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Premium Offers

Immaculate Experience.

Regional Incentives

Zip code specific and perfectly automated.

Top Quality Scores

Rebate and lease offers that rank.

Move More Metal

Special offer pages that convert.

Manager Controlled

Powerful tools that save time.

beautiful specials

Beautiful Specials

controlled by management

A perfect blend of automation and control. Incentives are automated and management controls all of your published offers. Tying in qualified inventory is a breeze and all the vehicles that qualify proudly show off their special offers throughout your site.

A dedicated offers page is included which combines all your subvented leases, available rebates, and incentivized interest rates onto one page that super shoppers appreciate.

your dream realized

your dreams, realized

offers aligned with your strategy

Compliant with all local and federal regulations, we display your chosen offers, including conditional incentives, in any way you can imagine. Nothing is cookie-cutter at Remora, we make serious sites for serious car dealers. Want to show the math in an interesting way? So do we. If you can dream it, we can do it, and your chosen special offers are always served flawlessly throughout your site. Clarity in pricing causes your customers to trust you more and makes more opportunities.

quality score galore

Quality Score Galore

model-specific and data rich

If you are running model-specific PPC ads, then we make you money by improving your Quality Scores throughout your Google Ads campaign. Better Quality Scores improve the ranking of your ads and lowers your cost per click, which drives more quality traffic for less.

These special offer landing pages are so rich with model year specific data and persuasive content that they also rank well in organic searches for rebate, interest rate, and lease type phrases which drives more high intent new car buyers.

mobile magnificence

Mobile Magnificence

perfect on all devices

These days we're all on the go, which is why Remora takes such great care when serving mobile devices. Flawless on tablets, laptops, wide screen displays, and all mobile devices, only Remora detects your prospect's mobile device and serves a dedicated, tailored, and fast loading design that is friendly to thumbs and specific to their actual device.

Keeping in mind your shopper's specific phone and adjusting accordingly is important for load speed, Ad Words Quality Scores, design flexibility, and search engine results. No short cuts here, Remora puts in the work to ensure your success every time.

oem incentives

OEM incentives

Regional, zip code specific, automatically updating

Specifically designed for savvy dealerships, this tool empowers you to offer regional, zip code-specific OEM incentives that update automatically. You'll always present the most current deals, making you the go-to destination for all of the hottest offers. Stay ahead of the competition by making sure your offers are always dynamic and attractive. Embrace the ease of automation and watch your sales accelerate.

special offer landing pages

special offer landing pages

premium and model specific

Elevate your dealership's online presence with model-specific special offer landing pages, expertly crafted for peak SEO performance and stellar AdWords quality scores. These purpose built and data-rich pages are a magnet for traffic, drawing in eager new car buyers with high intent. By honing in on specific models, these pages become the focal point for consumers who are ready to make a decision, ensuring that your dealership captures their attention right at the crucial moment. And with expert optimization built in, you’ll enjoy higher AdWords quality scores, lower costs per click and better ad placements.

real monroney window stickers

Real Monroney window stickers

authenticity that excites

Picture this: shopping on a dealership website and finding the transparency of a real Monroney window sticker on every new vehicle in stock, right from the comfort of your own home. This feature peels back the curtain on your shopper’s experience, showcasing each car’s value with clear, government-mandated facts straight from the manufacturer. This level of transparency and detail elevates your prospect’s shopping journey, aligning expectations with reality and creates a new standard of buyer confidence.

custom order vehicle builder

custom order vehicle builder

that keeps customers on your site

Imagine a car buying experience as unique as your fingerprint — our custom order vehicle builder does just that. Transform your website into a digital showroom where every shopper has the power to craft their perfect new car. The result? A surge of high-quality leads — each one a potential buyer with their dream car already in mind and your store as the place to make it real. This interactive journey engages and excites, turning casual interest into actionable leads and browsers into buyers.

oem compliance is included

OEM compliance is included

exceed your factory's standards and stand apart

Set your store apart with a website that adheres to the highest industry benchmarks, delivering a user experience that mirrors the meticulousness and prestige of the brands you showcase. By exceeding OEM compliance expectations, your website stands out, offering a level of professionalism that speaks directly to discerning buyers who value authenticity and trust in your official representation.

unlimited accounts

Unlimited accounts

empowering your entire team

Elevate your team's performance with the unlimited permission-based user accounts. This feature transforms your efficiency by empowering each staff member and authorized affiliate with personalized access. Tailor each user’s capabilities to their role, ensuring a seamless operation that leverages the strengths of your team. Safeguard your data with customized permissions that keep you in control of who sees what, maintaining integrity and confidentiality. With this robust system, collaboration becomes second nature, allowing for a symphony of productivity that ensures your dealership runs like a well-oiled machine.

custom graphics and landing pages

custom graphics and landing pages

up to ten graphics and four landing pages per month

Transform your presence with up to ten custom graphics and four dynamic landing pages, tailored to captivate and convert. Custom crafted by Remora, these assets are your digital frontline, designed to make an instant impact and leave a lasting impression. Keeping your content fresh and engaging ensures that you always stands out. This service is your secret to staying ahead of the game, constantly renewing the excitement around your dealership.

Value and Values


Intrinsic Value, Better than Anyone.

Our most valuable contribution to your company is our values. Remora’s core values are innovation, passion, courage, authenticity, integrity, and service. Of course our tech creates a defensible lead advantage by ranking your website among the top organic listings for the most valuable key search phrases. And, Winning online naturally brands you as a trusted leader in your community and a safe place to do business. Still, our greatest contribution to your organization is our refined processes and our deeply held values. If you are driven to grow your business, we can help you achieve your goals with our proprietary technology, our decades of experience, and our valuable values.