Remember when we talked about certain Cadillac dealerships potentially going completely car-free with their showroom floors and opting instead for an augmented reality (AR) shopping experience? Well, it looks like that day is coming a lot sooner than most people expected thanks to Microsoft's new stance on the distribution of its HoloLens AR technology.

Specifically, the Redmond-based tech leader is branching out from its developer and select business partner availability agreement and instead allowing corporate customers from across the global marketplace - including Cadillac - to get their hands on up to five pairs of HoloLens headsets. The only catch? This offer is currently only available to organizations in the United States and Canada.

For more info on Microsoft's continued push into the world of AR, and what this move means for the eventual advent of consumer-specific HoloLens products, go ahead and set aside a few minutes to dig into Mary Jo Foley's in-depth article over on ZDNet.

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