Ever wonder what it's like to run a cutting edge automotive website platform? If so, then you can't afford to miss Remora's very own Christian Jorn and his recent appearance on the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour radio show.

From covering the company's unlikely origin story and unique culture to exposing the frauds and scams that other firms feed to unsuspecting dealerships, Christian offers up an insider look into the world of digital marketing that you simply won't find anywhere else. (The guys even take a few minutes to discuss the finer points of foosball and Remora's ongoing office tournament!)

To dive headfirst into Christian's segment on the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour, all you have to do is click on the audio player below and kick back as Richard "Too Tall" Tackett, Brian "Super Duty" Margettes, and the rest of the gang talk shop with one of the industry's brightest minds.

Want to hear more from the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour? Then be sure to check out their past broadcast archive over on the 1010XL AM/92.5 FM SoundCloud page.