of appreciation around your brand, service coupons invite your customers to save more and return often.

customized inline offers

Customized in-line offers

embedded into vehicle lists and on dedicated pages

Empower your online presence with custom in-line offer graphics that are seamlessly embedded into vehicle list pages. This feature strategically positions your offers within the customer's line of sight while they are shopping. The dedicated landing pages draw attention to your promotions, creating a sense of exclusivity, and driving action. This approach ensures your offers are as compelling as they are visible, turning every visit into a potential sale with unmatched elegance and effectiveness.

robust team pages

Robust team pages

reviews, biography features, social media, and lead forms

Elevate your brand's human connection with a robust team page, enriched with online reviews integration, comprehensive biographies, social media links, and individual lead forms for each team member. This feature weaves trust and transparency into the fabric of your website. It transforms your team's digital footprint into a tapestry of credibility, where glowing reviews, personal stories, and social connections converge to build a relatable and authentic picture. Each team member's individualized lead form creates a direct line of communication, inviting prospects to engage in a more personal, meaningful way. Turn your team pages into a showcase of professionalism, a reflection of your dedication to the community, and a platform for building strong, personal customer relationships.

instant updates

Instant updates

team members, banners, pricing, instantly

When staff achievements, roles, or personnel change, your website immediately mirrors these developments, demonstrating a commitment to real-time accuracy. Instant updates signal a dealership that's alive and evolving and communicates a message of proactive engagement.

Amplify your marketing impact with a robust banner management tool that streamlines your promotional strategy through instant website banner updates. This feature elevates your banners from mere images to powerful, time-sensitive calls to action that captivate shoppers. Automated banner scheduling ensures that your offers are always relevant, targeted, and timely, resonating with the rhythm of your customers' needs. With this tool, your website delivers a compelling, ever-evolving narrative that converts.

text me feature

Text-me feature

on every vehicle

Transform engagement with the 'Text-Me' feature on every vehicle, creating an immediate, personal connection with your shoppers. This innovative tool invites a convenient conversation starter, tapping into the preferred communication style of countless consumers: texting. It breaks down barriers, offering a discreet, on-the-go method for your prospects to inquire, interact, and express interest without the pressure of a phone call or the delay of an email. Elevate your customer service and meet your prospects where they are—just a text away from their next purchase.

shop by payment

Shop by payment features

that super shoppers appreciate

Drive your sales forward with our 'Shop by Payment' feature, tailored for the savvy car buyer who prioritizes their monthly budget. This effective financial compass guides shoppers to the cars that match their financial reality. It personalizes their shopping experience by aligning with their fiscal preferences, making affordability a cornerstone of the search process. This powerful tool instills a sense of financial empowerment and transparency, fostering trust and confidence in your dealership. 'Shop by Payment' paves a smooth road to a lease or purchase that your customers can comfortably drive through.

custom rule based price gating

Custom rule-based price gating

makes your leads by the pound

Empower shoppers with custom lead forms that revolutionize the car-buying journey. Enhance shopper engagement with multi-step forms designed to streamline the information collection process while keeping users focused and undaunted. By breaking down the process into manageable steps, shoppers can navigate your forms with ease, reducing the overwhelm of a long and daunting task. It's more than a form; it's the first step in a relationship, inviting users to begin their car-buying journey with confidence, clarity, and a personalized touch that sets your dealership apart.

custom multi step forms

Customized multi-step forms

aligns with your strategy and simplifies engagement

Empower shoppers with custom lead forms that revolutionize the car-buying journey. Enhance shopper engagement with multi-step forms designed to streamline the information collection process while keeping users focused and undaunted. By breaking down the process into manageable steps, shoppers can navigate your forms with ease, reducing the overwhelm of a long and daunting task. It's more than a form; it's the first step in a relationship, inviting users to begin their car-buying journey with confidence, clarity, and a personalized touch that sets your dealership apart.

enterprise dns management

Enterprise DNS management

and always on DDoS protection

Elevate your website's resilience and reliability with enterprise DNS management paired with robust DDoS protection. This is the foundation of your online presence, ensuring that your site remains a steadfast destination in an unpredictable digital landscape. With enterprise DNS management, you ensure lightning-fast access for your customers. Add DDoS protection, and your website stands as a fortress against the most aggressive of cyber threats, ensuring uptime and trust are never compromised.

permission based accounts

permission-based accounts

up to four

Empower your team with up to four permission-based accounts for your website management portal, a feature that champions collaboration while safeguarding control. This tiered access system is crafted to distribute responsibilities efficiently, allowing for specialization without compromising security. Each account is tailored to the role of its user, ensuring that your team can contribute their expertise directly, enhancing your site with precision. The permission-based structure provides peace of mind, knowing that each change and access is authorized. Equip your team with the tools to succeed and watch as your collective effort translates into a superior online presence.

landing pages and custom graphics

landing pages and custom graphics

up to four graphics and two pages per month

Elevate your digital presence with the ability to deploy up to four custom graphics and two dynamic landing pages each month. This ensures your website remains fresh, relevant, and engaging, capturing the attention of visitors with high-quality visuals and targeted content. Custom graphics are powerful storytelling tools that convey your brand's identity and values, while dynamic landing pages act as strategic touchpoints that funnel shoppers towards conversion with compelling calls-to-action.

all american service

All-American service

industry leading success with a written guarantee

Secure peace of mind with industry-leading service, backed by a written guarantee. In the dynamic digital world, this feature stands as a testament to reliability and trust. It's a promise carved in stone, ensuring that your website operates with the backing of an unwavering support system. When challenges arise, be empowered with the knowledge that a team of experts is on standby, ready to uphold a standard of excellence with guaranteed service.

ada compliance is guaranteed

ADA compliance is guaranteed

industry-leading accessibility tools are included

Ensure your website is a beacon of inclusivity with guaranteed ADA compliance and industry-leading accessibility tools. By prioritizing accessibility, your site welcomes a broader audience, showcasing a commitment to equality and usability for all. The inclusion of top-tier ADA accessibility tools reflect a forward-thinking mindset, positions your brand as a leader in creating a digital space that's open, navigable, and respectful to people with diverse abilities.

99.9 uptime is guaranteed

99.9% Uptime is guaranteed

in writing

Experience the confidence of uninterrupted service with a written guarantee of 99.9% uptime for your website. This assurance means your business remains online, operational, and ready to serve, providing your visitors with the certainty that whenever they seek you out, you're there. This level of service demonstrates a respect for your users' time and a dedication to delivering an uninterrupted experience.

Value and Values


Intrinsic Value, Better than Anyone.

Our most valuable contribution to your company is our values. Remora’s core values are innovation, passion, courage, authenticity, integrity, and service. Of course our tech creates a defensible lead advantage by ranking your website among the top organic listings for the most valuable key search phrases. And, Winning online naturally brands you as a trusted leader in your community and a safe place to do business. Still, our greatest contribution to your organization is our refined processes and our deeply held values. If you are driven to grow your business, we can help you achieve your goals with our proprietary technology, our decades of experience, and our valuable values.