Are you willing to pay $2,000 for the chance to own a phone that folds out into a tablet? The engineer's behind tech giant Samsung appear ready to bet that those who answer yes to this question are not in the minority when it comes to tomorrow's consumers.

Known as the Galaxy Fold, Samsung's futuristic upcoming offering is taking aim the notion that smartphones can only be a certain shape or size. Specifically, Samuel Gibbs of The Guardian reports that this offering blends the traditional smartphone experience (including a standard screen size) with the potential to unfurl into a larger, seamless tablet experience via two embedded screens on the reverse side of the device.

Aside from serving as a cool look at the technology of tomorrow and a fun thought experiment, the Galaxy Fold also points to two potential trends that are worth taking note of for dealerships from all across the globe. First, Samsung's bold new foray into unchartered territory could be a sign that the development of consumer tech, long seen as the most important portal for reaching out to your target audience, is shifting away from Silicon Valley and the west in general and toward the tech leaders in South Korea and (perhaps even more importantly) China. Secondly, if the Galaxy Fold experiment ends up being a success with its multiple screen shapes and sizes, we could be on the verge of a revolutionary change to the mobile phone – and potentially uncharted waters for traditional advertising channels that utilize these devices to help your dealership connect with potential customers.

In other words, don't be surprised if devices like the Galaxy Fold that ditch the "evolutionary" development of current mainstays (i.e. the iPhone model family) drastically alter how your dealership creates and disseminates its advertising content in the near future, much in the same way that smartphones superseded the desktop platform and rewrote the rules of the game years ago.

Want to learn more about the Galaxy Fold and how this upcoming offering from Samsung represents so much more than a nifty new type of smartphone? Then be sure to dig into the full scoop from Gibbs and the rest of the team over at The Guardian.

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