While having a branded YouTube channel for your dealership might seem like a ton of work on the surface, the truth of the matter is that getting up and running on this front - and enhancing your ability to connect with interested shoppers in your area - is actually a fairly straightforward and simple affair. All you need is a few minutes of spare time during your day and a little YouTube know-how on your side.

Even if the former might be hard to come by as you juggle all of the rest of your daily duties and responsibilities, the team here at Remora is more than happy to leverage our knowledge and expertise to help you with the latter. With this in mind, feel free to join us as we offer up a comprehensive review of how to create a YouTube channel exclusively for your dealership's digital marketing and outreach operations.

Making Your Way to YouTube and Logging in with an Appropriate Google Account

To get the ball rolling on your dealership's YouTube account, you'll want to navigate over to Youtube.com within whichever browser works best for you. From here, go ahead and sign in with an active Gmail address by clicking on the "sign in" button at the top right of your screen.

The sign in button found on Youtube.com.1. The sign in button located at the top right of your screen on Youtube.com.

The big thing to keep in mind here is that you'll want to ensure that the account you sign in with is the one that you want tethered to the ownership of this digital property. Failing to take this into consideration now means opening up your dealership to an avalanche of headaches later on down the road when it needs to switch over to an appropriate or business-oriented account.

Taking the First Steps Toward Your Dealership's Official YouTube Channel

Once you're logged in, the best way to get started on the actual creation of a professional YouTube channel is by clicking on the upload indicator, which is represented by an upward-facing arrow on the top right corner of the page by your profile button. (We've provided a highlighted visual of this icon in the screen cap below.)

Upward-facing arrow upload button for YouTube.2. Clicking this upload indicator is the easiest way to move forward with your dealership's YouTube channel creation.

After selecting the upload tab, you'll be shown a pop-up screen that gives you a few different options. On this window, go head and click the third blue hyperlink listed, which should be detailed as: "Use a business or other name." Doing so will give you the opportunity to make an official channel under your dealership's name.

Example of the dialogue box for creating a new business channel.3. Here's the prompt you'll be shown to create an official channel under your dealership's name.

After you've made the choice to create a business page, go ahead and select the "Create a new channel" button, which is highlighted on the screen shown below.

Screen cap of the create a new channel button.4. Creating a new channel is as simple as clicking the button highlighted in this screen capture.

Now that you've selected the "Create a new channel" option, we can move forward with the next step in this process: Filling in the details of your dealership's channel information.

Filling in the Details

Screen cap of the brand name entry screen.5. Be sure to leverage the same name that appears on your dealership's Facebook, website, and other digital properties.

First up, you'll need to enter your dealership's name as you want it to appear to end users and potential customers. The screenshot displayed above shows this part of the process in action. Once you have your name set up exactly how you like it, you'll then want to select the "Create" button, which will take you to the main page for your dealership's new YouTube channel.

From here, you'll notice that the top layer of the page appears as a black bar, which we've showcased below. This is where you can enter your channel art and add a channel profile picture. We recommend using actual images of the dealership as the background channel art and your logo as the profile picture. However, your dealership is free to choose whatever it prefers for these supporting graphics and images.

Screen cap of blank black YouTube Channel headline bar.6. Here's where you'll add in graphics, logos, and images to this newfound YouTube channel that will help bring your dealership's unique style to life.

To upload a profile picture, you can select the pencil that shows in the green box above. As for changing your channel art, simply select the pencil in the gray box on the right - or choose the "add channel art" button that is in blue in the middle of the same gray box.

Now that you have your channel art in place, it's time to enter a channel description that allows visitors to your channel to learn more about your dealership.

Dialogue box for YouTube channel description.7. The channel description goes a long way toward bringing viewers up to speed with all that your dealership has to offer to customers.

Some useful inclusions to consider for this section include a history of your dealership, what differentiates your brand from the competition, and any other general dealership information that helps funnel viewers back to your webpage or physical location. The big key to remember here is that regardless of how you decide to fill out the channel description, it's beyond important to make this piece of your dealership's YouTube channel vibrant and inviting to the person on the other side of the screen.

Optimizing Your Dealership's YouTube Channel Settings

As you can see in the screenshot we just provided, there is a cog or gear icon in the top right corner of this section. Selecting this input allows you to adjust or implement some advanced features on behalf of your dealership.

Channel settings for your dealership's YouTube channel.8. A breakdown of the various features and functions you can adjust as needed for your dealership's channel.

While these privacy settings can always be changed based on your dealership's unique preferences, the most important option that requires your attention is actually the "Advanced settings" button listed at the bottom of the pop-up shown above.

After giving the "Advanced settings" button a click, you'll find yourself on the "Account Information" screen highlighted below. In the "Channel keywords" section of this menu you can enter in any relevant keywords you think your dealership should rank for on YouTube. Specific automakers featured at your dealership, new or used vehicle specializations, and other key terms, like "used car dealer," are all worthy inclusions within this section.

Advanced channel settings for dealership YouTube channel.9. Complete overview of the "Account Information" page found within your dealership's YouTube channel advanced settings.

After completing this portion of the setup process, go ahead and turn your attention toward the next highlighted portion found in the above graphic: The "Link an AdWords account" button. Selecting this input and linking your AdWords account to this newly-formed YouTube profile arms your search engine marketing (SEM) provider with the ability to promote your videos through paid advertising on YouTube.

Going a step further, having your Google Analytics account tied to your dealership's YouTube page also gives you the opportunity to track even more detailed statistics and user data from your potential customers. This, in turn, gives you the ability to refine, tweak, and otherwise optimize your various advertising campaigns going forward.

Taking the First Step Toward an Active - and Successful - Dealership YouTube Channel

The final step to round out this process comes in the form of uploading your first video. Once you have finished the above steps, all you need to do is reselect the upload button that we utilized earlier on the homepage of your channel and either drag and drop your video from a file folder or manually upload it via the built-in YouTube file manager.

Uploading your dealership's first YouTube video.10. Upload your dealership's first YouTube video now that your account is set up and ready to go!

Now that you've made your way through this comprehensive guide, we have no doubts that you'll be up and running on YouTube in no time. However, if do you find yourself with any additional questions, comments, or concerns, the team here at Remora is always ready and willing to offer up a helping hand and ensure that your dealership gets the most out of its digital presence and various outreach strategies.