Back in 2016, Remora's very own Christian Jorn took the airwaves by storm during a guest appearance on the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour radio show. From digging into the company's unlikely origin story to breaking down some of the biggest myths and scams found in the shared space between automotive and tech, Christian and the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour crew definitely went deep on some of the hottest topics facing the digital side of the automotive world.

After a nearly two-year intermission, Christian is back at it again with Richard "Too Tall" Tackett, Bruce "The Wizard" Armes, and the rest of the team behind the Heavy Metal Hour. Whether it's catching up on the latest happenings with both companies and talking about Duval Ford's success with its Remora-driven website (including a 32-percent bump in leads after making the switch) or diving into the parental angst that comes with watching your son or daughter get behind the wheel of the family car with a learner's license for the first time, this edition of the Heavy Metal Hour is absolutely packed with industry insight, great personal stories, and everything in between.

To jump straight into the fun, and capture an insider's look at how Christian and the Remora team are drastically reshaping the digital landscape via trailblazing technology and no-nonsense service, go ahead and check out the full on-demand airing of this installment of the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour via the SoundCloud link below.

Interested in hearing more from the gang over at the Duval Ford Heavy Metal Hour? Then make it a point to delve into the past broadcast archive over on the 1010XL AM/92.5 FM SoundCloud page.