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The Transportation Industry Revolution Begins with a Wave of Self-Driving Truck Deliveries in Southern California

November 13, 2017

While artificial intelligence (A.I.) prognosticators, tech investors, and automotive industry experts often view the rise of driverless technology from different perspectives, there is one concept that is universally binding among these varied groups – specifically, the notion that the transportation and logistics marketplace will be the first to fall under the sway of this emerging tech. In ...     Read More »

Waymo and AutoNation Are Teaming up for a New Self-Driving Program

November 2, 2017

If you still weren't convinced that self-driving cars are firmly entrenched in the future of the automotive industry (both within its traditional sectors and the cutting edge), then the latest word coming down the pipelines about Google's Waymo and this spinoff's latest bold move is sure to change your perspective. So just what exactly has Waymo done to send shock waves through the automotive l ...     Read More »

Paris Aims to Expedite Combustion Engine Ban with 2030 Target Date

October 16, 2017

Remember back in July when the French government decided to impose a complete ban on conventional engines by 2040 as part of its efforts to help reduce carbon emissions and brace its infrastructure for the inevitable move toward electric and autonomous vehicle technologies? Well it looks like the City of Lights is going above and beyond and aiming to lead the rest of the country by expediting this ...     Read More »

GM More Than Doubles Self-Driving Vehicle Numbers in California

October 5, 2017

Back in June, General Motors (GM) solidified itself as a major player in the autonomous vehicle world by moving toward the world's first mass-producible line of self-driving vehicles. Today, this traditional automotive powerhouse and current driverless pioneer continues to forge a powerful position in this sector by more than doubling its self-driving fleet within the Golden State. As David She ...     Read More »

Ford and Lyft Partner Up for 2021 Self-Driving Car Deal

September 28, 2017

Stop us if you've heard this one before: A major traditional powerhouse in the automotive marketplace is pairing up with a hot new tech partner to lay the foundation for a self-driving vehicle launch plan. In fact, from Toyota and Uber shaking hands on a collaborative deal to Fiat and Google following suit, there's no shortage of real-world examples of this concept in motion. However, few busin ...     Read More »

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