specials,better than anyone

Premium Offers

Immaculate Experience.

Regional Incentives

Perfectly automated.

Top Quality Scores

Lease and rebate offers that rank.

Manager Controlled

Powerful tools that save time.

They move metal

Landing pages that convert.

Beautiful Specials

controlled by management

A perfect blend of automation and control. Incentives are automated and management controls the public offers. Tying in your qualified inventory is a breeze and all vehicles that qualify show the specials throughout your site.

A dedicated offers page is included that combines all of your special lease, rebate, and interest rate incentives onto one easy page that your super shoppers will appreciate.

Aligns with your strategy

your dreams, realized

Compliant with all local and federal regulations, we display incentives, including conditional incentives, any way you can imagine. Nothing is cookie-cutter at Remora, these are serious sites for serious dealers.

Want to show the math in an interesting way. So do we. If you can dream it, we can do it and your chosen specials are served flawlessly throughout your site. Clarity in pricing causes your customers to trust you more and makes more good leads.

Quality Score Galore

model-specific and data rich

If you are running model-specific PPC ads, Remora specials make you money by improving your Google Ad Rank and quality scores throughout your campaign. Better quality scores improve the ranking of your ads and lowers your cost per click, which drives more quality traffic for less.

The special offer pages are so rich with model year specific data and persuasive content that they also rank well in local organic searches for rebate, interest rate, and lease type phrases that drive high intent buyers which makes even more leads.

Mobile Magnificence

perfect on all devices

We're all on the go these days, which is why Remora takes such great care on mobile devices. Flawless on tablets, laptops, wide screen displays and all mobile devices, only Remora detects your prospect's actual mobile device and serves a dedicated, fast loading mobile design that is friendly to thumbs and specific to them.

Keeping in mind you shopper's actual device and adjusting accordingly is important for load speed, quality scores, design flexibility, and search engine results. No short cuts here, Remora puts in the work to ensure your success the first time, every time.