Does your dealership plan on attending the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show in San Francisco later this month? Then you are in for a treat. From the "Escape from Alcatraz"-themed opening reception that sends you and the thousands of other dealers in attendance back in time to one of the most iconic landmarks in the Bay Area's history to the opportunity to participate in expert-led workshops that aim to help bolster your dealership's prospects moving forward, there is clearly no shortage of reasons to be excited about attending NADA Show 2019.

Of course, the best part about making your way to The Golden City and taking part in this year's edition of NADA's expo comes in the form of a chance to meet and greet with Remora's own Christian Jorn, all while learning a little more about how the Internet's leading provider of lightning-fast car dealer websites can help your dealership make the most out of a potent tech advantage and dominate its market. With this in mind, let's bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about the convention, as well as how you can secure an opportunity to connect with the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Remora during your time at NADA Show 2019.

Everything You Need to Know about NADA Show 2019

The best place to start this conversation is with a quick rundown of the facts surrounding the next iteration of one of the automotive industry's premier events. To aid you in this endeavor, we've created a quick recap of all of the basic info you'll need before booking your flight into San Francisco International Airport.

  • Who - You and a large portion of the leading minds in the automotive industry, including Remora's very own Christian Jorn.
  • What - NADA's annual gathering for every niche and sector within the greater automotive marketplace.
  • When - The event takes place from January 24th to the 27th.
  • Where - NADA Show 2019 will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.
  • Why - Aren't you interested in leveraging the wealth of knowledge and insight found in one of the biggest industry events of the year?

With this info on hand, planning out your schedule and ensuring that you have a chance to attend NADA Show 2019 and meet up with the likes of Christian Jorn and other industry luminaries should be a walk in the park.

Meet and Greet with Remora President Christian Jorn

Now that you're up to speed with the details regarding NADA Show 2019, it's time to help you hammer out the most important part of your trip: Rubbing elbows with the founder of the company that make's Google's favorite car dealer websites. To do this, you have a few options.

First up, feel free to reach out to us via our handy contact form and we'll help you fit in a meeting with Christian at a time that works for you. From here, you'll have a great opportunity to pick the brain of the man who has paved the way to continually raising the industry standard for car dealer websites year after year.

Conversely, if you prefer to keep things more flexible, Christian and the Remora team will be out and about on the conference floor talking shop with other experts and dealership representatives, so feel free stop him and say hi. While the conference is sure to be hectic and busy for all involved, Christian and the Remora team would love to chat for a few minutes with you and the rest of your dealership delegation if your paths happen to cross.

Getting You Prepped for This Can't-Miss Industry Event

As you can see, there is plenty to be excited about regarding this year's edition of the iconic NADA Show. To help get you even more pumped up, feel free to dig into the teaser video for this year's expo and learn even more about what's in store for those who end up walking through the front doors of the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Additionally, if you're stuck trying to convince the higher ups at your dealership or automotive group to send you to NADA Show 2019, make it a point the check out NADA's helpful guide on getting approved to make the trip out to San Francisco this year. With this information on your side, it won't be long before you are in the Bay Area and tapping into the insight provide by Remora's own Christian Jorn and other industry thought leaders.

From our team to yours, we look forward to seeing you soon at the Moscone Center for NADA Show 2019!

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