If you still weren't convinced that self-driving cars are firmly entrenched in the future of the automotive industry (both within its traditional sectors and the cutting edge), then the latest word coming down the pipelines about Google's Waymo and this spinoff's latest bold move is sure to change your perspective.

So just what exactly has Waymo done to send shock waves through the automotive landscape? As The Los Angeles Times' editorial staff reports via The Associated Press, this powerful member of the shared space between tech and auto has teamed up with the country's largest auto dealership chain, AutoNation, to catapult its autonomous offerings into the forefront of the industry landscape.

Digging a little deeper, this new joint venture between Waymo and the organization that lays claim to over 350 dealerships across the United States gives AutoNation the right to service and repair this tech company's currently fleet of driverless Chrysler Pacifica vans. Additionally, any other vehicles being used during the testing phase - and eventual retail offering - will be covered via this fledgling partnership with AutoNation.

While Google and Waymo are no strangers to building bridges with other industry heavyweights (simply look to prior partnerships with Lyft and Fiat Chrysler if you're not quite sold on this notion), the reality of the situation is that forging new ground with the largest automotive dealership in the United States is clearly a step in the right direction if this tech giant and its auto-focused branch intend to bring their product to market in a legitimate and scaleable manner.

Will AutoNation serve as not just the preferred service outlet for Waymo vehicles, but also eventually the chosen platform for these driverless offerings to enter the market? How will this new connection with a major market player impact Google's other myriad connections within the automotive industry?

To delve into these questions, and many others, feel free to check out the full scoop from The Los Angeles Times by giving the link below a click.

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