Most of the time, the discussion around technology in the future of transportation and automotive focuses on the role that these innovations play in bringing mobility to all via ride-sharing and other similar services, as well as making daily commutes safer and more efficient by way of electric vehicles and self-driving systems and platforms. However, focusing exclusively on the application of these advancements allows for the social impact of change in the shared space between tech and auto to get lost in the mix.

A great example of this concept in action? The fact that electric car leader Tesla has had to roll out an innovative new solution to the problem of "ICEing." If you're not familiar with the term, Electrek's Fred Lambert explains that ICEing is an event in which an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle parks in front of or within a Tesla Supercharging station accidently or in an effort to both block the use of this utility and protest the rise of non-traditional means of transportation.

While the reasoning and logic behind ICEing protests may be suspect at best, the reality of the situation is that this is yet another unexpected social impact of the shifting tides in the world of automotive – and one that requires a swift response from Tesla in order to keep current owners moving forward. Fortunately, thanks to an innovative new lock system being tested in Supercharger spots in China, Tesla could be on the verge of putting an end to ICEing before it becomes an even bigger issue.

Essentially, the locks work by preventing vehicles from parking in front of Superchargers via obstructing the connected parking spot with a locking barrier. Only after a Tesla owner scans a QR code via the WeChat app will the lock release and fold in on itself, thereby letting the driver into the spot to charge their electric vehicle.

While this feature is currently only being tested in China, odds are that it will not be long before we see a larger rollout of locking mechanisms at Supercharger stations across the globe.

Want to learn even more about the unique challenge of ICEing and how Tesla hopes to overcome this issue for vehicle owners around the world? Then dig into the full scoop from Fred Lambert of Electrek on the other side of the link offered up below.

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