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Cleanest Mobile Experience

We write clean code and we serve our tech from the outside edge of the largest content distribution network in the World.

Load speed is critical to converting shoppers into leads and is an openly declared factor in achieving preferential treatment in organic search.

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Fastest on 3G

Mako sites feel snappy because they are the fastest to load on all devices. Responsive down to the smallest tablet, we also detect for mobile phones and serve a dedicated mobile design. Our hybrid approach is one of many ways we keep your site loading fast, even on the slowest connections.

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Secure, Stable, Peaceful

Every page of a Mako site is safe to receive credit apps and payments.

We strive for 100% uptime, and we promise 99.9%. We stay vigilant to protect you from cyber attacks or any type of foul play from a bad actor. All incidents are promptly reported on

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More than ADA Compliant

We deploy the industry-leading tools for blind and undersighted users.

We take time to ensure that your site actually works well with JAWS, the World’s most popular speech and Braille software for navigating the internet, and we apply these high standards to your advertising covenants as well.

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