If your dealership knows anything about today's average online user in your local marketplace, then you know that this person probably uses the web's most popular browser, Chrome, when viewing your dealer website. However, is Google's browser dominance the effect of offering up the best suite of services and technology around, or a symptom of a coordinated effort to subvert other popular alternatives, like Firefox? According to Johnathan Nightingale, former General Manager and Vice President of Mozilla's Firefox department, sabotage most definitely lies firmly at the heart of Google's Chrome strategy.

So just how has Google executed a plan that Nightingale claims continues to this day and reaches many years into the past? According to a report from ZDNet's Catalin Cimpanu, the story begins with a series of small bugs affectionately described as "oopses" by Google team members that affected only Firefox users.

From Gmail and Docs products experiencing selective performance issues while Chrome ads appeared on Firefox-related search terms to slowing down YouTube performance on this browser, Nightingale and others have recounted dozens of such occurrences on social media that point to foul play from the team of engineers over at the Googleplex.

Perhaps most disconcerting about these allegations is the fact that many "Googlers" with close ties to Firefox team members continually asserted that these mishaps were nothing more than accidents and that fixes would roll out as soon as possible. However, for those who currently or have worked behind the curtains at Mozilla, the excuses wore thin as more and more evidence piled up to the contrary.

Is leveraging intentional bugs to sink the aspirations of competitors something that is below the belt, or is this strategy just an example of a cunning approach by one of the web's largest names? Should regulators or others in positions of power investigate these claims as more and more Mozilla team members take to Twitter and other platforms to shine a light on these perceived sabotages of the Firefox web browser?

To dig into these questions, and learn even more about the potential devious plots still being unfolded by some of the biggest names in the digital world as we speak, feel free to dig into the full story by clicking on the link we've provided down below.

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