Does your dealership manage its online advertising campaigns via Google's various ad programs and products? If so, it's time to pull up a seat and take some notes, because this tech leader is aiming to completely reinvent the process of connecting customers with your marketing materials via a complete brand overhaul.

As far as what is poised to change as this latest update rolls out, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google's Senior Vice President of Ads and Commerce, notes in a post on The Keyword that this major change is all about streamlining the experience for organizations that leverage AdWords, DoubleClick, and the rest of the advertising product catalog offered up by the men and women over at the Googleplex.

Digging a little deeper, Google AdWords will now be known as Google Ads and cover ad opportunities across every consumer channel (from search to YouTube and other mobile apps) connected to Google. As for enterprise marketers and others who endeavor to utilize DoubleClick ad services and track data via the Google Analytics 360 Suite, you will now find these products under a single brand: The Google Marketing Platform.

Finally, publishers will enjoy complete access to both DoubleClick for Publishers and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange via a new unified programmatic platform known as Google Ad Manager.

While facets of this overhaul might seem cosmetic on the surface, the fact that streamlining and reorganizing these products to better serve the increasing mobile nature of the average user experience shows that Google is heavily vested in ensuring that its $100 billion advertising business (which constitutes about 85 percent of the company's total revenue) retains its place of prominence long into the future of a constantly evolving digital world.

Want to read even more about Google Ads, the Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager, as well as how these new streamlined and unified projects could change how your dealership interacts with its local prospects? Then be sure to check out the full story from Ramaswamy on the other side of the link offered up below.

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