One of the hardest parts of advertising online for car dealerships is the process of helping your target audience visualize themselves behind the wheel of their dream vehicles. With the help of Facebook's new augmented reality (AR) advertising product, though, undertaking this daunting endeavor could become a whole lot easier in the near future.

So just what are the engineers over in Menlo Park cooking up? According to TechCrunch's Anthony Ha, Facebook is currently working on converting the AR technology found in its Messenger app to facilitate ads in a user's newsfeed that put the individual in question directly into the targeted content. As Ty Ahmad-Taylor, Facebook's Vice President of Product Marketing, explains, this gives consumers on the social network the chance to "tap to try it on" without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

While there is always room to debate the efficacy of advertising on Facebook, this new format has provided some intriguing results in its earliest testing stages. Ha notes that one beta tester, weight-loss company Noom, reported a 77 percent uptick in performance when comparing interactive AR ads to traditional static images.

Translating this to the world of automotive, it is not hard to imagine an AR ad that leverages the user's front-facing camera to put him or her behind the wheel of your automaker's flagship offering easily outpacing the standard stock photo and generic ad copy approach that most dealerships currently utilize on Facebook.

Want to learn more about how AR ads could be the tipping point for turning Facebook's advertising platform into a truly viable channel for your car dealership? Or perhaps you just want to learn a little more about the evolution of this exciting technology? Either way, make it a point to set aside a few minutes of your day and dig into the full story from Ha and the rest of the TechCrunch team on the other side of the link offered up below.

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