As lawmakers and regulators across the globe grapple with how to oversee tech titans in the wake of near constant community outrage over privacy breaches and data harvesting, it appears that Apple has decided to get ahead of the curve by taking matters into its own hands via strict enforcement of its platform policies.

Specifically, The Verge's Tom Warren reports that Apple has shut down the ability of early/pre-release beta apps from Google to launch, in addition to decommissioning internal employee tools. As far as why Apple would do this, it all comes back to Google being found in violation of the iOS app distribution policy.

Digging a bit deeper, this move also comes on the heels of plenty of negative press for Google regarding its Screenwise Meter app. The now disabled app, designed to monitor how people use their iPhones, flew directly in the face of Apple's request that developers not use their enterprise certificates to distribute apps to consumers.

If this all sounds familiar, it definitely should. Earlier this week, Facebook saw its own internal apps, which covered similar transportation, communication, and logistics practices, get shut down by Apple as a response to the revelation that this social media magnate was using a "research" app via the internal release program on iOS to track teenage customers and mine data.

While Apple has since restored functionality to these beta and internal apps, the fact remains the same: Holding other tech leaders accountable on its platform in regard to consumer privacy and data management is a clear sign of the company behind the iPhone taking charge on this front.

Will Apple's bold move regarding misuses of the enterprise app distribution program create a ripple effect through the rest of the digital world? What other major platforms out there will begin to police those who break their terms of service in this manner? To delve into these questions, and ensure that you are completely in the know when it comes to Apple's recent penalization of Google and Facebook, go ahead and check out the full scoop from Warren and The Verge on the other side of the link down below.

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