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Amazon Becomes the First to Turn to Artificial Intelligence to Protect Data in the Cloud

August 21, 2017

As more and more data and services head to the cloud, specifically via Amazon Web Services (AWS), it makes plenty of sense for Amazon's team of engineers and programmers to continue to place a substantial priority on keeping this sensitive info safe, secure, and out of sight of the prying eyes of digital intruders. However, the fate of your dealership's data (and that of countless other organizati ...     Read More »

Fiat Chrysler Forges Autonomous Vehicle Alliance with BMW

August 18, 2017

As Google, Facebook, and the rest of Silicon Valley continue to push toward a radical upending of the automotive industry via the development of self-driving cars (and a potential usurpation of positions of prominence held by traditional automotive powers), it appears that the smaller members of this community are destined to face an "evolve or die" proposition. Of course, just because the future ...     Read More »

OpenAI's New Bot Defeats Some of the World's Best Dota 2 Players

August 16, 2017

With recent victories over the world's best Go players and inroads into the realm of StarCraft 2 making headlines, it should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence (A.I.) is one of the hottest topics in the shared space between gaming and the development of machine learning and other cutting edge processes. However, these milestones could pale in comparison to the impressive work of Elon ...     Read More »

Facebook Attempts to Solve the "Fat Fingers" Digital Ad Dilemma

August 10, 2017

We've all been there. You're scrolling through your news feed, checking out the latest posts from your friends, when all of the sudden you accidentally click on an ad. From here, a few seconds go by and you've probably already backtracked to the Facebook app's home screen and returned to your idle scroll through updates, shared videos, and other offerings from the people who make up your social c ...     Read More »

Amazon Alexa's New Update Can Help You Buy a Kia

August 3, 2017

While we often think about chat bots and voice-controlled services as technology that impacts other industries to a greater degree, the truth of the matter is that these programs also have a place firmly in the heart of the automotive world's future. Don't believe it? Then ask Amazon's Alexa about the Kia Niro the next time you get a chance. As the team over at Motor Trend explains, this Korean ...     Read More »

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