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Welcome! This page will help you to correctly use Remora and its products assets and showcase content from the Remora's products and technologies.

Our Logo

Please do not edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the Remora logo.


Minimum Protected Space

Keeping the logo isolated from other graphic elements and at a particular size helps preserve the clarity of the presentation. A minimum amount of protected space should always surround the logo in order to separate it from headlines, text, imagery, and the outer edge of a document. The clear space is defined as the upper case “A” in Remora within the logo, as shown.

remora logo
remora logo

Brand Partnership

Usage Best Practices: These standardized lockups should be used when Remora co-brands websites, campaigns, printed materials, or other assets for partnerships.

Primary Logo Partner Lockup: This is the preferred logo lockup for use in partnerships. It uses our primary logo alongside the full primary logo(s) of our partner(s).

Looking for more?

Download the full Remora brand guidelines and get: app icons, logos and more