Toward the end of last month, it appeared as though Google was ready to completely ignore the spirit of the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) via the process of naming itself as a data "controller" under the GDPR. While this bold plan is still on the table, it does appear that Google is giving up some ground - at least on the surface - in the fight over consumer data in an effort to fall into compliance with this regulation set forth by Europe's largest governing body.

Specifically, Sara Fischer of Axios reports that Google's new "Ad Technology Provider (ATP) Controls" service gives digital publishers the power to select vendors that comply with GDRP guidelines. Currently, the list of "GDPR-approved" vendors spans roughly 200 providers, with the caveat that the world's largest player in online advertising always has the right to re-evaluate and change the list from quarter to quarter.

Zooming out to the big picture, this move stands as a strong message that Google understands the need to fall in line with the regulations set for by the GDPR. At the end of the day, though, Fischer points out that burden of remaining compliant and in the good graces of the EU doesn't fall on Google in this new dynamic, but rather on publishers who utilize this tech titan's ad-serving platform.

Currently, the new controls are live and available in many of Google's ad-serving products, including Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP), while compatibility with AdMob and AdSense is currently still in the works.

Will this new set of controls be enough to satisfy the EU's desire to reel in Google and its seemingly limitless control over user data in the digital marketplace? What is next for the team over in Mountain View as they begin the process of moving closer to compliance with the GDPR?

To answer these questions, and learn even more about Google's ATP Controls, feel free to click the link below and dig into the full scoop from Fischer and the rest of the Axios team.

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