Back on August 1st, Google rolled out a significant update to its search algorithm, nicknamed the "Medic Update." While the details were sparse regarding who this update would impact and how it would alter search engine results pages (SERPs), the slow trickle of information coming forth from both Google and non-official sources is helping bring the big picture surrounding the Medic Update into sharper focus.

As Search Engine Land's Barry Schwartz reports, Google won't release a ton of information about the update, but the search giant has confirmed that the rollout took place on a global scale and impacts all search results, regardless of language or region. From here, the details get a little murkier.

Non-Google sources (like Sistrix, RankRanger, and SEMRush) have uncovered that the Medic Update primarily affects the rankings of "Your Money or Your Life" (YMYL) sites. In case you were wondering, the automotive category can - and often is - lumped in under the YMYL umbrella. In fact, the SEMRush Sensor tool registered that websites that relate to "Autos & Vehicles" did see significant fluctuations in the week following the unveiling of this update.

Why exactly are YMYL sites at the core of this change to how Google parses and ranks pages? Schwartz goes on to note that these pages, which deal with everything from major life decisions (i.e. buying a new car) to sensitive personal data and financial information, continue to gain prominence as both the online marketplace and consumer shopping habits grow and shift in our ever-expanding digital world.

As far as what you can do to stay in Google's good graces in the wake of the Medic Update, Schwartz wraps up his article by pointing to the fact that this change isn't meant to punish cutting-edge, quality sites, but rather to offer another incentive to bring the back of the pack up to speed and leave behind substandard or illicit search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

In other words, if your car dealership website is already capable of providing a secure, responsive, and engaging user experience, then you are in good shape to weather the storm surrounding the Medic Update with little to no effort.

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