Tech giant Samsung, long known for cutting edge television and other home technologies, is making waves in the automotive world with a blockbuster announcement - and a bold new plan to turn the world of autonomous vehicle technology on its head.

So just what does Samsung have in mind regarding its push into the realm of driverless vehicles and the future of the automotive marketplace? According to The Verge's Sean O'Kane, the men and women behind this South Korean tech powerhouse intend to leverage the resources of Harman (the audio and connected car development magnate Samsung acquired for $8 billion last year), a $300 million investment fund, and a newly-formed dedicated business unit to craft a "top to bottom" platform that manufacturers can integrate into new vehicle models.

This platform, which O'Kane describes as a "more open-source suite of self-driving software solutions," aims to bring one of the largest tech organizations firmly into the limelight of this sector of the automotive marketplace. However, Samsung and its subsidiary Harman have no intentions of letting this new offering fall into the "one-trick pony" category. Everything from self-driving capabilities to infotainment and connected car needs are on the docket for this prospective project.

To help get the wheels in motion with these lofty goals, Samsung has already secured a permit to test self-driving cars in California and leveraged a portion of its $300 million fund to invest in TTTech. If you're not familiar with the TTTech name, this organization's biggest claim to fame is being the company that develops automatic safety systems and semi-autonomous tools for the latest edition of Audi's A8.

Will Samsung's new automotive platform serve as a worthy competitor to Google's Waymo and other similar operators within this industry space? Does this tech giant intend to move beyond the role of component or service provider and dip its toes into the development of a proprietary self-driving vehicle? For the answers these questions, and plenty of others, set aside a couple of minutes today to dig into the full story from O'Kane over on The Verge.

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