If you're at all familiar with Google's style, then you understand completely that the only thing that stays the same over in Mountain View, California, is change. When it comes to the overall form and functionality of the AdWords platform, and the recently unveiled "New AdWords Experience" in particular, this statement most certainly still holds true - primarily thanks to a slew of new functionality and offerings held within this emergent platform.

In fact, as Search Engine Land's Ginny Marvin explains, there are actually seven completely new features that your dealership can only access if it makes the switch over to this new variant of the AdWords platform. From Promotion Extensions to the new Google Attribution product, there's quite a bit of information to digest once you start digging into all that the latest iteration of AdWords has to offer up to its users.

As far as the full scope of new functionality goes, Marvin reports that the seven new and (in some cases) forthcoming tools offered up to those who leverage the New AdWords Experience user interface include:

  • Promotion Extensions - These extensions provide users with the ability to show and link specific offers in their text ads.
  • New Audiences Page - The new Audiences page serves as a single location to manage audience targeting and optimization practices.
  • Household Income Targeting - Household Incoming Targeting allows your dealership to see how its campaigns perform based on various audience income segments.
  • Landing Page Performance - Want to track the performance and results of individual landing pages? This new tool will tackle that tough job.
  • Custom In-Market Audiences - While in-market audience targeting was once exclusively utilized by display campaigns, Google is now planning on porting this functionality over to the search side of things.
  • Google Attribution - Designed to move beyond "last-click" marketing evaluation methods, Google Attribution is a new product that will span a variety of services, including AdWords, Analytics, and DoubleClick Search.
  • Store Sales Measurement Uploads - While point of sale loyalty programs might not be all that relevant to automotive dealerships, having the ability to track third-party store transaction data within AdWords may hold some amount of utility for this industry.

While the first three items listed above are currently available for use, the rest of the features offered up are still officially in the "to be determined" bracket in terms of release dates. However, you can expect to have access to the entire gamut of offerings by the end of the year.

Want to dig even deeper into the functionality of these seven exclusive features found within the New AdWords Experience? Then be sure to give the link below a quick click and follow along as Marvin offers up an in-depth review of these analytic assets over on Search Engine Land.

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