Does your dealership utilize Facebook ads to connect with potential car buyers in your area? If so, odds are they you have been keeping a close eye on the turmoil and uncertainty surrounding the world's largest social networking platform as it hemorrhages users in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

However, a recent post on the platform from founder Mark Zuckerberg and the unveiling of "secret" internal content moderation guidelines could be an important step toward regaining the previously privileged position held by this social media giant within the digital world, its standing among advertisers (like your dealership), and the trust of a formerly fervent community.

As Julia Carrie Wong and Olivia Solon of The Guardian explain, the inside look at how Facebook "sanitizes" its platform that the company recently released isn't all that different from the in-house version that leaked to this newspaper years ago, which does raise plenty of questions regarding what exactly Facebook intends to do differently now that the genie is out of the bottle regarding the abuse and exploit of user data exhibited by third-party firms like Cambridge Analytica during the 2016 election cycle.

Despite these concerns, the specific examples listed in the public documentation offered up by Facebook, including the allowance of content related to non-medical drugs only in a "recovery context" and the hardline stance on "false flag" assertions, hate speech, and other derogatory offerings, shows a renewed vigor to clean up the platform's many problems - and the astonishing power Facebook currently wields in terms of shaping the influx of information to users and how these individuals formulate opinions about important and topical conversations and events.

Will Facebook's revamped commitment to regulating potentially harmful or subversive content and underhanded user data allocation practices reenergize an audience that was once the very definition of devoted? What, if anything, has changed since The Guardian originally acquired this social giant's internal content regulations several years ago? To learn about the answers to these questions, as well as where Facebook and advertisers go from here, be sure to dig into the complete story from Wong and Solon of The Guardian by clicking on the link provided down below.

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